Alberta St Pub-Bluegrass Invite

Ash St. -Art Rap Rock Reality 3

Berbati's Pan-The Ocean Blue, Tea For Julie

* Blue Monk-Triclops Organ Trio

Bossanova-Sparta, Further Seems Forever, Copeland, Sunshine, 7 pm, $12

Brasserie Montmartre-John Gross Duo

Buffalo Gap-Samantha & The Ritual, 9 pm


Clyde's Prime Rib-Jim Mesi & Steve Bradley

Conan's-Rose Moyer, The Fellow Betrayed, Subconscious, 9 pm, $5

* Dante's-Low Dough: Danger Ehran's Birthday Party w/Telephone, Recall Seven, Typhoon Killer, 10 pm, $5

* Doug Fir-The Coup, Libretto, DJ Izm, 9 pm, $11

Duff's Garage-Lefthand Monkey Wrench

Egyptian-World Music and Dance; Bellissimonde, 8 pm, $5

Imbibe-Conanza 6 pm; David Andrews, 9:30 pm

It's a Beautiful Pizza-Bill Coones Jazz Trio

Kells-Cronin Teirney

Laurelthirst-Lewi Longmire, 6pm; Ducky Pigs


Mississippi Pizza-The Rene Pettigrew Trio, 6:30 pm; Loose Change, 8 pm, All Ages

Mississippi Studios-Dana Lyons, 8 pm

Mock Crest-Open Mic & Jammin w/Aric Riley, 8:30 pm

Monty's-Open Mic & Jam,8:30pm

Nocturnal-The Brother Egg/Dearest, Crown CD Release, Wow and Flutter 8 pm, $5, All ages

Owen's-Open Mic

Produce Row-Myshkin's Ruby Warblers, $2

NOIR-Smidgen, Dennis Hitchcock

Roc's Bar & Grill-Acoustic guitar night w/Doggett Productions

Rock-a-billy's-Mojo Posse

Rogue-Rogue Bluegrass Jam

Steinhaus-Kinzel & Hyde, 9 pm, free

Tonic-Casey Deadmandisco, 6 pm, free; At Dusk, Flut, Mother Siberia, $3

Towne Lounge-Doctor Gonzo's Polyphonics

Tribe Theatre and Art Gallery-David Friesen, 8pm, $5

* Twilight Cafe-Craig Mead, 6 pm; Color Phobos, 8 pm

Wallbangers-Dueling Pianos, 8 pm

Wilf's Piano Bar-John Gilmore


Alberta St Pub-Mike Compton, David Long, 9 pm

* Artichoke-Sneakin' Out, Billy Shears Orchestra, 7pm, $15

Ash St. -Oliver, Arroyo, Glassine, Tea For Julie, $10

Back To Back-Josh Lewis, 8 pm, free, All Ages

Berbati's Pan-Edith Frost, Sarah Dougher, Manishevitz, 9:30 pm, $8

Billy Reed's-Kirk Green Band, 8:30 pm

Bitter End-Side Star & Hoy Wilson

Blue Monk-The Original Cats, free

Bold Sky Cafe-Watsonville Patio Duo

Borders-Gresham-Open Mic, 7 pm, free, All Ages

* Bossanova-Royce Da 59, Pep Love, Myg, Cool Nutz, 7:30 pm, $10, All Ages

Buffalo Gap-X-Angels, 9 pm

Clyde's Prime Rib-Patrick Minner

Conan's-Whiskey Creek, I Can Lick Any SOB in the House, 9 pm, $10

Corner Saloon-The Menace

Crystal-Kelly Clarkson

Davey Jones' Locker-Kaddisfly, The Abdominable Iron Sloth, Blowupnihilist, El Cerdo, Siberia, 7pm, $4, All Ages

