Alberta Street Public House-Monty Green's Bluegrass Invite, 9 pm

Ash Street-PAIK, The High Violets, Charm Particles, $6

Berbati's Pan-Green Circles, System & Station, Sukha Mantra, $5

Bitter End-Tye North Trio, 9 pm, free

Blackbird-Dolorean, Canyon, Laurel Canyon, Loch Lomond, 10 pm, $6

Blue Monk-Shoehorn and Friends

Buffalo Gap-Slow Burn

Club DV8-Karaoke from Hell, 10 pm, $2

Coffee People-Little Bros. Revenge, 6 pm


Green Room-Soul Butlers, Tamaras

Hoppers-Round Robin & Dave Kahl, Robbie Laws

Jimmy Mak's-Mel Brown Quintet, 9 pm, $7

Laurelthirst-Cornbred, 6 pm; Little Sue

Meow Meow-Cex, Numbers, Stars As Eyes

Mississippi-Anomalous Quintet, 10:30 pm

Mock Crest-Donna Jose Open Mic Jam, 8:30 pm

Mt Tabor-Kick Starts, Trophy Wife, #3 Breakdown

Ohm-Sucka Punch, DJ Wise, 9:30 pm, $6

Porky's Pub-New Band Night, free

Rabbit Hole-Catfish, 6 pm; Apologist, 8 pm; Poison Okies, 9 pm

Red and Black Cafe-Super XX Man, Reclinerland, 9 pm

Roc's Bar & Grill-Magic Red Panties

Rogue Pub-Ellen Whyte and Friends, 8 pm

Satyricon-Sweet and Tender

Siren Music-The Foghorn String Band, 6:30 pm

Mt Tabor Acoustic-Tofu Groove-Girls, Shyle, Dave Monnig

The Steinhaus-Kinzel & Hyde

Tillicum Pub-Lloyd Jones, 9:30 pm

Tonic Lounge-Matt Bastard, Haggis, The Forth

Twilight Cafe-Bonnet Bleu

White Eagle-Jon Vecchiarelli, Nordic, $3

FRIDAY 12/13

Aladdin Theater-Trail Band, 7 pm, $15-35

Alberta Street Public House-Elizabob, 7 pm; Beglan's Irish Jam, 9 pm, free

Arnada Cafe-Critical Mass, Doubleshot

Ash Street-Poison Idea, The Lucky Thirteens, The Go-Downs, Freak Show Rodeo

Berbati's Pan-Starantula, Lucky 13, Ex Boyfriends, Diesto, Fisticuffs, $1

Bitter End-Freewillinsoul, 6 pm, free; Jesus Presley X-Mas Party, 9pm

Blackbird-Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Skeleton Key, Sumerland, 10 pm, $8

Borders-Beaverton-Lew Jones, 7 pm, free

Burlingame Pizza-Rachel Browning, John Twist, Nann Alleman, James Low, 9 pm, $3

Candlelight Cafe-Cannon Balls

Cañita-Guateque Cubano, 10:30 pm, free

Club DV8-Bast, Dirty Lowdowns, Ociffer, The Bonobo Project, 10 pm, $4

Community Music Center-Ellis Paul, Steve Hettum, 8 pm

Conan's Pub-The Neins, Broadcast Oblivion, Small Craft Advisory

Corner Saloon-Melody Butchers

Dante's-Iron Maidens, Last Empire, 9:30 pm, $10

Delta Cafe-Juanita Family

Fez-Dub VS HipHop Soundclash w/Systemwide vs Boom Bap Project, Reparations, 9 pm, $8

Hoppers-Norman Sylvester Band

Jimmy Mak's-Stuart Wylen Trio, $5

Kennedy School-The Disciples In Song, 7 pm, All Ages

Laughing Horse Books Collective-Yankee Wuss, The Curse, political speakers, $4 suggested donation, All Ages

Laurelthirst-Prairie Dogs, 6 pm; Foghorn Leghorn

Meow Meow-Calvin Johnson, Little Wings, Rebecca Pearcy, Dennis Driscoll, All Ages

Mississippi-Vince Schrek and the Expendables, Crystin Byrd, 8 pm, free

Mock Crest-Blue Trick, 9 pm

Mt Tabor-Bronco Billy's Holiday Hootenanny: Dave Coey & Tremor Guild, Moonshine Hangover, Buckle

Paris Theatre-800 Octane, Compact 56, Coldsnap 9, Monkee Torture, All Ages

Porky's Pub-Junior's Gang, The Hunches, Hospitals, Let It Ride, free

Rabbit Hole-Heavy Petting Zoo, 6 pm; Kid QV, 9 pm

Red and Black Cafe-Jeff London, Greg Ohlin, S. Broox

River Roadhouse-Life On Mars

Rogue Pub-Jon Koonce and the Honky Tonk Trio, 9 pm

Roseland-Keller Williams, 9 pm, $15-17, All Ages

Satyricon-Second Nature, Underide, Stone Creep, Red Dirt

Shot in the Dark Coffee-Gadjo Jazz, 9 pm

Mt Tabor Acoustic-James West, Josh Butler, Wes Roth

Blue Monk-Blues Connotation

Tillicum Pub-Ennis In Theory, 9:30 pm

Tonic Lounge-Ross And The Hellpets, Sauvie Island Moon Rocket Factory, The Persimmons

