Whether you think he's a douchebag or god's gift to rock it's hard to discount Jon Bon Jovi as one of music's most recognizable faces. THUS, if you can snap a photo of JBJ while he's in town for his Rose Garden show on Sunday, you could win a chance to write this column for a week. Rules are simple: It has to be him (we don't care about the other assholes), and it has to be in public, not at the venue. (No stealing photos online because we will find out and we will throw you off the KOIN tower.) Email your photos by March 9.

PDX Pop Now! is accepting submissions for its 2006 compilation. Brent Bell says he and his PPN! team are looking for new, unreleased, original music from all genres—not just "pop." According to Bell, "For us, 'pop' refers to something eruptive, the explosive—and positive—result of the critical mass of talent that's developed in our community." Go to pdxpopnow.com for submission info.

Speaking of eruptive, explosive, and positive, the MarchFourth Marching Band has a big show coming up and it has dug into my subconscious. Last night I dreamt a bunch of rangy-looking hipsters called me "homeless" while I was reading National Geographic in the public library and then threatened to kill me with a "dirty screwdriver." Later the dream took me to a club where the band on stage stopped their set to tell me I wasn't dressed "cool enough." But THEN I dream-wandered into MarchFourth's warehouse practice space, where one of its 35 members (tall with a handlebar mustache) took me aside and said, "I'm glad you're here. I'm glad you're coming to our shows. I'm glad we're alive together and alive in March and alive on the West Coast." Cryptic talk, to be sure, but I guess that's the archetypical marching band soul in action: inclusive, upbeat, servicing, fun, a team of hype soldiers, and a friend to the friendless.

MarchFourth celebrates its third anniversary at Wonder Ballroom on Saturday with Captain Bogg and Salty and Heroes and Villains. (Member Nayana Jennings says "All of our 35 members will be performing at our anniversary show. That's 14 horn players, 10 percussion, one electric bass and 10 dancers.") The show begins at 3 pm with an all-ages "matinee" after which there will be two 21-and-over sets starting at 9 pm and running until your smiling head falls off and rolls out the venue door.

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