Delta-Leigh Marble, Mostly, New DQT

* Devil's Point-Coco Cobra & The Killers, $3

* Doug Fir-The Kills, The Hunches, Wet Confetti, 9pm, $10-11; Rotate

Duff's Garage-Ignitrons, Lisa Herkin, The Volcanos, 9 pm

Gotham-Hush Night, 7 pm, $3

Green Room-Rubberneck

Grolla-Jim Soloway

Haven-Lorna Miller, 7:30 pm, $3, All Ages

* Holocene-DJ Copy, DJ Tant, Brokaw, Legacy, Sleepyhead, DJ Void, 9 pm, $3

Imbibe-Little Sue 6 pm, Mia Nicholson CD Release, 9:30 pm


Laurelthirst-Rainrats, 6pm; Baby Gramps, $3

Lincoln Hall, PSU-PSU Symphony Orchestra: Fall Concert, 7:30pm, $6-$10

Mazatlan-Cana Son, 8 pm, free

* Meow Meow-Queercore Blitz: Dominatrix, Triple Creme, Jack Queen, The Dead Betties, 8 pm, All Ages

Mississippi Pizza-Shicky Gnarowitz, 7 pm; Tamara J Brown, 9:30 pm

Mississippi Studios-Ed Haynes CD Release, 8 pm, $10

Mock Crest-Root Cellar, Lowell John Mitchell, 9 pm

Music Millennium-Matt Love, 5pm

Nocturnal-KBOO Benefit: The Tasteful Nudes, The Velopcopides, Jr. Private Detective, 8 pm, Sliding Scale

Owen's-Tina Marie, 8 pm

Paris-Mission 5, Foretold Tragedy, Skietchy Ted, 7:30pm, $8

Poor Richards-The Stunt Poets

* Porky's-The Hickmans, Mondo Hollywood, Dementia, 9:30 pm

Produce Row-Fez Fatale, $3

PSU Lincoln Performance Hall-Vassily Primakov

NOIR-32 Waves, the Lawn, Cutout Hearts

Sabala's Mt Tabor-Drowning Pool, (Hed)pe, Manntis, Dfive9

Club Satyricon-VIV, Kleveland, The Carolines

Savannah-Steel drums w/Randal Larson, 7 pm; DJ Geo, 9:30 pm

Solid State-Kaddisfly, Jenoah, This Providence, Ever We Fall, Dear Whoever, 7 pm, $6, All Ages

Tonic-Keegan Smith, 6pm, free; The Airport, Climber, Derby, $5

* Twilight Cafe-Grant Gascon, 6 pm; Mira Flores, 8 pm

Wallbangers-Dueling Pianos, 8 pm

Wilf's Piano Bar-John Gilmore Trio

Wine Down-Dale Morris

Yola's Foster Road-Open Mic, 7 pm


* Alberta Street Public House-Trout Benefit Rose City Roundup w/Whiskey Puppy, Cross-Eyed Rosie, Power of County, The Juanita Family, The Dickels Hometown Entertainers, Campitt, Gaddis & Buck, The Flat Mountain Girls, The Government Issue Orchestra, Hillstomp, Moses Lincoln Johnson, Ghosts of Heaven, 6-12am, $5

* Ash St. -Cool Nutz, Ray Ray of G-Ism, SP, Sidewayz Speech, DJ Chill, 9 pm, $7

Billy Reed's-Ken deRouche Band, 8:30 pm

Bitter End-Sucka Punch W/ Ray Frazier

Bocelli's Restaurant-The Derek Bondy Trio

Bossanova-Glassine, Dirty Harriet, Driver, The Gallows, Blackout Radio, The Volumes, Typhoon Killer, 8 pm, $5

Brasserie Montmartre-Gary Hobbs Trio

Buffalo Gap-Stephen Ashbrook Band, 9 pm

Charlie White-Dan Crothers, 6 pm

Clyde's Prime Rib-John Gilmore Trio

Corner Saloon-The Menace

* Crystal-Stephen Lynch, Mitch Hedberg, 7:30pm, $29, All Ages

* Dante's-The Dears, Robbers on High Street, The Sun, $8

Davey Jones' Locker-The Valentine, The Silence, Adair, Calico System, Nevea Tears, Blue Turns White, 7 pm, $5

Duff's Garage-Blue Moon Hwy, Celilo

First United Methodist Church-The Portland Symphonic Girlchoir: Annual Jingle Bear Family Concert

