Mr. DÉ's Electronic Funkyshit (Electrofunk) is, without a DJ-Shadow of a doubt, t.h.e. greatest booty-crammin' electrolove romp to ever come out of Detroit Fonk City. The standout single, "Whatulike," surmises it all. A deadpanned, b-porn, glitter-voiced lady friend earnestly demands, "Nigga, what yo dick like?" over clicky beats and the deepest jizz-synthed, hard-locked techno-fuck grooves this side of Penthouse. Like he's just been asked a rhetorical question, Mr. De responds: "Bitch, you know my dick tight." Suddenly, the only thing that matters is you and Mr. Dé. It's like being high, but filthier and more sonic. Trust me.

Christened Ade Mainor, the self-made Mr. Dé has soldiered in the rough 'n' tumble Motor City hiphop trenches as an artist, producer and label-launcher for years, although few people outside of the famed Detroit circuit know about the amazing scene he's helped spawn. Mainor was nine when he got his first drum machine, and later started D-Bass Records (launching longtime collaborator DJ Assault's career with hits like "Ass n' Tittles") just around the time he turned of legal drinking age in the mid-'90s. With nearly two decades of extraordinarily diverse artistic work under his belt, it's understandable that Dé hates it when others identify him with one genre.

Though he pioneered ghettotech as a distinctive genre after stumbling upon fortunate sampling combos in the studio, bridging the gap between lifeless house, soulful r&b and thompin' beat-hop, Mainor's genius is mostly out of print. Burned copies of Electronic Funkyshit, which fearlessly captures the dirty side of weekend nightlife in D-town, have been circulating amongst beatophiles since the record's limited release on Electrofunk (the label Mainor currently runs). Check out and feel it.