DJ Harmony

Harmony can be found at Holocene's female-centric queer nights, Tart and Diva. Come check her out at this week's Tart on Sunday, while giving the finger to those cocksuckers from the Defense of Marriage Coalition, as proceeds from the door and bar will go to Basic Rights Oregon.

What's your crowd like?

"At parties you'll see a lot of drama, but I never see that on our nights. Everyone's just having fun and dancing, women are getting drunk and giving hickies, but it's all in good fun. There are older women and young punks, and women of color are starting to come. Sometimes you get a few guys, but it's, like, 98% women."

What kind of music do you spin?

"I play Latin hiphop, Latin reggae, regular reggae, bhangra, world beats, African rap."

Top five?

"Shabba, especially Los Verdugos; X Crew, which is African rap; Gese--they're like Bhangra, kinda Bollywood stuff; Trybe, that's African rap too, they're from South Africa; and Manu Chao, especially Bar Social. He does underground Mexican rap, but he uses a lot of traditional rhythms and raps in English, Spanish, and French."

Do you take requests?

"I play mostly what I want to play because otherwise it won't sound as good--you gotta play from the heart. But I do bring a box of more popular music to have on hand for requests. I think a lot of people are intimidated by the style of music I play because they aren't familiar with it. So I mostly get requests by genre, like Latin reggae."

Do you get hit on more when you DJ?


Is there anything you would never, ever play?

"I will never play 'Baby Got Back,' and I get a lot of requests for that. I've gotten a few requests for Britney Spears, and even if I had it on a weird mix I wouldn't play it--well, maybe for a big enough tip."

Ever cleared the floor?

"I've played some things that clear the floor one night, and pack it the next, like R. Kelly's 'Step in the Name of Love.'" MARJORIE SKINNER