* Aladdin-Luna, Midnight Movies, 8 pm, $15-$17, All Ages

Alberta St Pub-Bluegrass Invite

Arnada-Electric Band Jam w/Mark

Berbati's Pan-Woke Up Falling, LKN, Desert City Soundtrack, 9:30 pm, $5

Biddy McGraw's-Laurel Lee & The Escapes

Bitter End-M-Wa

Blue Monk-Triclops Organ Trio

Boons Treasury-Terra, 8 pm

Brasserie Montmartre-John Butler Duo

Buffalo Gap-Fractal, 9 pm

Candlelight-Norman Sylvester

Clyde's Prime Rib-Jim Mesi & Steve Bradley

Crystal-Happy Chichester, Luke Temple, 9 pm, $5 (Lola's)

* Dante's-Hanna's Hip Hop, 4pm, free; Low Dough Show: Matisyahu, The Punk Group, The Buttery Lords, 10 pm, $5

* Doug Fir-Th' Legendary Shack Shackers, Fireballs of Freedom, Slim Cessna's Auto Club, 9pm, $8- $9

Dunes-Chris Cogburn, Linda Gale Aubrey, free

Edgefield Red Shed-Sonny Hess, 7 pm

Goodfoot-Aphrodesia, 9 pm

Green Room-Earl and the Reggae Allstars


Imbibe-Jimmy Robb, 6pm; Stephen Ashbrook, 9:30 pm

Kells-Garth Michael, McDermott

Kennedy School-Ellen Whyte Trio, 7 pm

Laurelthirst-Lewi Longmire Band, 6 pm; Fancy Pants, 6 pm, free

* Meow Meow-Panthers, Formless, Litter Meet, $15, All Ages

Mississippi Pizza-The Fryday Band, Klezmocracy

Mississippi Studios-Martyn Joseph, 8 pm, $10

Mock Crest-Donna Jose Open Mic, 8:30 pm

Monty's-Open Jam

* Nocturnal-Eisley, The Elected, The Colors, 8 pm, $8, All Ages

Ohm-DJ Keith Schreiner, Climber, Bryan Free 9 pm, $5

Old Church-Michael Allen Harrison, 7pm, $22-$30

* Noir-Rollerball, P.A.F., Fal L'il Ryan, 8pm, $4

Red & Black-Bret Philips, 7 pm

Roc's Bar & Grill-Acoustic guitar night w/Doggett Productions

Rock Creek Tavern-Jamey Hampton & Tim Ellis, 8 pm, free

Rock-a-billy's-Mojo Posse

Sabala's Mt Tabor-The Wobblies, Arroyo, Konnichi Wa, 9 pm, $5

* The Sea-Siren's Echo, Thorn City Improv, Korbell, Chuck Beez, DJ Evil One

Three Friends Coffeehouse-Suck My Open Mic w/Tamara J. Brown, 7 pm, All Ages

Tillicum-Lloyd Jones, 8 pm

Tonic-Deadmandisco, 6pm; The Railers, The Wobblies, Evening at the Blackhouse, Salix, $5

Twilight Cafe-The Imposters, 6pm; Lucky Lucy, 9pm

Wallbangers-Dueling Pianos, 8 pm

White Eagle-Here Comes Everybody, Sohpia Starlight, 8:30 pm, $4

Wilf's Piano Bar-John Gilmore


Abou Karim Restaurant-RAZ

Aladdin-Hapa, 8 pm, $22- $25, All Ages

Arnada-The Delanos, Boombust, Hinge

Artichoke-Gypsy Moths, All Ages

Ash St. -Sidewayz Speech CD Release, 10 pm, $7

August Moon-Carolyn Cruso

Back To Back-Space Age Polymers, 8 pm, All Ages

Beale Street NW-Danny Hay Davis, 12 pm, noon-1pm, free

Biddy McGraw's-Billy Kennedy, Funk SHui


Trauma Le Tron

At dunes, 1o pm

Haunted by good ghosts, Trauma Le Tron's otherworldy, softly disco cabarets have a slightly European, spectral vibe, which ain't surprising coming from ex-Spooky Dance Band members.

w/DJ Apart, Cascadian Knights

Billy Reed's-Jay Pervis

Bitter End-Slow Rollers, Buds of May

Blue Monk-Andrew St. James Quartet

Boons Treasury-Acoustic Minds, 9 pm, free

* Bossanova-Crazy Train (Ozzy Tribute), Three Faces of Eve, West of Nowhere, Subconcious, 8 pm, $7, 8 pm

