(Monitor Records)

Oxes, Baltimore's own three-man instrumental, math-enabled, conceptual, art-damaged, softcore-pornographers and prankrock heavy metal nudists, have got it goin' on. With a live show that makes wireless technology practically the fourth member of the band and an eye for the absurd (releasing records pretending to be another band, creating a fake media scandal over your "controversial" album art, then banning yourself), Oxes have built a buzz for themselves that is hard to ignore. And why would you? Behind the self-created hype of Oxxxes are three skilled players banging out rock jams that at times make you feel like you're the lead in a noir thriller, and at others like you're trolling the high school parking lot for sophomore honeys in your jacked-up El Camino. Oxxxes provides just enough art with just enough muscle to tickle humorless indierocker-with-pole-up-ass and hair-farming Nuge lovers alike. JOSH HOOTEN

No. 1
(FS Studios)

New York duo Fischerspooner--composed of composer Warren Fischer and lyricist diva Casey Spooner--have become one of their home city's non-rock buzz acts, giving electro a face while turning '80s flavored techno into pretentious performance art that plays (and sells out) gallery spaces all over Manhattan and Brooklyn. The act's long-awaited debut, No. 1, is a primped and preened selection of synth pop, a culture clash of Depeche Mode and Squarepusher that's as cold and thrilling as watching an ice queen work a dance floor with vicious skill. The album has its ups and downs, and some of the flatter bits sound like throwaways from an old Miami Vice soundtrack, but overall, No. 1 is bold and catchy enough to net fans of wickedly conceited electro pop. JENNIFER MAERZ

Never a Dull Moment

If you've ever seen the Tommy/Pamela Lee honeymoon tape, you know at least two things about Tommy Lee: he is the world's biggest dumb fuck, and he has a huge cock. His utter stupidity is the only thing of relevance to his new CD... but it's just hard to mention Tommy without mentioning his gigantic cock. Anyhow, his new music is entirely derivative of the in-your-face hard rock and rap rock featured on alternative stations over the last five or 10 years. Blatantly ripped-off bands include Linkin Park, NIN, Candlebox, and Faith No More, plus many more. All of the songs are chock full of horrible electronics and effects... and during Tommy's cover of David Bowie's "Fame," he raps the grammatically incorrect line, "Do what the fuck that you want to do," and loops it. It's a despicable nightmare. KATIE SHIMER