Ash Street-Mel, Plain Jayne, Jim McKenzie, Ben Harp, $5

Berbati's Pan-The Dolomites, Captain Bogg & Salty, 9 pm, $5

Bitter End-Mad Hattie, 8:30 pm, free

Blackbird-High Violets, Sciflyer, Igloo, 9 pm, $5

Blue Note-Donny Osborne Quartet, Victoria Corrigan

Brasilia -Alfredo Muro Trio

Brasserie Montmartre-Michael York Duo

Buffalo Gap-Kenny Lavitz & Scott White Trio, 8 pm

Candlelight Cafe-Norman Sylvester

Cornelius Pass-Feppo Brothers

*Crystal-The Decemberists, Vespertines, Light Heavy Weighta

Dublin Pub

Gemini Bar -Jon Koonce & Friends

Goodfoot-Triclops Organ Trio, $2

Green Room-Lea Kruger Band, 7:30 pm, free

*Hollywood Theatre-David S. Ware Quartet: Matthew Shipp, William Parker, Guillermo E. Brown, 8 pm, $14-16

-the Stingers, 9 pm

It's a Beautiful Pizza-Rob & Friends Open Mic, 9 pm

Jazz De Opus-Gary Hobbs Quartet

Jimmy Mak's-Alan Jones Sextet, $6

Kells-Kerry Novotony

Laurelthirst-Lynn Conover; Velvida Underground, 6 pm

Grand Lodge-Toca

Medicine Hat-Devil's Cabaret, Dylan Thomas Vance, She Said Yes

Meow Meow-One Last Thing, Crosstide, Joshua & the Big Collapse, $6, All Ages

Mt Tabor
-Bye Bye Chinook, Blurtis, Finger Lickin Good

Oregon Zoo-Pink Martini

Rabbit Hole-Open Mic w/Bobby Soxx; Jonny Keener, 6 pm

Red and Black Cafe-Luke Janela, 8 pm, All Ages

Rock Creek Tavern
-Color Phobos, free

Rogue Pub-Alfred Easter Blues Jam, 8 pm

Salty's on the Colombia-Andrei Kitaev Trio, 7 pm

Satyricon-The Dirtbombs, The Real Pills, Stagger Lee, The Nearly Deads

Seges-Caribbean Night

Snake & Weasel-Danzig & Woolley, Bob Shoemaker; the Stragglers, 6 pm

Tabor Acoustic Room-Ocean 503

Tillicum Pub-Ellen Whyte Struggle

Twilight Cafe-Grant Gascon

White Eagle-Ezra's TBA All Stars


Ash Street-Crush Violet, guests

Benson Hotel-Jean Ronne Quartet, Lee Wuthenow

Berbati's-The Minders, Luther Russell, Joe Davis, $6

Billy Ray's-The Stuck Ups, The Zombie Four, 10 pm, free

* Blackbird-The Owners, Caesura, Dilute, 9 pm, $5

Blue Note
-David Valdez Latin Quintet

Borders-Beaverton-The Carolines, 7 pm

Brasilia -Alfredo Muro Latin Ensemble

Brasserie Montmartre-John Butler Trio

Broadway Saloon-Lew Jones, 9 pm

Buffalo Gap-Fragile Jack, 9 pm

C.I. Bar and Grill-Melody Guy

Candlelight Cafe-LaRhonda Steel & the Ocean III

Cascade Bar -Junkyard Jane

Cobalt Lounge-Headscope, Perfect in Plastic, $5

Cornelius Pass-James Low Band

Corner Saloon-Feppo Brothers

Dante's-Girls! Girls! Girls! starring Boo Boo Lush, Gruesome Galore; My Regrets (midnight)