Brasserie Montmartre-Bill Beach Trio

Buffalo Gap-Higher Ground, 9 pm

Candlelight-Grant Gascon, 6pm; Kirt Green Band

Clyde's Prime Rib-Mike Winkle

Conan's-Elfshue, 60 Grit, Full CD Release, 9 pm, $7

Corner Saloon-Melody Butchers

CPAC-Jam Night, 9 pm, $7

Crystal-Shanghai Woolies, 9 pm, $15 (21+)

Davey Jones' Locker-Kaddishfly, The Break, Paulson, Jenoah & Deal Victoria, 7:30 pm, $8, All Ages

* Doug Fir-The Thermals, 31 Knots, 1999, 9 pm, $10- $12; Rotate, free

* devil's point-Portland S.S., The Film, 9 pm

DV8-Foretold Tragedy, 10pm, 12am, Free

Edgefield Red Shed-Sam Martin, 7 pm

First Baptist Church-Andrew Manze: Mozart Violin Concertos Nos. 4 & 5, 8 pm, $5- $39

First Unitarian Church-Music of Jim Pepper, 7:30 pm

Gemini-Soul Vaccination

Green Room-Dearest Crown, Josh Allen

Grolla-Jim Soloway

* Holocene-Scream Club, Princess, DK PDX, Romanteek, 9pm, $5- $7

Hoppers-Hudson Rocket Band

Imbibe-Rollie Tussing, 6pm; Sweetjuice, 9:30 pm, $5

Kells-Grafton Street

Kelly's Olympian-Gina Mason & The Drones, The Mandarins

Laurelthirst-Rainrats 6 pm, Pendari Paya, $3

Meow Meow-Matchbook Romance, Motion City Soundtrack, From First To Last, The Matches, 7 pm, $12, All Ages

Mississippi Pizza-Fuzzy Logic, 7 pm; Flip Frisch, 9:30 pm

Mississippi Studios-Keith Greeninger, Nini Camps, Garett Brennan, $10

Mock Crest-Joe McMurrian, 9 pm

Music Millennium-GT, 7 pm, All Ages

* Nocturnal-The Lorca Project: Flamenco, 8pm, $12-$15, All Ages

Owen's-Sweetheart Ball, Spinnaker, 8pm

Poor Richards-Jon Sokol and Friends

* Porky's-Tic Code, Oto, Erotic Politicians, free

Produce Row-Whiskey Puppy, 9 pm

Noir-The Jazz Evangelists, 8pm, $4

River Roadhouse-The Yanks

Rock Creek Tavern-Sneakin Out, Acoustical Insanity

Roseland-Keller Williams, 8 pm, $18- $21, All Ages

Slabtown-The Telling, 6:30 pm

Tillicum-Jim Mesi, 8 pm

Tonic-Keegan Smith, 6pm, free; The Conductor, Wow and Flutter, Stallion (Ween Tribute), $5

Tribe Theatre and Art Gallery-Hearty Party, 11 pm, $3

Twilight Cafe-Booya Boys, The Imposters, Greg Earl

Wallbangers-Dueling Pianos, 8 pm


Death By Disco

At Holocene

Perfect for Valentine's Day, whether or not you care, are the Snuggle Ups. I could just pinch their electro-pop cheeks until theyÉ pop! Cute, but not stupid, like the perfect mate.

w/The Snuggle Ups, DJ Teenage

White Eagle-The Shiftless Rounders, Greg Clarke, 9 pm, $6

Wine Down-Dale Morris, 7:30 pm, free


Abou Karim Restaurant-Gene Denardo, Suzan Lemaster

Aladdin-Mose Allison, 8 pm, $22- $24, All Ages

Ambridge Conference Center-Rose City Swing, 8 pm, $15

Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall-Oregon Symphony: Valentine's Concert For Lovers, 8 pm, $26- $72

Arnada-Floorboard, Atypicaltheme, Fighting Mabus

Ash St. -Almost Milwaukie, Last Second Left, Devour, Harm Family

Biddy McGraw's-Ashbury Park

Bitter End-Funk Shui

Blue Monk-The Original Cats

Bocelli's Restaurant-The Derek Bondy Trio

Boons Treasury-David Andrews Band, 9 pm, free

Bossanova-Dirty Martini, Three Leg Torso, $15

Brasserie Montmartre-Bill Beach Trio

Buffalo Gap-Sketchy Ted, Chris Tsafalas, 10 pm


Charlie White-Dan Crothers, 6 pm

Clyde's Prime Rib-Marty Henninger

Conan's-Moot Davis, Pete Anderson, Jennifer Lynn, James Sasser, Desperandum, 9 pm, $10

Corner Saloon-Melody Butchers

Costello's Travel Cafe-Live Cuban Music, 8pm, All Ages

* Crystal-Rock n Roll Fashion Show: The Nice Boys, Punk Group, The Wigmen, DJ Moisty, 8 pm, $5, All ages