Goodfoot-Freak Mountain Ramblers

Haven-Tragedy Jane, 7:30 pm, Free

Hayden's Lakefront Grill-Pete and Paul Barkett, 7pm, free

Imbibe-Dave Camp 9:30 pm; Charmparticles, 10:30 pm

Kaul Auditorium, Reed College-Shai Wosner and orion Weiss, 8 pm


Laurelthirst-Plumb Bob, 6pm; Django's Tigers, $4

Mississippi Pizza-The New Mexican Revolution, 7 pm; Omo Ire, 9:30 pm

Mississippi Studios-Brenda Weiler, Edie Carey, 8 pm, $10

Mock Crest-Donna Jose, 8:00 pm

Monty's-Donna Jose w/Fred Stickey

New Old Lompoc-Off-Key Bluegrass Jam (open acoustic), 1 pm

Nocturnal-Winter Handmade Bazaar w/Marissa, The Thing Is; Salsa Saturdays

O'Connor's Vault-Retta Christie Trio

Owen's-Aisle 3, 7 pm

Paris-Aftermind, Cage of Mind, Prozack Staple, The Fellow Betrayed, D Five a, 7:30pm, $8

Poor Richards-The Stunt Poets

* Porky's-Bonobo Project, At the Spine, Colin, Plains, Solyoni, Bit Part, 9:30 pm, Free

Produce Row-Northfork, $3

PSU Lincoln Performance Hall-Vassily Primakov

Reed College-CMNW w/Shai Wasner, Orion Weiss (Kaul), All Ages

Rococo's-Live Hiphop Night

Roseland-Food Bank Benefit: John Fogerty Rickie Lee Jones, Low Millions, Adam Cohen, 8pm, $40-$45, All Ages

Sabala's Mt Tabor-Blessing The Hogs, Amongst Us, Bloodhag, Inflikt, 2 Minute Hate, 8pm, $7

Club Satyricon-The Kinder Scale, Minmae


Stumptown SW-Le Ton Mite CD Release, Rafn Brothers

* Tonic-Professor Gall, 6 pm, free; Manic D and Fogotron, Santotzin, Lewee Regal, DJ Void, Sleepyhead, $5

Tribe Theatre and Art Gallery-Funk Jam w/Right Front Burner, 10pm, $1

Twilight Cafe-Vojin, 6pm; Front Page News, 8 pm

Wallbangers-Dueling Pianos, 8 pm

Wine Down-Dale Morris, 8 pm, free


Babalu-Border Patrol, 7:30 pm

* Berbati's Pan-Karate, Roots of Orchis, 9:30 pm, $8

Billy Reed's-Kenney Polson, 8:30 pm

Bitter End-Open Mic

* Brasserie Montmartre-Cheryl Alex Duo

Buffalo Gap-Retta & The Smart Fellas, 6 pm

Candlelight-Andy Stokes

Clyde's Prime Rib-Ron Steen Jam

* Crystal-Pedro the Lion, Viva Voce 8pm, $10-12, All Ages; Hive w/DJs Horrid & Blackout (Lola's)

Dante's-Sinferno Cabaret, 10 pm, $6

Kaul Auditorium, Reed College-Reed Chamber Orchestra: "Concert and Church", 3pm

Kells-Tom May

Laurelthirst-Freak Mountain Rambler's, 6pm; Neil Gilpin's Belmont Octet, $3, 6pm, $3

Mississippi Pizza-Karim Naji: Turbo Tabla, 7 pm

Mock Crest-KC Murphy, 8 pm

Moon & Sixpence-Foghorn, 7 pm, free

Nocturnal-Winter Handmade Bazaar w/Cuspidor, The Culottes, Small Fires; Swing Dancing Lessons, 7 pm, $6, All ages

