Aladdin Theater-Seven Nations, $12

Ash Street-Laserhawk

Berbati's Pan-YOB, Witch Mountain, Agalloch

Bitter End-Buds Of May, 9 pm, free

Blackbird-Mines, Lights, Burnt Plosives, Petty Booka

Blue Monk-3 Leg Torso

Candlelight Cafe-Jay Bird Koder

Conan's Pub-Jigsaw Jones CD Release, Tympanic

Crystal Ballroom-Simian (Lola's), 9 pm, $10

DV8-Warriors of Genghis Khan, When Animals Attack, The Shift


Green Room-Skip Parante w/Spigot

Jazz De Opus-Rick Crittenden, 8:30 pm, $3

Jimmy Mak's-Mel Brown Quintet, 9 pm, $7

Laurelthirst-James Low, 6 pm; The Henrys, 9:30 pm; Nina Neher, 10:30 pm; Jeff London

Meow Meow-Mix Mob, SYX, Kapuda, 737, 8 pm , $10

Mississippi-Heather Straube, 6 pm; Life After Liftoff, 8 pm; Six Legged Horse, 10:30

Mt Tabor-Jaroh, Pale Green Pants

Portland Art Museum-Paul Curreri & Andy Friedman

PSU, Lincoln Hall-Portland Guitar Festival

Rabbit Hole-Heavy Petting Zoo; Open Mic

Red and Black Cafe-Super XX Man, Jeff London

Roseland-Macy Gray, 8 pm, $17.50


Saucebox-Auditory Sculpture

Schnitzer Hall-The Pretenders, All Mighty Senators

Tillicum Pub-Lloyd Jones, 9:30 pm

Tonic-Pornstore Janitor, Naked Violence, Muddy River Nightmare Band, Dry County Crooks

Twilight-The Triggers, The Flip-Tops, The Glory Holes

Vine Leaves-Tom Grant

White Eagle-Stan McMahon Band, Phamous Phaces, Harding, Uberwench


Aladdin Theater-Monte Montgomery, 7:30 pm, $15-17; Stephen Lynch, 10:30 pm, $15

Arnada Cafe-Kraw, Garrison, Teasing Zen

Ash St-King Of Spain, Assisted Living, Skylab, Tea For Julie

B Complex-Royksöpp, Pete Lawrence, DJ Pet Lawrence, 9 pm, $12, All Ages

Berbati's Pan-Storm & The Balls, Dahlia, Easy Tiger

Bitter End-Freewillinsoul, 6 pm, free; Higher Ground

Blackbird-Bosco & Jorge, Rollerball, Palms, Tokyo Sex Whale, 10 pm, $6

Burlingame Pizza-The Foghorn Stringband, The Mammals

Candlelight Cafe-Hip Replacements

Cañita-Alfredo Muro Ensemble, 10 pm

Conan's Pub-6 Million Dollar Band, Andres & the Infusion, The Bradbury Press, Careen, $5-8

Corner Saloon-Liquid Blues

Crystal Ballroom-Dark Star Orchestra, 9 pm , $16.50-18

Dante's-Camaro Hair, Bella Fayes, UHF, Odds Against Tomorrow, The New Black, 9 pm, $8

Delta Cafe-Nudge

Disjecta-Cold Electric Fire, Nathan Hubbard, Now In Darkness World Stops Turning, 9:30 pm, $5, All Ages

Duff's Garage-Lisa & Her Kin, Hillstomp, 9:30 pm

DV8-Poison Idea, The Gays, guests

Green Room-Fernando, 9:30 pm, $5

Jazz De Opus-Sally Palmer Trio, 9 pm, $3

Jimmy Mak's-Alan Jones, $5

Laurelthirst-Prairie Dogs, 6 pm; Baby Gramps

Meow Meow-No Heroes, All Out, Re-Fryde, Low Rollers

Mississippi-Tom Price & Graham Bezodis, 6 pm; Dance machine, 8 pm; Noir City, 10:30 pm

Mock Crest-Christine Young Band, 9 pm

Mt Tabor-Dave Coey & Tremor Guild, Public Groovement

Nocturnal-Pretty Girls Make Graves, Cobra High, Hint Hint, 8 pm, $8

Paris Theatre-Gudgen, Elevated Nature, Abrasion, The Cruel, All Ages

Porky's-Morgan Grace Rock and Roll Machine, Call The Police

Produce Row Cafe-Victor Johnson & Kerry Williams, $3

PSU, Lincoln Hall-Portland Guitar Festival

Rabbit Hole-Darby OGill, 9 pm; Big Orange Splot

Reed College Student Union-The Haggard, Dominatrix, DIS, 100s of Dismembered Handbags, All Ages

River Roadhouse-Too Loose

Rogue Pub-Norman Sylvester Band, 9 pm

Satyricon-Richmond Fontaine, Laura Veirs and the Tortured Souls, Jesse Sykes & Phil Wandscher, $7