Dante's-Hank Williams III, Hazard County Girls, $16- $18

Fez-What We Live, Come What May, 8 pm, $15

First Baptist Church-Andrew Manze: Mozart Violin Concertos Nos. 4 & 5, 8 pm, $5- $39

Gemini-Soul Vaccination

Goodfoot-Dr Theopolis

Green Room-Tsunami Relief Show w/Eve's Dilemma, Angie Foster

Haven-Amy Wells, 7:30 pm, All Ages

Hoppers-Robbie Laws, Hoodoo Nation

Imbibe-The Carolines, 9:30 pm; Branden Daniel, 10:30 pm, $5

Jimmy Mak's-Bobby Torres Ensemble, 9 pm

Kells-Grafton Street

Laurelthirst-James Low Band, 6pm; Lynn Conover, 8 pm, $3

Mac's Place-Rhythm Culture, 9 pm, $5

Meow Meow-Paper or Plastic CD Release, Faded, Core 13, $7-8, All Ages

Mississippi Pizza-Bug Toast, 7 pm

Mississippi Studios-Amelia w/My Brave Face, $10

Mock Crest-Sneakin Out

Music Millennium-Kim Townsend, 1pm; Mardo, 3pm; Josh Allen, 5pm

New Old Lompoc-Off-Key Bluegrass Jam (open acoustic)

O'Connor's Vault-Retta Christie Trio, 8 pm

Old Church-Michael Allen Harrison, 8 pm, $22-$30

Owen's-Teen Java Jam, 8 pm

Poor Richards-Jessica and the Night Owls

Porky's-Trick Sensei, The Mello Outs, Danny Vickers

River Roadhouse-The Yanks

Rock Creek Tavern-Acoustic Minds, Swanky Soul Groove

Rococo's-Live Hiphop Night

Roseland Grill-Free Blues: Ward Stroud Band, Jesse Samsel & The Crosstown Traffic, Inner City Blues, 8pm, free, 21 +

Slabtown-The Gays, Miss Kitty Diggins

Solid State-Acceptance, Over It, Kill Radio, Blue Turns White, 7pm, $8, All Ages

Tillicum-Jim Mesi, 6 pm

* Tonic-Professor Gall, 6pm, free; Sleep, Specs One, Manic D & Fogatron, Brokaw, DJ Void, DJ Papercuts, 9:30 pm, $7, $5

Touchstone-Fat Lil Ryan & Paul Monk, 7 pm, free

Towne Lounge-Morgan Grace, Zeitgeist, Amoree Lovell, 10pm, $5

* Tribe Theatre and Art Gallery-City Lights Project, 11 pm, $ 3

Wallbangers-Dueling Pianos, 8 pm

White Eagle-Maggie's Choice, 9:30 pm, $6

Wilf's Piano Bar-Richard Arnold & The Groove Swingers

Wine Down-Dale Morris, 7:30 pm, free


Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall-Oregon Symphony: Valentine's Concert For Lovers, 3 pm, $26- $72

Babalu-Border Patrol, 7:30 pm

Billy Reed's-Johny Martin, 8:30 pm

Bitter End-Open Mizyk

Blue Monk-Portland Underground: Siren's Echo, 10 pm

Brasserie Montmartre-Eli Reisman Duo

Buffalo Gap-Los Cowtones, 6 pm

Candlelight-Andy Stokes

Clyde's Prime Rib-Ron Steen Jazz Jam

Conan's-7th Seal and Friends: Live Roots Reggae

Crystal-Tsunami Benefit w/ Ninth Main, Hope All Is Well, Oliver, Crosstide, Shelter Red, Camaro Hair, Jennifer atten, 2 Sides of 1, Server X, Lee Grant, 2 pm, $10, All ages;

* Dante's-Sinferno Cabaret, 11 pm, $3-$6

Edgefield Red Shed-Johnny B. Connolly

First Baptist Church-Andrew Manze: Mozart Violin Concertos Nos. 4 & 5, 3 pm, $5- $39

Goodfoot-Jetset Lounge w/Nomadic Noise

Imbibe-The Right Reverend's Gospel, 8pm

Kells-Tom May

Kennedy School-Gospel Brunch, 1 pm, $18, All Ages

Laurelthirst-Freak Mountain Rambler's, 6 pm, free; Neil Gilpin's Belmont St. Octet, $3

Meow Meow-Rise Against, Tsunami Bomb, Alexisonfire, Only Crime, 7 pm, $10, All Ages

