Aladdin-Melissa Ferrick, Tegan and Sara, 8 pm, All Ages

Alberta St Pub-Bluegrass Invite, 9 pm

Ash St. -Art Rock Rap Reality Tour

Berbati's Pan-The Instigators, $5

Biddy McGraw's-Laurel Lee & The Escapees

Blue Monk-Triclops Organ Trio

Boons Treasury-Lea Krueger

Buffalo Gap-Fairly Honest Jon & The Truth, 9 pm


Conan's -Bloodstar Halo, 9 pm, $5

* Dante's-Bad Wizard, I Can Lick any SOB in the House, The Witnesses, 9 pm, $5

Davey Jones' Locker-Bathed Like Ballory, Rhythm of 84, 7 pm, $5, All Ages

Delta-DJ Honeybucket

Duff's Garage-catalyst 66, Red Rose Girls

Edgefield Winery-Dylan Thomas Vance

Egyptian-World Music and Dance; Bellissimonde, 8 pm, $5

Goodfoot-Upright Duborchestra, Ras Gabriel

Halo Lounge-Coretta Scott, Blue Turns WHite, Dear Whoever, 8 pm

* Heathman Hotel-Exquisite Language; Sarah Dougher, Amoree Lovell, Linda Austin, Haiku Inferno, 7 pm, free - donation

* Holocene-Orso, Invisible, Adelaide, 9 pm

Hoppers-Yanks, 9pm

Imbibe -David Andrews

It's a Beautiful Pizza-Bill Coones Jazz Trio

Kennedy School-Foghorn String Band, Bill Martin, $5

Laurelthirst-Lewi Longmire, 6-8 pm, 9 pm

Longhorn-Sumo, 8:30 pm

Mac's Place-Maria Muldaur, 8 pm

Mississippi Pizza-Renee Pettigrew Trio, 7 pm

Mock Crest-Aric Riley open mic & Jammin

Montego Bay-Irie Thursdays w/DJ Uni-T, 6 pm; Andy Stokes

Monty's-Open jam

Music Millennium-Tift Merritt, noon, free

Nocturnal-IPRC Benefit; Michael Johnson, The Minor Thirds, The Culottes, 8 pm, $ 5, All Ages

Owen's-Open Mic

NOIR-Cash for Junkers, the Power of Country, $2

Red & Black-Static Films, All Ages

Roc's Bar & Grill-Acoustic guitar night w/Doggett Productions

Rock Creek Tavern-Lynn Conover, Billy Kennedy

Rock-a-billy's-Mojo Posse

Rogue-Rogue Bluegrass Jam

Roseland-TIft Merritt, Mindy Smith, Garrison Starr, 8 pm, $18-$23

Tillicum-Lloyd Jones, 8 pm

Tonic-Shortway, The Kinder Scale, $4

* Twilight Cafe-Voodoo Organist

Urban Wineworks-Rick Westrom, DJ Mr. Romo, 5:30 pm

Wallbangers-Dueling Pianos, 8 pm

White Eagle-Professional Pilot Course, The Odditors, The Kibosh, $4

Wilf's Piano Bar-Shirley Nannette, Tony Pacini


Aladdin-Dan Hicks & The Hot Licks, 8 pm, $18 - $20, All Ages

Arnada-Zero State, Sophistry, Quandry

Babalu-Salsa w/DJ Alejandro "Maduro," 8 pm; Oro Verde, 9 pm, $5

* Berbati's Pan-Camper Van Beethoven, Radio Nationals, $16

* Bitter End-Oceana, Verona, Derby

Blue Monk-The Original Cats

Boons Treasury-Paul Summers Trio

* Bossanova-Gogol Bordello, Devotchka, 8 pm, $10, All Ages

Buffalo Gap-X-Angels, Free


Classical Millennium-Hamilton Cheifetz, 8 pm

Conan's -Glassine, Careen, Oliver, The Adjustments, 9 pm, $6

Corner Saloon-Anything Goes

Crystal-Medeski Martin & Wood, 9 pm, $15-$17; DJ Miss Kittyrox (Lola's)

Dante's-Tongues of Odeon; Chicken John

Davey Jones' Locker-Dyers Rocket, Woody Sutherland and the Good Times, 7 pm, $5

Devil's Point-Coco Cobra & The Killers CD Release

Doug Fir-Laura Veirs, James Low Band, Nate Ashley, 9pm, $8; Rotate w/ DJ Ghosthole, 12 am, free

