Jeff Nibler

WHO: Jeff DJs house music at Aura every Saturday and, with Chip McClure, holds a weekly residency called Fairchild, every Friday at Holocene.

What are your and Chip's plans for Fairchild?

Basically the plans for Fairchild falls within the plan for Holocene, whose plan is to completely represent all styles and genres of electronic music. That's their goal. So within that, our goal is to represent all genres and subgenres of house--from deep house to tech house to progressive house, that's what we're going to do. We feature local and national and international talent. We tend to feature the more under-appreciated but very well respected artists; we'll probably never bring anyone like Derrick Carter or Mark Farina, but we'll bring people who are doing good things for music.

What's your favorite type of house?

I love deep house; there's just more to it, I think. It's a little more sophisticated than other types of house.

Are you into the soulful, diva kinda stuff?

I like some of the vocal stuff, but typically, I like the San Francisco, West Coast, and French styles of deep house. Sometimes I like it a little more dubby.

What do you look for in a good dance track?

I look for music I like, number one, and number two, that I know the people I play the music for will understandÉ A lot of my stuff tends to have real thick, warm basslines, and it's not broken or choppy like the East Coast sound, it has a deep, vibey flow to it, like the West Coast sound has. It's always warm and very positive, without being cheesy, I can't stand the cheesy stuff.

Top Five Tracks, right now:

1. Julius Papp & Dave Warrin "Groove Asylum EP" (Nitegrooves)

2. Oli & Ola "Just A Little Bit Of Jazz" (White Label)

3. Jay-J "Funkheist" (Bella)

4. Lovebirds "Feel The Bird" (Tracks Of Interest)

5. Astro Trax "Losing Control" (Astro Works)