Rudy Ray Moore
Fri Oct 5
Cobalt Lounge

"From the beginning, niggas been jealous of my shit/Me with my fly bitches and the clothes were just it."

Awwww, yeah. Heading our way with his "all-girl army of kung Fu killers" is the archetypal pimp, Rudy Ray Moore, more famously known as the jive-talkin', booty-slappin', comic grandmaster of all mack daddies: Dolemite. For the uninformed and woefully soul-less, here's a primer on the ultimate pimpadelic renaissance man: Dolemite is soul brother number one, coming onto the scene as a tragically under-appreciated soul singer who spent much of the '50s living in Seattle, of all places, where he recorded several rocking rhythm-and-blues singles for the local Federal label. After moving to LA at the end of the decade, he recorded several more singles and turned his attention to his comedy career, where he quickly developed a reputation for his rhyme-based storytelling style and X-rated, badass pimpin' routines. From there, he shot to stardom (or infamy?) with his eponymous high-larious 1975 film debut and subsequent sequels, all milestones of blaxploitation cinema, and all about kicking some white ass and making time with the ladies.

As if that wasn't impetus enough, the best of the East and West Coast b-boy scene (you know, breakdancing), Mr. Wiggles and Suga Pop, will be dealing out damage on the dance floor. Wiggles is one of the old guard of New York City's infamous Rock Steady Crew, which formed in the mid-1970s in the South Bronx, part of Afrika Bambaataa's Zulu Nation. The Rock Steady Crew pioneered the art of b-boying. Period. Mr. Wiggles' crazy moves are all over classic break movies like Beat Street and Wild Style. He is also a part of LA's seminal crew, the Electric Boogaloos, along with the night's other special guest, the pop-lock mastah, Suga Pop. Channeling popping creator Boogaloo Sam and locking inventor Don Campbell, Suga Pop's prowess with both West Coast streetdance forms is not one to miss. You don't think Michael Jackson thought of the moonwalk himself, did you? These boys are it.

Supplying the event with the rare grooves and dope breaks are none other than DJ Spinbad, otherwise known as Moby's DJ, and Portland resident DJ and promoter (and former Wehrmacht frontman--remember them?) Mestizo.

Dolemite. B-boys. Beats. Go.