Dublin Pub
-Free Radicals, The Rust

Ethos, Inc-Hotboxed, Stuck, Syx, 7 pm, $5, All Ages

Fado-Grafton Street, 9 pm, free

Gemini Bar -Jesus Presley

Gorge-Blink 182, New Found Glory, $20, All Ages

Grand Lodge-Chris Mayther Band

Green Room-Funk Shui

Hoppers-Lori Bouck & the Interpreters, 9:30 pm

Jazz De Opus-Tom Grant

Jimmy Mak's-The Congregation, $5


Laurelthirst-Golden Delicious; Prairie Dogs, 6 pm

Medicine Hat-Aiko Shmada, Blu, Kaitlyn ni Donovan

*Meow Meow-Citizen Fish, Juno, Ted Leo & the Pharmacists, All Ages

Mock Crest Tavern
-Kinzel & Hyde, 8 pm

Mt Tabor-Elbo Finn, Lowdown, Fun with Matches


Ohm-Connected w/Nigel Richards, Ben & Ravi, $9

Oregon Zoo-Vonda Shepard

* Paris Theatre-Sonar, Converter, $8-10, All Ages Produce Row Cafe -Catfish, $3

Rabbit Hole
-Steve Hall Trio; June Bunton Trio, 6pm

Red and Black Cafe-Six Legged Horse, 8:30 pm

Rock Creek Tavern-Chuck & Dave Show, free

Rogue Pub-All Star Blues Band, 9 pm

Roseland-X, Supersuckers, Portrait of Poverty, 7 pm, $18

Snake & Weasel-Higher Ground, Baby Gramps

Tabor Acoustic-Earl Patrick, Casey Anderson, Bruce Smith

Tillicum Pub-Jim Mesi Band

Touchstone Cafe-Kanzeon, 7 pm

Twilight Cafe-Morph

Viscount-Victoria Corrigan Sextet, East Coast Swing, $10

Waterfront Park-The Bite: Spigot, Carolines, 4th Plaine Jaiant, Say Uncle, more

White Eagle-Buds of May


Arnada Cafe-Blurtis, Jeremy Serwer, Rich Man's Burden

Ash Street-Muddy River Nightmare Band, The Die Jobs, Diamond Tuck & the Man Parlour

Billy Ray's-Temper, Slant Rhyme, 10 pm, free

Bitter End-Mother's Choice, 9 pm

* Blackbird-Project Perfect CD Release, Laurel Canyon, Bering Sea, 3728 NE Sandy, 9 pm, $6

Blue Note
-Rob Scheps et Salon des Refuses

Borders-Gresham-Pam & Maggie, 7 pm, free

Brasserie Montmartre-John Butler Trio

Buffalo Gap-American Girls, 9 pm

C.I. Bar and Grill-Midnight Blue

Candlelight Cafe-LaRhonda Steel & the Ocean III

Cascade Bar -Lori Bouck & the Interpreters

Cobalt Lounge-big John Bates, The Specters, Jimmyjack, $6

Community Music Center-Judy Trejo, 2 pm, free

Cornelius Pass
-Fragile Jack

Corner Saloon-Feppo Brothers

Dante's-Circus Contraption, $10

Dublin Pub-Jester Brown, Satya

Gemini Bar -Paul DeLay Band

Goodfoot-The Lawn, 4th Prize, The Fascination

-Barenaked Ladies, the Proclaimers, $31-47

Green Room-Jackstraw

Hoppers-Mel Solomon Band, 9:30 pm

Hotel Oregon-Roundhouse, 7 pm, free, All Ages Action

Jazz De Opus-Tom Grant

Jimmy Mak's-Spot 79, $6

* KBOO-KBOO Annual Book & Record Sale


Laurelthirst-Golden Delicious; Amoree Lovell, 6 pm

Grand Lodge-Ezra Holbrook

Mock Crest Tavern-KC Murphy & friends, 8 pm

Mt Tabor-War Pgis, Driven, Topside, Desimation

Music Millennium NW-Five for Fighting, 5:30 pm, free

O'Connor's-Chiva Knevil

Ohm-Floater, Jennifer Folker; Corrupt Data, DJ Jenna, $10

Paris Theatre
-Fade Out, Abiasis, Hey Mike, All Ages

Produce Row Cafe -Three Finger Jack, $3

Rabbit Hole-The Shag's Film Fest; Jack Ass Willy, 6 pm

Rock Creek Tavern-Lynn Conover, free

Rogue Pub-All Star Blue Band, 8 pm

* Roseland-Living Legends, Aceyalone, Swollen Members, DJ Mackrice, 9 pm, $14, All Ages

