DJ Geo

DJ Geo, the "ambassador of exceptional music," has been playing fine CDs for as long as fine CDs have existed. He prefers the intimacy of bars and currently drops the hits at BerbatiÕs restaurant twice a week, and weekly at Madame Butterfly.

What do you spin?

If it's good I'll play it. I like to go after the person not tapping their foot. I play known tunes but I'm not afraid to go from Cocteau Twins, Clan of Xymox, Bauhaus to M-tley Crüe, Soundgarden, Dramarama. Variety is important to me, as I think it is for a lot of folks. I don't want to hear one style of music all night!

Well, variety is the spice of life. Is this spice the reason you started DJing?

I got the passion for music from my Mom as well as a penchant for variety. I would be hanging out with her and she'd be rocking out to Jethro Tull and then on to Marvin Gaye. I can't help but be a DJ!

How did you get the title?

I was DJing at Billy Reed's a long time ago and Mel Brown was celebrating a birthday there. I played the whole night and after some extensive conversation he told me that I was the ambassador of exceptional music.

Why the CDs and not the vinyl?

I'm a former software guy and still quite the nerd. I've always been into gadgetry, and CDs allow for that type of gear. The more buttons the better.

Do you catch flack from the haters for rocking the digital medium?

If I get flack for playing CDs it's in the form of a sidelong glance, which I almost always see, because I'm always eyeballing the crowd. And when the person who was mad doggin' me hears a song or two they start hitting my tip jar. I rock it. Plain and simple.

What makes the night rock extra hard?

Random nudity! I'm not afraid to play a slow jam; I like seeing a good slow dance. Those were the days! AARON MILES