You know what happens when you assume, right? It makes an ass out of you and me and then kicks you in the balls, and—while you're down—busts your teeth in with a Louisville Slugger and sizzles lit incense sticks into the white part of your eyeballs.

I spent last week at Austin, TX's annual South by Southwest music fest and while I didn't get incense sticks stuck in my eyes, I did miss a good bulk of what I wanted to see. With so many bands playing—all across the city, simultaneously, a lot of them under-publicized—there was no way in hell of catching everything. You had to be resigned that you'd see what you could see, enjoy it, and try to forget all the shit you missed.

Now back in Portland, I figured I'd have a little rest—some solid downtime where I could check out a band or two a night and not have to worry about shagging ass all over town. I assumed, yeah, and I was wrong because this week is fucking packed with good music.

So. Picks for the week. Let's go with: Norway's Serena Maneesh with the Kingdom on Thursday at Holocene; Nicolai Dunger (who I'm told murdered SXSW's Fader party with high-grade soul) at Doug Fir on Saturday; Vetiver on Saturday at Towne Lounge, and Argumentix that same day at Food Hole

If you want a shit-ton of good noise, Weapons of Mass Compassion (323 NW 6th) is hosting Nkondi, Dead/Bird, Sleeping with the Earth, Exquisite Corps, Instinct Control, Soup Purse, A Long Pig's Vision of the Godhead, and Audio Sculpture on Saturday. Monday sees His Name is Alive at Doug Fir and Jana Hunter, Castanets, and Portland lady Alela Diane at Holocene.

On Tuesday Macaw and Moto Photos play Food Hole. (Both are at Loveland the next day with An Albatross.) Also on Wednesday, No Things and Knife Skills will be at Towne Lounge and the Dead Science and the Octopus Project are at Holocene.

Finally, a correction: In last week's Howling Hex Up & Coming that Zac Pennington wrote, the final sentence should've read "... you can bet for damn sure that it's going to be a lot more interesting than RTX" not "more interesting than Royal Trux," which the (mis)edited version read.

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