Salty's on the Colombia
-Mel Brown Trio, 8 pm

Satyricon-The Knockdowns CD Release

Snake & Weasel-Redwood Highway, Kara Stover, Ms. Jessica; The Blind Rootin' Hogs, 6 pm

Tabor Acoustic Room-Tim Lincoln

Tillicum Pub-Jim Mesi Band

Twilight Cafe-HighLife

Waterfront Park-The Bite: Mad Hattie, Lisa Miller & The Trailer Park Honeys, Lea Krueger & the Sugar Highs, Kerosene Dream, Lily Wilde & Her Jumping Jubilee Orchestra, Rubberneck, Curtis Salgado, Mollybloom, Nina Hynes, more

White Eagle-Richmond Fontaine


Ash Street-Biergut, Disengage, Wadsworth, $5

Benson Hotel-Brunch with Jean Ronne

* Blackbird-Improv jazz w/Jordan Hudson, 7-10 pm, $3

Brasserie Montmartre
-Cheryl Alex Duo

Buffalo Gap-Los Cowtones, 6 pm

C.I. Bar and Grill-Jam w/Bob Gibson, 6 pm

Candlelight Cafe-Andy Stokes

Cascade Bar -Finger Likken Good

Crystal-Pepe & the Bottle Blonds, Salsa, $12-14, All Ages

Dante's-Sinferno Cabaret starring Drumattica, 9 pm, $5

-Stop Thief Benefit: Buccola 707, Triclops Organ Trio, La Dome

Hoppersus-Dan Balmer Trio

Kells-Cronin Tierney

Kennedy School-Craig Carothers

Laurelthirst-Neil Gilpin's Belmont St. Octet, Freak Mtn. Ramblers, 6 pm

* Meow Meow-Owls, 31 Knots, the Get Hustle, $6

Music Millennium
-Rani Arbo, 3 pm; Katy Tessman, 5 pm

Paris-Fit & the Tantrums, Lost Theory, The Kaks, All Ages

Red and Black-Open Mic w/Elyce Hues, All Ages

Rock Creek Tavern-Melody Guy, free

Roseland-Jaheim, Sassey, Little Roy, 8 pm

-Fadeout, Dred, Not Long After

Schnitzer Hall-Jamie Foxx, 8 pm

Snake & Weasel-Sid Brown, Steve Amdahl; Matt Burlin

Tillicum Pub-Rev Gary Small & the Deacons

Waterfront Park-The Bite: The Cannonballs, The Iguanas, KC & The Sunshine Band, more