Duff's Garage-Radio Giants

Edgefield Winery-Jon Koonce

Gemini -Metro

Gotham-Hush Night, 7 pm, $3

Grolla-Jim Soloway

* Holocene-Ariel Pink , Greg Davis, Signer, Tortured Soul, Megablast, DJ Sirround, 8 pm

Hoppers-Kid Lopez Band, 9pm

Hotel Oregon-Catherine Welson

* Imbibe -Little Sue, Sweetjuice

Kelly's Olympian-Deke Falcon, The Visible Men

Laurelthirst-Rainrats 6 pm

McDonald Theatre-Col. Claypool's Bucket of Bernie Brains, Gabby Lala, 7 pm, $18.50, All Ages

Grand Lodge-Joe McMurrian

Mississippi Studios-Carmina Luna, John Twist, $8

Mock Crest-Rollie Tussing, 9 pm

Music Millennium-Camper Van Beethoven, 6 pm; Built Like Alaska, 8 pm

* Nocturnal-Rollerball, Master Musicians of Bukake, Point Line Plane, 6 pm, $6, All Ages

NOIR-Dennis Hitchcock, the Raining, Garin Benfield, $3

Rock Creek Tavern-Retta Christy Trio

Roseland Grill-Big Wu, 9 pm

* Sabala's Mt Tabor-Psychic TV

Club Satyricon-Railer, A Typical Theme, Mother Chump, The Gentry, Spacefairy

Savannah-Steel drums w/Randal Larson, 7 pm; DJ Geo, 9:30 pm

Solid State-Deal Victoria, Stick to Your Guns, 7 pm, $6, All Ages

The Know-Cool As Cucumbers

Tillicum -Kinzel & Hyde, 8 pm

Wallbangers-Dueling Pianos, 8 pm

White Eagle-Wade McCollum, Insight Out, Sneakin' Out

Wilf's Piano Bar-John Gilmore Trio

Wine Down-Dale Morris


45th Street Pub-Groundscore

Aladdin-Na Leo, $28 - $30, All Ages

Arnada-Hydrozeen, Devour, Face Pilot

Ash St. -Watsonville Patio, Pirananymous

* Berbati's Pan-The Prids, Jackie, Submarine Fleet; DJ Geo (bar side)

Blue Monk-Victoria Corrigan

Boons Treasury-Jon Koonce Trio

* Bossanova-And Your Will Know Us By the Trail Of the Dead, Dance Disaster Movement, Forget Casettes, 9 pm, $12, All Ages

Buffalo Gap-Stephen Ashbrook Band

Candelight-Strange Tones

Charlie White-Dan Crothers, 6 pm

Clyde's Prime Rib-Craig Marquardo Jazz Trio, 7 pm

CO7-Suckpapunch, Soriah, Transformium, 9 pm, $5 - $15

Conan's -Garuda's Mission, Ten Die, 9 pm, $6

Corner Saloon-Anything Goes

Crystal -Presidents of the United States of America, Mountain Con, 9 pm, $17; The Derailers, Jennifer Lynn, 9 pm, $15 (Lola's)

* Dante's-The Dwarves, Poison Idea, Fitz of Despression, $12

Davey Jones' Locker-Psychos and Punks Against Racism, 6:30 pm, $5

* Doug Fir-UNKLEsounds, 9 pm, $14 - $16; Knotty Disco w/DJs Mr. Mumu, Berrett, Paul, 12 am, $3

Duff's Garage-Shorty & The Mustangs, Cash For Junkers

Duff's Garage-The Pushrods

Edgefield Winery-Vivid Curve

Gemini -Lloyd Jones

Goodfoot-Jackstraw, Hillstomp

Grand Lodge-Retta Christy

Green Room-The Renee Pettigrew Trio, 9 pm

Hoppers-Ward Stroud, 9pm

Hotel Oregon-Lea Krueger

Imbibe -Celilo, The Gypsy Moths

Jolly Inn-Rebenge and Avery, free

* Kelly's Olympian-Dance Card, The Cut Out Hearts, Xero Phones

Mac's Place-Terry Robb, Jimmy Lloyd Rea, The Switchmasters, $5-$8

Meow Meow-Hot Rod Circuit, Straylight Run, Northstar, Say Anything, 7 pm, $12, All Ages

Mississippi Pizza-The Biscuit Burners, All Ages

* Mississippi Studios-Invisible, Michael Zapruder, John Vecchiarelli, Ray's Vast Basement