Steinhaus-The Kid Lopez Band

Tillicum Pub-Ennis In Theory, 9:30 pm

Twilight Cafe-Without Self, Torture Cookies, The Del Toros

Vine Leaves-Mary Kadderly

White Eagle-Superficials, Geoff Byrd & The Sentinels


1339 NE Roselawn-Teen Cthulhu, JonnyX and the Groadies, Morse Code Heartbeat, Unit Breed, Samus Aran, 7 pm, donation

Aladdin-Mike Marshall and Chris Thile, $16.50-18

Alberta Street Public House-Harebrained, 9 pm

Arnada Cafe-Psilocybin, Fat Luv, Gravitron, Pull

Artichoke Music-Song Circle wKate Power, 2 pm, free; John Twist, 10 am, $2

Ash Street-Fireballs Of Freedom, Heavy Johnson Trio, Diesto, Wadsworth

Berbati's Pan-The Standard, 31 Knots, Dutch Flat, $8

Beulahland-Fin and Tillyanna

Biddy McGraw's-Evan Hadley

Bitter End-Life After Liftoff, 9 pm, Mr. Rosewater, $6

Blackbird-Dead Moon, The Die Jobs, Shiny Things, $7

Blue Monk-Porterhouse, 9:30 pm, $5

Candlelight Cafe-Eric Allen Band

Cañita-Cuchata, 10 pm

Conan's Pub-6 Million Dollar Band, Andres & The Infusion, The Bradbury Press, Careen, 9 pm, $5

Corner Saloon-Liquid Blues

Dante's-Minus 5, Model Rockets, Visqueen, 9 pm, $8

Delta Cafe-Flat Mountain Girls

Duff's Garage-Shorty & The Mustangs, 9:30 pm

DV8-Sado Nation, Antiworld, guests

Empire Room-Eric Skye, 9 pm

Goodfoot-Jambay Trio, Tye North Trio, 8 pm, $6

Green Room-I & I Reggae

Haven Coffeehouse-Tuesday's Taken, 8 pm, All Ages

Jazz De Opus-The Stewart Wylen Trio, 9 pm, $5

Jimmy Mak's-Thara Memory's Superband, $7

Laurelthirst-Buds of May; Catfish, 6 pm

Meow Meow-Faded, 4 pm; The Carolines, Robert Deeble, Delour, $6, All Ages

Mississippi-Harris Blackwood, 6 pm; Vagabond Opera

Mock Crest-Kinzel & Hyde, 9 pm

Mt Tabor-Tracy Klas, Moxy, Tofu Groove Girls, Blood Honey

Music Millennium NW-Visqueen, Minus 5, 4 pm, free

Nocturnal-Affros Quattro Blanco, Aqueous Wax/Bonus Beats, SM Crew, Andee & Dominator, DJ B-Loe, the Vigilantes

Ozone UK-Fantastic Idea Project, 4 pm, All Ages

Paris-Chapters End, Voodoo Machine, Soulsgate, Shift, A Bombin' Nation

Porky's Pub-Jackass Willie, free

Rabbit Hole-nanosaurus, 9 pm; Francis Farmer Gals

River Roadhouse-Too Loose

Rogue Pub-Big Mama Gayle, 9 pm

Sapphire Hotel-Echo Jazz Collective, 8 pm

Satyricon-The Ex-Boyfriends, The Punk Group CD Release, Exploding Hearts, $6

Steinhaus-The Kid Lopez Band

Tillicum Pub-Ennis In Theory, 9:30 pm

Twilight-The Mediam, Fellow Betrayed, Bastinado

Vine Leaves-Shannon Day

White Eagle-Little Sue Band, Ezra Holbrook


Alberta Street-Rachel Browning, James Low, Lisa Miller, John Twist, 7 pm, $10-12

Ash St-Precursor, Fellow Betrayed, Makeshift Messiah

Billy Ray's-Anna & Crash, free

Bitter End-Brongaene Griffin & Elizabeth Nicholson, 5 pm, free; Fiddle Bloodhoney, 8 pm, free