White Eagle-Martin & Kennedy


Arnada Cafe-Robert Carson & Blues Jam

Candlelight Cafe-Monti Amundson

Dublin Pub-Open Mic/Band Auditions

Green Room-Open Mic w/ Mississippi Mud

Hoppers-Mel Solomon & Norman Moody Band, 9 pm

Jazz De Opus-Chain Reaction, Gary Savage, 8:30 pm

Kells-Cronin Teirney

Laurelthirst-Kung Pao Chickens , 7 pm

* Meow Meow-Arab on Radar, Guests, All Ages

Mock Crest
-Gothic Outhouse, Heidi Hellbender, 7 pm

Mt Tabor- I Say Reggae Jam

* Produce Row Cafe -Ron Steen Jazz Jam, $2

Rock Creek Tavern
-Lou Lozada, free

Snake & Weasel-John Self Acoustic Open Mic; Pig Iron

Tillicum Pub-Babaloo

Twilight Cafe-Fairly Honest John and the Truth, 7:30

White Eagle-Susannah Weaver & Lynn Conover


Ash street-Keef Miss 45, Whiskey and Sin, Vic Vapor, $4

Bitter End-Monti Amundson, special guest, 8:30 pm, free

Blue Note-Open Jazz Jam with Pacific Blue Jazz Quartet

Brasserie Montmartre-Dory Hylton Duo

Buffalo Gap-Brian Berg, 8 pm

Candlelight Cafe-Linda Hornbuckle

Cobalt Lounge-Tag Team Tuesdays

Dublin Pub-Satya

Dublin Pub-Rob Loewd'ed, Murphy's Law

goodfoot-the Instigators, $3

Green Room-Jellyhead

Hoppers-Russ Finely Band, 9 pm

Jazz De Opus-Nancy King & Steve Christofferson, 8:30 pm

Jimmy Mak's-Mel Brown Sextet, $5

Kells-Cronin Tierney

Laurelthirst-Sean Nowland's Open Mic, Jackstraw, 6 pm

Mock Crest Tavern-TJ and DJ Karaoke, 8 pm

Mt Tabor-Lost Theory, All Star Fidelity

* Ohm-Dahlia, Ben & Ravi, 9:30, $5

* Paris-Osker, Iknowkungfu, the Secludes, Fistfull

Produce Row Cafe
-Bluegrass Jam, free

Rabbit Hole-Karaoke Underground

Rock Creek Tavern-Terry Robb & Albert Reda, free

Roseland-30 Odd Foot of Grunts, 7 pm, $22.50-25

Snake & Weasel-Bitchen Strummin Muthas; Danny dollinger, 6 pm

Tillicum Pub-Norman Sylvester

Twilight Cafe-Johnny Mercury & the Hellbent II, 7:30 pm

White Eagle-Jeff Hudis & Steve James Wright


Ash Street-Mother's Choice, Mossback, Junkyard Hero, $4

Benson Hotel-Neil Mason Trio

Berbati's Pan-Robert Rude Band, Sunny Hess, Jane Wright Band, Action Detectives

Bitter End-Redwood Hwy, Bob Shoemaker, Billy Kennedy

Blue Note-Triclops Organ Trio

Buffalo Gap-Toca Taste Test, 8:30 pm

Candlelight Cafe-Terry Robb

Cascade Bar -4th Plane Jaiant

Cornelius Pass-Caleb Klauder Trio

* Dante's-Khan & Julee Cruise; Miss B. Haven, 9 pm, $10

-Lou Jones, free

Fez-Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Wadsworth, Postcards from Singapore

Green Room-Rhythm Culture

* Holman's-Amoree Lovell, Morgan Grace, 5 pm

- Robbie Laws, 9 pm

Hotel Oregon-Jake Blair Band, 7 pm, free, All Ages

Jazz De Opus-Tom Wakeling Trio, 8:30 pm

Jimmy Mak's-Stephanie Schneiderman, $3

Kells-Cronin Tierney

Laurelthirst-Kerry Lauder Band; Susannah Weaver & Man Power, 6 pm

Medicine Hat-Alison Ippolito, Miguel, Purusa

* Meow Meow-Kinski, guests

Mock Crest Tavern
-Frances Farmer Gals, 7 pm

Mt Tabor-Jive, Clintons

Ohm-Aqualounge starring Justin Browning, $5

Rabbit Hole-Pete Krebs & Kung Pao Chickens; Gothic Outhouse, 6 pm

Red and Black-Rock & Roll Camp for Girls Benefit, 7 pm

Rock Creek Tavern
-Casey & Rouke, free

Roseland-30 Odd Foot of Grunts, 7 pm, $22.50-25

Second Act Lounge-Craig Mayther Duo, 5 pm


Snake & Weasel-Bill Sterling, Dave Coey, 6 pm

Tabor Acoustic Room-Dianna Gatto

Tillicum Pub-Jim Mesi

Viscount Ballroom-La Charanga Habanera, 7 pm, $23

White Eagle-Spigot Scrapheap Soiree