Mock Crest-Donna Jose, 9 pm

Music Millennium-Rebecca Correia, 1 pm

New Old Lompoc-Off-Key Bluegrass Jam (open acoustic), 1 pm

Ohm-Andrew Mattaus, Jeff Nibler, Dave Delux, Pete Moss

Reed College -Antiworld, Straitjacket, The Observers (Student Union), 7:30 pm, All Ages

Rock Creek Tavern-Rollie Tussing Band

* Roseland-Col. Claypool and His Bucket of Bernie Brains, 10:45pm, $22, All Ages

Roseland Grill-Dualesc, 10 pm, $10 - $12

Sabala's Mt Tabor-Dixie Witch, Amplified Heat, Argonaut, Ditch Liquor

Club Satyricon-Harmfamily, Sock-Eye, Ms. 45

Schnitzer -Music From "Old London Town", 6th - 8th, All Ages

* Slabtown-Diamond Tuck & The Privates

Solid State-A Fragile Shade, Sketch by Candelight, Walden Drive, 7 pm, $4, All Ages

Tillicum -Kinzel & Hyde, 8 pm

Tonic-Amadan, Blackout Radio, Killaways, $5

* Tribe Theatre and Art Gallery-Brooklyn Walker, 10:30 pm, $12 - $15

Tugboat-Rik Wright's Zen Tornado, 9 pm, free

Wallbangers-Dueling Pianos, 8 pm

White Eagle-Flat Mountain Girls, Les Femmes d'enfers

Wilf's Piano Bar-Shirley Nannette

Wine Down-Dale Morris, 8 pm, free


* 4126 N Commercial-Bad at Math, The Sharp, Hustler White, 8 pm, $4

Aladdin-John Waite, 8 pm, $17 - $19, All Ages

Babalu-Border Patrol, 7:30 pm

* Berbati's Pan-RPG, Diamond

Blue Monk-Frank Tribble, 10 am

Buffalo Gap-Retta & The Smart Fellas

Candelight-Andy Stokes

Classical Millennium-Tomas Svoboda, 2 pm

* Conan's -The Gentry, Xplodingboys, 9 pm, $10

Crystal -Presidents of the United States of America, 9pm, $17; Hive w/DJ Horrid or Blackout , 9pm, $3 (Lola's)

Dante's-Sinferno Cabaret, 10 pm, $6

Davey Jones' Locker-Killing the Dream, Allegiance, $6

Edgefield Winery-John Bunzow

Fifteen (XV)-Ultimate S.I.N. w/DJ Daz, $3

Holocene-Sparkleheart's Burly-Q Underground; Infamous, Church of Sparkleheart, 9 pm, $6

Kelly's Olympian-Jackie, DJ Teenage

Kennedy School-Tea Dance, All Ages

Mock Crest-KC Murphy, 8 pm

Moon & Sixpence-Foghorn, 7 pm, free

Music Millennium-Myrrh Larsen, 5 pm, free

O'Conners-The Tone Sharks, 5 pm, $3

Ohm-Devoted, 9 pm

NOIR-Subterranean Beat Revival w/ Michael York Orchestra, DJ Mr Romo, free

River Roadhouse-Sinners Club; open jam

Roc's Bar & Grill-Kenny Lee & The Sundowners

* Roseland -The Faint, TV On the Radio, Beep Beep, 8 pm, $15

Tillicum -Fairly Honest Jon & The Truth, 6pm

* Waverly Heights Congregational Church-Community Singing From The Sacred Harp, 2 pm, free

White Eagle-Open Mic Showcase


Ash St. -Open Mic

Berbati's Pan-Green Milk from the Planet Orange, TU, 9pm

* Bossanova-Ted Leo & The Pharmacists, Lucero, The Lashes, The Reputation, 8 pm, $10, All Ages

Candelight-DK 4

* Crystal-George Clinton & Parliment Funkadelic, 9 pm, $30

Dante's-Storytellers, 6 pm; Karaoke From Hell, 10 pm, $2

* Davey Jones' Locker-Makeout Boys, The Stivs, The Born Losers, 7 pm, $4

* Doug Fir-McLusky, YOURCODENAMEIS: MILO, 9pm, $10; 2x4 on the Floor w/DJs Evil One, Izm, 10 pm, $3

