united state of electronica Barring an Andrew WK motivational seminar, there is probably no American musician trafficking in as much ridiculous enthusiasm as United State of Electronica. With live shows that bounce through time and spill magical surprises with the irrepressibility of a piñata, they play addictive, disco-fringed posicore in the manner of Junior Senior, accessorized with Daft Punk-style vocoder and inspiring, retardedly joy-pumping lyrics, such as: "I got more love than anyone could ever handle/I got more happiness, tooÉ and baby it's all 'cause of you!"

That's a line from the seven-piece's "Emerald City," in which the sweat and vague raunch of Randy Newman's LA gets sponged clean for summer in Seattle. As the vocodor-voice shouts out a laundry list of the E-City's neighborhoods--Capitol Hill, Queen Anne--a chorus of dancing USEs echo, "WE LOVE IT!"

This band of best friends 4-eva can't get enough of your love, their love, everybody's love-love-love; they even responded to this interview collectively, via email. "We all love each other and music with all of our hearts. We've been playing together a long time as good friends and have focused on what we want to project. We find infinite inspiration in love and positivity, and find it quite worthy to the world for us to project those points of view as loud as possible."

The hook of the starry-eyed "Takin' it All Away" features the line "Love it at night/love it in the morning/love it in the afternoon!" The confluence of co-ed choral breathlessness with rave keyboards and the candy coating of mainstream house emits the bliss and innocence of Xtian youth camp or the Care Bears film soundtrack. No jaded dystopian lyricism, no people-fearing, isolationist screeds. As wartime pop music ebbs and flows between escapism and angst, USE is stopping off at a party--and there is totally room in the car for everyone. Everything is fine. If you just try for something, it will happen for the best! I email USE asking if they do a group prayer-huddle before their shows, like Madonna Truth or Dare or grade-school soccer teams, and they respond, "Yes, before every show, no matter what."

Whether they're being ironic in their answer, or if I was being ironic by asking, all impurities have been wiped clean by the lightness of such positive vibing. In a way, USE is self-fulfilling prophecy. They embody the notion that if you know something will go wrong, it will--but alternately, by believing strongly enough in love, it becomes your only option.

"Lyrically, we are speaking universally to anyone with an open ear," writes USE. "We are not speaking to an individual social group, race, religion, age or type of person. We hope that everyone can hear what we are saying. There is reason to celebrate no matter where you are in life. Much of our motivation comes from each other--we've been making music and have been friends for almost 10 years and we can't believe it. It's incredible. LOVE LIFE!!!" JULIANNE SHEPHERD