MEOW: Ms. Diggins is the connoisseuse of go-go nights, spinning '60s psych garage, instrumental spy, and surf soundtrack music. She's also the hostess of the Strange Fruit of Summer Burlesque Review this Fri (Aug 11, Berbati's Pan), in which she joins the Cantankerous Lollies, Third Floor Sketch Comedy, Tony Mangini, Jackie Hell, Ursula Android, End of the World Circus for a Circus you'll never forget.

What's the secret to good cabaret?

"Having a real affinity for it and character playing. It's an extension of self. It's a display of all different aspects of life on earth; the sacred, the profane, the hideous, the glamorous."

Who are your favorite go-go dancers?

"The girls in my group are awesome. Ann-Margret is really fab. Teen shows, like the Tami Show and Ready, Steady, Go, had lines of go-go girls in the background who were synchronized and had crazy moves. They were a big influence on me."

What's your sign?

"Capricorn, but my Pisces moon heavily intrudes. Capricorn wants to get things done and cut out the bullshit. Pisces loves wallowing in Capricorn's problems."

April March or "June and July?"

"April March on the turntable, of course."


-The Ventures

-Andre Williams

-The Cramps

-Shocking Blue

-The Chocolate Watchband