Twilight Cafe-Slow Rollers

White Eagle-Jackstraw, $6


Aladdin Theater-Trail Band, 3 & 7 pm, $10-35

Alberta Street Public House-Darby O'Gill, 9 pm, $5

Arnada Cafe-The Unpopular Club, Andres + the Infusion, Erotic Politicians

Ash Street-It's A Horrible Christmas: The Mercury Party

Beulahland-The Hospitals, The Neins, The First Time, free

Bitter End-Ala Zingara

Blackbird-Laserhawk, Two Guys, $5

Blue Monk-Flatland

Borders-Mary Kadderly, 2pm; Michael Allen Harrison, 3 pm

Cal-Sports-Ether Net

Candlelight Cafe-Cannon Balls

Cañita-Guateque Cubano, 10:30 pm, free

Conan's Pub-Livewire, Stay Hungry, Point 1

Corner Saloon-Melody Butchers

Dante's-Black Frames, I Can Lick Any Son Of A Bitch In The House, Sean Croghan, Two Loons For Tea, 9 pm, $7

Delta Cafe-Gov't Issue Orchestra

Doc's Bar & Grill-Captain Rock, Waylaid, The Jeffersons

Duff's Garage-The New Iberians

dv8-Wadsworth, The Punk Group

Goodfoot-Zuppa CD Release: Live at the Goodfoot

Green Room-Herschel Patch, Spinnaker

Hoppers-Jimi Bott Band

Jasmine Tree-HAIL SANTA! Benefit show starring Chuck Swaim & the Dead Air Fresheners, Amoree Lovell, Captain Bootybeard, Passiflora, S.Brooks, Solo Dos En Tijuana, Travis McAlister, A Special Bonus, more, 9 pm, $5-15

Jimmy Mak's-Thara Memory's Super Band, $7

Kennedy School-The Disciples In Song, 7 pm, All Ages

Laurelthirst-James Low, 6 pm; Richmond Fontaine, $4

Meow Meow-Riddlin' Kids, Don't Look Down, $8, All Ages

Mississippi-Crack City Rockers, The Quags, Girls Say Yes, 7:30 pm

Mock Crest-Donna Jose, 9 pm

Multnomah Friends Meeting House-Carrie Newcomer, 8 pm, $13-15, All Ages

Porky's Pub-Trashcan Joe & the Laundry Boys, free

Rabbit Hole-Quincy, 6 pm; Billy #9, 9:30 pm

Reed College-Andrew and Andrew and Rob Xmas Extravaganza, 7 pm, free (cookie donations welcome)

River Roadhouse-Life On Mars

Rogue Pub-REVOLVER Beatles Tribute, 8 pm

Sapphire Hotel-Holiday Bobble (edgy handmade gifts); Echo Jazz Collective, 8 pm

Satyricon-Rock Against Suicide starring DIJ, Stars Of Treack And Field, Substance, DJ Rick Emerson

