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Basically, Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs is one of the most exciting lead singers I can think of in the past 25 years. I know, you're going like, "Sure, pal; I read that in Time Out New York, ShoutNYC, Vice, The New Republic, Today's Modern Donkey and every other magazine EVER." But you just can't ignore the fact that Karen O rules the mic with such total unbridled hottt-pants passion, rocking the charisma of a growling, face-punchin' toughass who's not afraid to get all art-sex in your grille. Her presence, even on CD, is genuinely akin to that of Iggy Pop--RAW, punk as fuck, and utterly the real deal. Add it to the dingy dance punk/garage-humpin' guitar stylings of Nick Zinner, and the scrappy yet secretly jazz-nerdy drum fills of Brian Chase (who also holds the drumsticks with jazz hands in his other great band, The Seconds), and Yeah Yeah Yeahs work the pelvic voodoo with their fiery rock knock-outs.

And, because Ms. O is such a taking-the-bull-by-the-horns kind of mama, we thought she'd give the best advice about the most important thing: LOVE. After all, this is the woman who sings, "My heart ain't dead cause it keeps on lovin'!" So who better to answer our most perplexing questions about affairs of the heart?


Q: At what point would you throw someone's prized record collection out the window? --Phil

KAREN: Oooh! Well, it wouldn't take much. Basically, rumors aren't enough to go crazy and do that well I don't know, actually; I'm really irrational about stuff like that. I'd just say do it whenever it feels most right.

Q: Can you be in love with more than one person at once? --Marjorie

K: OH MY GOD! I used to think hurdles around this one. I used to think that definitely you can, especially with the whole Henry Miller/June/Anais Nin situation--I thought it was a more evolved sort of love. But now, as a reformed flirt/experimental, I think it's more--well, god, get back to me in like a year and I could have a completely different opinion about it, but I still feel like the greater kind of love is one love. I think.

Q: How much shit should one person take in the name of "trying"? --Sara

K: Research your partner. Has he had problems with being overly critical, insecure, or overprotective? If that's the case, you have to make a decision. You don't take crap after it continues hurting you. Never be the victim. If only one of you is hurting, something is terribly wrong, and you should just fuckin' get out.

Q: What do you do if your lover surprises you by telling you they like to dress up in pirate gear? --Julianne

K: Wow, I'd say you'd have to go with it for sure. If that's a surprise, you have to be ready to counteract them with an equal surprise, like convince them you wanna tie them up outside without clothes or something. There has to be a comeback to that; that's the only way to keep a balance.

Q: Is there truth to the theory that after five years it's better to just find someone else?--Katia

K: God, I hope not. But I heard a rumor that two years after you start taking birth control, it changes your hormones and pheromones and stuff, so you start falling in love with the opposite type of guy than what's good for you. How horrible is that?

Q: You seem like somebody who kicks some ass. Will you sit down with my ex-lover and tell the cowardess whore how to actualize her potential?--Jay

K: I would love to! I'd be all over that! It's really up to her, but maybe it has to do with where she is and who she's surrounding herself with. It might be refreshing for her to go off and spend some time in some place where no one knows her. But it's up to the person more than anyone else. You can't tell them what to do.

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