Edgefield Winery-Lea Krueger

It's a Beautiful Pizza-City of Gypsies, 8 pm

Longhorn-Morrisson Bridge Music Jam

Mock Crest-Elizabeth Willis, 8 pm

* Moon & Sixpence-Johnny Connolly

Sapphire -Local Musician & Songwriter Showcase

* Solid State-Mondo Bizarro Open Mic, All Ages

Tonic-Rob Walsh, open mic

White Eagle-Little Sue & Lynn Conover


Arnada-Open Mic w/Marc

Ash St. -Thorn City Improv; DJ Kez, The Chosen

Babalu-Blues/Funk Open Mic, 9 pm; House Of Refuge Band

* Berbati's Pan-Brian Jonestown Massacre, Mellowdrone, Cocaine Unicorn, $10

Blue Monk-Ramsey Groove Trio, free

C-Bar-Open Mic, 7:30 pm sign up

Candelight-Reggie Houston

* Dante's-Stan Ridgway, Devotchka, $10

Davey Jones' Locker-Hawthorn, Briertone, Danger Will Robinson, Lips Like Lillies, $5

Edgefield Red Shed-Johnny B Connolly, Caleb Klauder & Sammy Lind

Edgefield Winery-Caleb Klauder, Sammy Lind

Heathman Hotel-Anthony Bourdain, 6-8 pm, free

Imbibe -Songwriters Showcase w/ Lance Inglet, Carolyn Cruso, 9:30pm, $5

It's a Beautiful Pizza-Kafana Club, 9 pm

Laurelthirst-Yascha Noonberg Band

Meow Meow-Subtle, Frog Eyes; Entrance, Glass Candy (Loveland)

Mississippi Pizza-Klezmocracy, Telepathy, 8:30 pm, All Ages

Mock Crest-Fred Anderson, 8 pm

* Music Millennium-Entrance, 6 pm, free

Paolas-Unplugged Rock, 9 pm

Solid State-Showbread, The Chariot, He is Legend, Far Less, As Cities Burn, 7pm, $8, All Ages

Tillicum -Norman Sylvester, 8pm

Tonic-Gin & Tilliana, Hawthorne, $3

Wallbangers-Dueling Pianos, 8 pm

White Eagle-Mark Alan

Wilf's Piano Bar-Nancy Boy Tenors


45th Street Pub-Open Mic w/Wabba Dave & the Splifftones

Amnesia Brewing Co. -Diggabone

Arnada-Songwriters Night w/Spaghetti Head

Ash St. -Pistols at Dawn, Oh No Not Stereo

Aura-Cheryl Alex, John Gilmore, Marilyn Keller, Mitzi Zilka

Back To Back-Tyler Corbett, 8 pm, free, All Ages

* Backspace-Microphone Fiendz; MC Cipher, free, All Ages

Berbati's Pan-Kayo Dot, Dorien, $10

Bernie's-Little Joe, 8:30 pm

Blue Monk-Carlos Washington

Boons Treasury-Joe McMurrian

Buffalo Gap-Intervision 5, 9 pm

Candelight-Ocean 503

* Conan's -New American Standard, 9 pm, $5

Crystal -Death Cab for Cutie, Pretty Girls Make Graves, 9pm, $15-17

Dante's-6pm-9pm: Mike D's Unhappy Hour; Storm & the Balls,10pm, $5

Davey Jones' Locker-Lickgoldensky, Breather Resist, Ed Gein, 6:30 pm, $7

Doug Fir-The Warlocks, Dead Meadow, The Out Crowd, 9pm, $10

Duff's Garage-Suburban Slim's Blues Jam

Edgefield Winery-Trevor Rasmussen

Gemini -Morrison Bridge Music Jam

Goodfoot-The Tiptons

Hoppers-Norman Sylvester Band, 9pm

Imbibe -Teisha Helgerson, Randy Porter

It's a Beautiful Pizza-Arabesque

Kennedy School-Freak Mountain Ramblers, 7 pm

Laurelthirst-Little Sue 6pm, free

* Meow Meow-Les Savy Fav, Smoke and Smoke, Cobra High, $10 - $12, All Ages

* Nocturnal-Craft Night w/DJ Mixmaster McFeely, 7 pm, free (bar)

Rock Creek Tavern-Dave Reisch, Jim Boyer, Lynnie Mae

Tillicum -Jim Mesi, 8 pm, free

Tonic-The Acoustic Minds, Fran Gray Band, Brett Estep

Urban Wineworks-Fluid Measure w/DJ Mr Romo

Wallbangers-Dueling Pianos, 8 pm

White Eagle-Adam Dunetz CD Release

Wine Down-Dale Morris, 8 pm, free