Twelvizm wants to bring back community to hiphop, dropping elitism in favor of educating those new to the game. It isn't just something corny to put on the liner notes, either. Twelvizm is bringing his beliefs to the tables three nights a week. Check him out Wednesday as he hosts an Emcee Cipher at Backspace, or with DJ Evil One Tuesdays at the East Chinatown Lounge, and Thursdays at Madame Butterfly.

Top Five, give it up.

"This is a tough one, really. Here's what I feel like hearing right now."

1. Al Green--"Love and Happiness" (or anything using an organ sample from that song)

2. Latyrx--"Lady Don't Tek No"

3. The Roots--"Proceed"

4. Lifesavas--"Skeletons"

5. RJD2--"Cut Out to FL"

How did you first come to the tables?

"I came to an age when I realized that life isn't something you should be doing like it's a list of requisites. You should follow those little notions in the back of you mind and run full sprint with them. Essentially, follow your dreams. Being a skilled DJ is mine."

What do you feel is the most important thing the Portland hiphop community needs to flourish?

"Focus. A lot of people are getting too elitist in their respective elements. While others don't bother to bring up others and just chase paper."

You've had pretty strong feelings about majors in the past, what's your take on them now?

"I still am not a fan of much mainstream music, mostly due to the obvious amount of 'target marketing' involved. Too much business in music always takes away from the artistic talent of an act. People need to get all the money they can, but if you start making music just to make money, that's when you've lost."

Explain a bit of the philosophy behind calling yourself "12."

My DJ name is derived from my old graff name, Atom12. During my years of painting and running around the freeways at night, I started referring to the whole ball of wax of hiphop that I represent as my "Izm." To further explain my style of painting, producing, DJing I use the term Twelvizm (12izm). I wanted a name with meaning, not just shit that sounds good. Not to mention, records are 12 inches big, turntables are known as the ones and twos, and the most commonly used turntable in the DJ world is the Technics 1200. Shit, I even live in apartment number 12." CHAZZ MADRIGAL