Coco Cobra & The Killers

CD Release Party, Devil's Point, 5305 SE Foster, Friday, 9 pm, $3, Music & Hella Strippers!

Coco Cobra & The Killers have been around since '99, and they finally put out a record, The "I Need Sex" Sessions! Check the barely clothed presence of singer Coco (AKA Exotic magazine's sassy editor, Viva Las Vegas) both onstage and in the soft-porn pics on the album jacket.

Describe your band in your own words:

All our songs are about sex and fighting, and Coco Cobra is kind of a sex fiend. It's simple garage punk but really melodic. One of my favorite things is that [guitarist] Kevin's kind of homophobic and he has to sing backup lyrics like "I need a man" or "I need cock."

Do the Killers have a "message"?

Absolutely. The message is that our lead singer needs to get fucked, and we're always willing to entertain offers.

What's the best thing about your shows, the fights or the nudity?

I prefer the fights. I've been nude a lot, but I guess some people prefer the nudity, especially promoters.

Which ex is the song "I Hate You" about?

You know, when I get in the mood to play I kind of sit down and think about who I'm really upset about at that point, to give it more real emotion. I'm like a method actor. But that song wasn't written about anyone specifically.

What are you listening to these days?

I listen to our new CD a lot so I can remember the lyrics, and I listen to the Exploding Hearts record a lot. The new Saints reissue, Wild About You, and I listen to Scared of Chaka like there's no tomorrow.

Turn ons?

Coco loves sucking cock. She loves when there's little hot girls in the front row dancing in little outfits. She likes boys who are nervous about anal play because they end up liking it more. And strippers.

If you could reincarnate one person, whom would you choose?

Adam "The Kid" Killer [AKA Adam Cox, late member of the Exploding Hearts and Coco Cobra & The Killers, to whom Sessions is dedicated].

What did you have for breakfast?

Do you want names? MARJORIE SKINNER