DJ Wicked

DJ Wicked has been a staple of the Portland hiphop scene for years, earning a status as one of the best and busiest DJ's around. As his website shows, he prefers the macabre side of things, but he also happens to like MILFs (as in "Mom I'd Like To Fuck"--not the Mono Islamic Liberation Front). His new CD asks the question burning the minds of many men: Got MILF?

Q: So what's up with the Got MILF title?

Back in high school I used to have this huge crush on my buddy's mom (who also happened to be my band teacher). So on the night of our big Christmas concert, I told her my feelings and one thing just led to another. I found myself backstage with her making our own sweet music, if you know what I mean? Ever since then I've always had a fascination with MILFs, and with my new "Got MILF?" CD, it's sort of my way of giving back to them. Thank you Ms. Letourneau!

Q: Is there any hot MILF action at your shows?

There's always hot MILF action at my shows! When I tell people to come check me out as I spin the "golden oldies," I'm not just talking about the music.

Q: Do you think those MILF hunter websites are for real?

Man, I hope they're for real. If not, I don't know what I would do. It would be like finding out Santa Claus didn't exist all over again, or that pro wrestling was fake.

Q: What do think about the Portland hiphop scene?

The Portland hiphop scene is way behind the times and I think it sort of always has been. You have a tiny handful of artists that are really making moves of any significance. The older generation has diminished for the most part, and there is an entire new slew of youngsters that are coming up. I'm excited to see where the Portland hiphop scene will be in, say, five years from now. Not until that point do I think we'll have caught up with everybody else in terms of status, credibility and quality.

Q: What are your thoughts on the underground vs. mainstream debate?

Man, the debate between underground vs. mainstream hiphop is one that seems will never end. All I really have to say on the issue is just "keep it true"--and do what you can to preserve the culture. Oh, and FUCK Rammin' 95.5! Oh, and if I ever mysteriously turn up missing, somebody question Paul Allen. AARON MILES

DJ Wicked's Got MILF? CD release is Saturday Aug 14 at Momo's, 725 SW 10th.