We here at "It's Who You Know," in a bid to live up to our namesake, decided this week to have a brief sit down with one Ms. Seann McKeel--former booker for Nocturnal and current fixture at Acme, (corner of SE 8th and Main) who's also currently working with the owners of the Wonder Ballroom, a soon-to-be opened (June 25th) 762 capacity venue at 128 NE Russell--for a quick catch-up.

What are you doing at Nocturnal now?

I'm currently booking/negotiating terms for dance workshops, performances, weddings, and other private events at Nocturnal. It's very different than the booking that I did for Nocturnal.

What are you doing at Acme? What are the differences 'tween the two venues, as far as you're concerned?

I am booking the majority of the calendar at Acme. Topically, the two venues compare as such: Nocturnal is a bright, brilliant, airy all-ages space with richly ambient bar; Acme is dark, wood-paneled, 21+, and very much a bar. I'm head over heels for Acme, though. Both spaces are agreeable (booking wise) toward the experimental; the owner of Acme, Kevin Dorney, has encouraged independent puppet shows as much as Nocturnal's Bethany egged my Craft Night on. We are so privileged to have this wonderful industrial Southeast space that isn't dependent upon door covers to maintain its bar-ness.

Will Acme ever be able to host all-ages shows?

Hopefully Acme will be able to, in the future, do all-ages, pre 9 pm shows. The owner and I have definitely been discussing the possibility.

Do you have a curatorial vision for Acme? What sort of events/shows do you hope to host?

My curatorial vision for Acme is hosting a broad range of music, art, DJs, and performance.

Where do you see Acme fitting into Portland's current climate?

Acme will be hosting a number of off-the-radar shows. A lot of performers play here because the space has the sense of a living room; you don't have to have 300 people in the audience to have the feeling of a great show.

What's up with the Wonder Ballroom?

I really hope to see the Wonder Ballroom stepping up to the lack of all-ages shows in Portland--I'm very excited about all the possibilities it's going to open up. I will be promoting some shows at Wonder and working there in other capacities. The folks running the joint are absolutely exquisite. Stay tuned for the Grand Opening on June 25th.