Thurs May 30

You know when you stay at Grandma's, and she buys those variety packs of cereal, and you want to eat all of the flavors (Apple Jacks, Corn Pops, Cocoa Krispies), but you have to choose one or two? In the case of this show, you can have the Sugar Smacks, the Fruit Loops, and the Frosted Flakes, and you'll never become overfull and vomit: Braindance offers a slurpful of each.

Rephlex Records, the label started by Richard D. James (aka Aphex Twin) in 1991, has pulled together the Braindance compilation and tour--the term coined to explain Rephlex's mission of high-energy freeform electronic, that is not typical, but neither overly nerdy.

Artists Cyclob have been with Rephlex since 1993 and refuse to record for any other label. Their sound combines industrial and found noise, with dance beats, vocodor vocals, and glitch electronics, combining into something surprisingly tuneful. Billmates the DMX Krew have a distinctly retro Kraftwerk sound, and while they do inspire "braindancing," they, like the rest of the artists, are not entirely cerebral--they offer a retro "footdance" taste of the '80s.

Rephlex's madman, Bogdan Razyinski, fires intensely fast industrial beats, diversifying his catalogue with snippets of drum 'n' bass, live trumpet, folk influences, and his own vocals sung in English and Japanese. From Finland, Ovuca is a DJ who, before he came to the UK, had a collection of exclusively Aphex Twin and Rephlex artist records. After diversifying his influences, he has created an atmospheric sound layered with scratch and vocal samples, as well as more furious industrially influenced tracks.

Unlike a lot of electronic shows, this one is accessible to those who don't spend 15 hours a day splicing this sound with this other sound in front of a computer. It's explosive, exciting, dance-crazy music accessible even for dorks like me, who love their Grandma's sweet cereal and have never even seen the inside of a rave.