Schnitzer Hall-Bank Of America Pops Yuletide Celebration

Tiger Bar-The Solid Christmas Show starring live holiday funk, 7 pm, $7

Tillicum Pub-Ennis In Theory, 9:30 pm

Tonic Lounge-Dr. Theopolis, Mission

Twilight Cafe-Hi Lonesomes

White Eagle-M Set, #3 Breakdown, $6

SUNDAY 12/15

Aladdin Theater-Trail Band, 3 & 7 pm, $10-35

Alberta Arts Pavilion-Soul Jazz, 2 pm, $8

Ash Street-Harkonen, Disto, $5

Beulahland-A Very Pokey Christmas

Billy Ray's-Anna & Crash, free

Blackbird-Cynthia Dall, Old Time Relijun, 10 pm, $7

Buffalo Gap-Los Cowtones, 6 pm

Conan's Pub-Buds of May

Dante's-Sinferno Cabaret w/Lucy Fur, 11 pm, $6

Hoppers-Aaron Black Jam, 9 pm

The Hutch-Terry Robb

Kennedy School-Tall Jazz Christmas Concert, 3 & 7 pm

Laurelthirst-Freak Mtn Ramblers, 6 pm; Neil Gilpin's Belmont Street Octet

Maverick-Acoustic Open Mic w/Folk City, 7 pm

Mississippi-Sid Brown, Steve Amdahl, Darshan, 7 pm, $5

Mock Crest-KC's Acoustic Blues Jam, 7:30 pm

Rabbit Hole-Steve Spaldings Outfit, 6 pm; Teeming Masses, 9 pm

Reed College, Kaul Auditorium -Portland Gay Men's Chorus, 2 pm, $12-20

Schnitzer Hall-Yuletide Celebration

Tillicum Pub-Johnny Martin, 6 pm

White Eagle-Pete Krebs, $5

MONDAY 12/16

Aladdin Theater-Susan Todeschi, $22.50-25

Arnada Cafe-Open Mic w/April

Bitter End-Nicole Campbell, 9 pm, free

Blackbird-The Strand, Tough Love & The Bella Nasti, Kennedy, Ma Ford, 10 pm, $6

Dante's-Karaoke from Hell, 10 pm, $1,

Green Room-Open Mic with Mississippi Mud

Laurelthirst-Kung Pao Chickens, 7 pm, free

M Bar-Derek Fisher, the Perfect Cyn: ambient, downtempo, uplifting house, progressive

Meow Meow-Dislogik, Dualesc, Kaddisfly, Ever We Fall, $8

Mississippi-Good Gias, 7 pm

Mt Tabor-I-Say Band, Roots Revolution

Porky's Pub-Open Mic, 10 pm, free

Rogue Pub-Rogue Bluegrass Band, 7 pm

White Eagle-Little Sue & Lynn Conover


Alberta Street Public House-Paddy's Ramble, free

anna bannana's-Tree Age, guests, 8 pm

Arnada Cafe-Adara Blake

Ash Street-Thorn City Improv starring Plan B, Sleep, Destro, The Chosen, more, $5

Bitter End-John Bunzow, 8 pm , free

Blue Monk-Ramsey Embick Trio

Boxxes-Mlsha's Make-A-Date, $2-7

Buffalo Gap-Blindlight, 8 pm

Crystal Ballroom-The Ataris, Rufio, Autopilotoff, The Go Reflex, 7:30 pm, $12.50-15, all ages

Dante's-Comedy & Cabaret

Goodfoot-Eclectic Electro starring The Numb Project CD release party, Surrounded by Ninjas, 9 pm, free

Green Room-Stephen Ashbrook

Jimmy Mak's-Mel Brown Septet, 7:30 pm, $6

Laurelthirst-Jackstraw, 6 pm; Sean Nowland's Open Mic, free

Mississippi-Tom McNalley, 7 pm

Mock Crest-Johnnie Ward, 7 pm

Mt Tabor-Money & Lovin, Upright Dub Archestra

Reed College-John Vergin (Eliot Hall Chapel), 7 pm

Rogue Pub-Harrison, 7 pm

Schnitzer Hall-Bank Of America Pops Yuletide Celebration, 8 pm, $23-65

Tillicum Pub-Norman Sylvester, 9:30 pm

Tonic Lounge-Red Right Hand, Western Ariel


Alberta Street Public House-Zydeco Dance, 7:15, free

Arnada Cafe-Miguel's Songwriters Circus

Ash Street-Ill Intent, Chronic Alliance, 2 cent Solution, Used Wares

Berbati's Pan-The Night Cool Nutz Stole X-mas, DJ Chill & DJ OG One, Jus Family Records feat. Bosko, Maniac Lok, Brotha Luv, Phranchise, Bleek, Cool Nutz, 8 pm, $8

Billy Ray's-Juana Camilleii, Bob Shoemaker, free

Bitter End-SILKY featuring Olivia Warfield, 9 pm, free

blackbird-Distance Formula, Burnt Plosives, M Cooper

Blue Monk-Jazz Works

Buffalo Gap-Toca (w/members of Rubberneck), 8:30 pm

Conan's Pub-Kaitlin ni Donovan, 6:30 pm; Glassine, Sugar Free, Railer, Tuesdays Taken

Dante's-Storm & The Balls

Green Room-Maggie's Choice

Gresham Inn-Jam Session, 8 pm

Hoppers-Terry Robb Band

Jimmy Mak's-Mel Brown Quartet, 7:30 pm, $5; Stan Bock

Laurelthirst-Little Sue, 6 pm; Pete Krebs, free

Mississippi-Diana Wild, 6 pm

Mock Crest-Billy Kennedy, 7 pm

Mojo's Coffee Den-Wide Open Mic w/Patrick Finley

Mt Tabor-Jerry Joseph & The Jackmormons

Rabbit Hole-Hawks View Road, 6 pm; Josh, 10 pm

Sapphire Hotel-Echo Jazz Collective, 8 pm

Mt Tabor Acoustic-Abstract Visionz

Tillicum Pub-Jim Mesi, 9:30 pm

Twilight Cafe-Eric Skye

White Eagle-Scrap Heap Soiree w/ Spigot, The Paul Brainard and Friends Steele Guitare Extravaganzae, Special Sauce, $3