O'Conners-The Tone Sharks, 5 pm, $3

NOIR-Subterranean Beat Revival w/DJ Romo, The Michel York Orchestra, $6

River Roadhouse-Sinners Club; open jam

Roc's Bar & Grill-Kenny Lee & The Sundowners

Tonic-Open Mic, free

Wax-Freestyle and Emcee Battle


Ash St. -Yellow Dancer, Common Wealth, I Am the Arm

* Berbati's Pan-Gobshite Benefit w/Julian Tulip's Licorice

Bitter End-Songwriter Showcase; Mal Malicious

Brasserie Montmartre-David Valdez Duo


Cascade Bar-Kenny Lee & The Sundowners

* Crystal-Keane, Snowpatrol, 8pm, $20

Dante's-NARAL benefit w/The Fallen Angel Choir; Karaoke From Hell, 10pm, $2

Fifteen (XV)-Seppuku

Green Room-Open Mic

It's a Beautiful Pizza-City of Gypsies, 8 pm

Kells-Tom May

Laurelthirst-Kung Pao Chickens

Longhorn-Morrisson Bridge Music Jam

Mississippi Pizza-Open Mic w/David McKenzie

Mock Crest-Elizabeth Willis, 8 pm

* Moon & Sixpence-Johnny Connolly

Produce Row-Ron Steen's Jazz Jam, $2

Sapphire-Local Musician & Songwriter Showcase


Aladdin-Wishbone Ash, 8 pm, $20, All Ages

Arnada-Open Mic w/Marc

* Ash St. -Thorn City Improv w/DJ Kez, The Chosen, Sleep, Destro, Thorn City All Stars

Babalu-Blues/Funk Open Mic, 9 pm

Bitter End-Collective's Organic Hip Hop

Blue Monk-Ramsey's Groove Trio

Brasserie Montmartre-Christopher Woitach Duo

C-Bar-Open Mic, 7:30 pm sign up

Candlelight-Reggie Houston

* Crystal-The Killers, Crosstide, 9pm, $10

* Dante's-Ground Zero Lounge; Jonathan Richman, 9:30pm, $12

Dukes-Clay Walker

Edgefield Red Shed-Johnny B Connolly, Caleb Klauder & Sammy Lind

Fifteen (XV)-Soul Finger

Green Room-Portland Songwriter Showcase

Imbibe-PDX Songwriters w/Paula Sinclair, Ezra Holbrook, Matt Cadenelli

It's a Beautiful Pizza-Kafana Club, 9 pm

Kells-Tom May

Kenton Station-The Retta Christie Trio, 7 pm

Laurelthirst-James Low Band, 6pm; Open Mic, 6 pm

* Meow Meow-Chin Up Chin Up, Make Believe, Paper Chase, All Ages

Mississippi Pizza-Klezmocracy, 8:30 pm

Mississippi Studios-Eddie From Ohio, 8 pm

Mock Crest-Johnnie Ward & Eagle Ridin' Papas, 8 pm

Paola's-Unplugged Rock, 9 pm

Porky's-Phantom Lights, Backseat Teachers, Call Me Lightning

Produce Row-Bluegrass Jam

Wallbangers-Dueling Pianos, 8 pm

White Eagle-Sally Timms, 9pm, $10

Wilf's Piano Bar-The Holy Tones with Kregg Arntson, Laurie Campbell Leslie, Wendy Martel Vilken


45th Street Pub-Open Mic w/Wabba Dave & the Splifftones

Amnesia Brewing Co. -Diggabone

Arnada-Songwriters Night w/Spaghetti Head

* Ash St. -Dance Card, $5

* Backspace-Microphone Fiendz MC Cipher, free, All Ages

Barracuda-KNRK New Rock Rumble

* Berbati's Pan-Fuck, The Minders, The Double U, 9:30 pm, $10

Bernie's-Little Joe, 8:30 pm

Bitter End-The Meanwhile Mcdermott Mission

Blue Monk-Carlos Washington

Brasserie Montmartre-Gordon Lee Duo

Buffalo Gap-Intervension 5, 9 pm

Candlelight-Ocean 503

Crystal-Jimmy Eat World, 9pm, $12

Dante's-Unhappy Hour w/Mike D, 6 pm; Storm & The Balls, 9 pm, $5

Doug Fir-West Indian Girl, Man of the Year, 9 am, $8-10

Imbibe-Teisha helgerson, Randy Porter, 8 pm

It's a Beautiful Pizza-Arabesque

Kells-Tom May

Laurelthirst-Little Sue, 6pm; Pete Krebs

Lewis & Clark College-Modern Electronic Works, All Ages

Mississippi Pizza-RCMP, 7 pm, All Ages

Produce Row-June's Open Mic, 8:30 pm

Sabala's Mt Tabor-Open Mic

Tonic-Facepilot, Arroyo, Higher Than Ma, $3

Urban Wineworks-Fluid Measure w/DJ Mr Romo

Wallbangers-Dueling Pianos, 8 pm

Wine Down-Dale Morris, 8 pm, free