Blackbird-Monitor Bats, Breaker Breaker, Parts and Labor, Silver Palm, 10 pm, $5

Candlelight Cafe-Andy Stokes

Conan's Pub-Hoary Poury, S. Broox, Malone

Dante's-Skylab, 9 pm; Sinferno w/Lucy Fur, Drumattica, Soriah, 11 pm, $6

The Hutch-Terry Robb

Jazz De Opus-Dan Balmer Trio , 8:30 pm, $5

Laurelthirst-Freak Mtn Ramblers, 6 pm

Meow Meow-The Haggard, Dominatrix, Pom Pom Meltdown, DIS, $5-7, All Ages

Mock Crest-KC Murphy, 7:30 pm

O'Conners-The Tone Sharks, 5 pm, $3

Old Church-Everything's Jake Swing Quartet, 4 pm

PSU, Lincoln Hall-The Florestan Trio, 4 pm, $3-20

Rabbit Hole-Jeff London; Katherine McRea

River Roadhouse-Sinners Club Open Jam, 8:30 pm

Satyricon-Showcase Showdown

The Longhorn-The Kid Lopez Band, Ty Cobb, 8 pm

Tillicum Pub-Johnny Martin, 6 pm


Biddy McGraw's-Alexander Green, 8 pm

Bitter End-Nicole Campbell, 8:30 pm, free

BLACKBIRD-Joan of Arc, Psudo Six, A John Henry Memorial

Candlelight Cafe-DK Stewart

Devil's Point -The Firebabies, 10 pm, free

Haven Coffeehouse-Noelle Price, 8 pm, All Ages

Laurelthirst-Kung Pao Chickens, 7 pm, free

Mississippi-Messy Milly, 7 pm

Mock Crest-Aric Riley, 7 pm

Mt Tabor-I-SAY, Roots Revolution

Ozone Records P3-Joan Of Arc, 6 pm, free, All Ages

Produce Row Cafe-Ron Steen Jazz Jam, 9 pm, $2

PSU, Lincoln Hall-PSU University Choir, 7:30 pm, $3-8

Rogue Pub-The Rogue Bluegrass Band Jam, 9 pm

Satyricon-The Divided, Future Platinum Audio, Tea For Julie

The Longhorn-The Kid Lopez Band

Twilight Cafe-Michael Jodell

White Eagle-Little Sue & Lynn Conover


Ash Street-Thorn City Improv starring Oldominion, Sleep, Mic Crenshaw, Destro, Anaxagorus, Smoke, $5

Berbati's Pan-Rallyboy, CAC, more, $2

Bitter End-Pants On Fire, 8:30 pm, free

Blackbird-Queer Night, 10 pm, free

Blue Monk-Ramsey Embick Trio

Boxxes-Mlsha's Make-A-Date, $2-7

Candlelight Cafe-Linda Hornbuckle

Crystal-Living Legends Crew, Eyedea & Abilities, Of Mexican Descent feat. Busdriver, 9 pm, $14-18

Dante's-Comedy & Cabaret

Duff's Garage-Robert Rude, 8 pm

Green Room-Stephen Ashbrook

Jazz De Opus-Nancy King & Steve Christofferson, 9 pm, $3

Jimmy Mak's-Mel Brown Septet, 7:30 pm, $6

Laurelthirst-Jackstraw; Open Mic


Mock Crest-Johnnie Ward, 7 pm

Mt Tabor-Upright Dub Orchestra, Money & Lovin, 9 pm

PSU, Lincoln Hall-3rd Angle New Music Ensemble, noon, free; PSU Concert Band, 7:30 pm, $3, All Ages

Rogue Pub-Harrison Acoustic, 9 pm

Satyricon-The Rivulets, VI Foot Sloth, Clampitt and Gaddis

Schnitzer Hall-Canadian Brass, 7:30 pm, $28-72

Twilight-Trashcan Joe


Aladdin Theater-Sea and Cake, Califone, $12-14

Alberta Street Public House-Zydeco Dance, 7:15, free

Ash-Mystic, Onry Ozzborn, My G, Anaxogorus, Mic Crenshaw, Keary Kase, DJs Wicked & Evil One, 8 pm, $8

Berbati's-Let It Ride, Senate Arcade, The Lions, 9 pm, $3

Biddy McGraw's-Elizabob

Billy Ray's-Juana Camilleii, Bob Shoemaker, free

Bitter End-Silky, 9 pm, $3

Blackbird-Future Platinum Audio, The Divided, 10 pm, $5

Blue Monk-Pete Peterson

Burlingame Pizza-Kaitlyn Ni Donovan, Thistle, 9 pm

Candlelight Cafe-Ocean 503

Conan's Pub-Kaitlyn Ni Donovan, 6 pm; Finster, The Bonobo Project, Sugarfree, Mother Chump, 9:30 pm

Dante's-Storm & The Balls, $5

Duff's Garage-Suburban Slim, 9:30

Fez-Deeper Roots w/E3 & S-Dub, 9 pm, $3

Goodfoot-Confluence w/Obelus, DJ Tattertodd

Green Room-Triclops

Jazz De Opus-John Stowell , 8:30 pm, $3

Jimmy Mak's-Mel Brown Quartet, 7:30 pm, $5

Laurelthirst-Gothic Outhouse, The Apologists Little Sue

Mississippi-Rachel Taylor Brown, 6 pm; Kliff Koffman

Mock Crest-Billy Kennedy, 7 pm

Oyster Bar-Alexander Green, 6 pm

Portland Art Museum-Jay Bird Koder Band, $7

Rabbit Hole-Smiling at Henry, Quincy, Sir Lawrence & the Student Prince, 8 pm

Rogue Pub-Ellen Whyte & Glen Holstrum, 8 pm

Sapphire Hotel-Echo Jazz Collective, 7 pm

Satyricon-Glance Failed, The Forth, Merrick, $5

Tillicum Pub-Jim Mesi Band, 9:30 pm

Vine Leaves-Russ Rossi