Mississippi Pizza-Njuzu Mbira, John Vecchiarelli, Justin Powers

Mock Crest-KC Murphy

* Moon & Sixpence-Foghorn String Band, free

O'Connor's-The Tone Sharks

Old Church-Michael Allen Harrison: "It's All About Love", 7pm, $22-$30

River Roadhouse-Sinners Club; open jam

* Roseland-Interpol, Blonde Redhead, 9 pm, $20

Sabala's Mt Tabor-The Forth, Sourcecode, 9 pm, $5

Tillicum-Fairly Honest John and the Truth, 8 pm

Twilight Cafe-Night Owls, 8pm, $5

* Waverly Heights Congregational Church-Community Singing From The Sacred Harp, 2pm, free

* Wax-The Cypher; Freestyle and Emcee Battle


Abou Karim Restaurant-Take Back Valentines Day, 8:30 pm

Ash St. -Open Mic

* Berbati's Pan-Get Hustle, Beep Beep, Scarling, Fact or Fiction, 9:30 pm, $5 (w/costume)- $7

Bitter End-My Favorite Pill, Noir Rosa

* Bossanova-Soulfly, Morbid Angel, 7 pm, $25, All Ages

Brasserie Montmartre-Dan Gaynor Duo


Colosso-Hunter- Donnalvia Duo

* Dante's-Storytellers Open Mic; Karaoke From Hell, 10pm, $2

* Doug Fir-Secret Machines, Moving Units, Autolux, 8 pm, $11- $13; 2 x 4 w/DJ Evil One, DJ Izm, 9 pm, $3

Greek Cusina-The Mole, Ancient Mith, Tyconichi, Tang Li Wheebs, DJ Hightower

Green Room-Open Mic

Kells-Tom May

Laurelthirst-Kung Pao Chickens, 7 pm, free

Longhorn-Morrison Bridge Music Jam

Marriott Hotel-Valerie Day & The Knights Valentine's Dance, 7 pm

Mississippi Pizza-Songwriters Showcase w/Justin Powers

Mock Crest-John Twist, 8 pm

Moon & Sixpence-Johnny Connolly

Old Church-Michael Allen Harrison, 6 & 8pm, $22-$30

* Pambiche-Cana Son, The Mambo Queens, Cubano

Poor Richards-Steve Thun, 7 pm

Porky's-Dark Skies

Roseland Grill-Walter Trout & The Radicals, DK Stewart Duo, 8 pm, $13-$15

Sabala's Mt Tabor-Hip Hop Mondays w/WE Side

Sapphire-Local Musician & Songwriter Showcase

Solid State-Mondo Bizarro Open Mic, All Ages

Tonic-Atomic Jazz Ensemble (Fireside lounge), 6pm, free

Twilight Cafe-Open Mic w/Eric Allen

Wilf's Piano Bar-John Gilmore Trio


Ash St. -Kaitlyn

Babalu-Blues/Funk Open Mic, 9 pm

Biddy McGraw's-Dylan Vance, Griff Bean

Bitter End-Tweeds Mob

Blue Monk-Ramsey Groove Trio, free

* Bossanova-Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, The Joggers, Wet Confetti, 7:30 pm, $10

Brasserie Montmartre-Jean Ronne Duo

Bridgeport Brew Pub-Jeremy Frank, Tim Flowerday

C-Bar-Open Mic, 7:30 pm sign up

Candlelight-Reggie Houston

* Conan's-Thorn City Improv w/Destro Destructo, Soul Plasma, Sleep, Anaxagorus, Smoke, L Pro

Crystal-Zen Tricksters, 9 pm, $10- $12 (Lola's 21+)

Dante's-Ground Zero Lounge w/Clyde Lewis, 7 pm; Iron City Rock

Edgefield Red Shed-Caleb Klauder & Sammy Lind

Green Room-Songwriter Showcase w/NW Radio

Imbibe-Songwriters Showcase w/Billy Kennedy, Matt Cadenelli, 9:30 pm

Kells-Tom May

Kennedy School-King Perkoff Band, 7 pm, free, All ages

Kenton Station-Retta Christie Trio; Phil Hatton & THe Dixie Boppin Dingos, 7 pm

Laurelthirst-Jackstraw 6 pm, free; Sean Nowland's Open Mic

Mississippi Pizza-Gypsy Jazz Trio

Mock Crest-Johnnie Ward, Eagle Ridin Papas, 8 pm

Old Church-Leukemia Treatment Benefit: Tracy Grammer, Doug Smith, Kate Power, Greg Clarke, 7:30 pm, $15

Paolas-Unplugged Rock, 9 pm

Sabala's Mt Tabor-Honky Tonk Tuesday: Power of County, Red Rose Girls, 9 pm, free

Tillicum-Norman Sylvester, 8 pm

Wallbangers-Dueling Pianos, 8 pm


45th Street Pub-Open Mic w/Wabba Dave & the Splifftones

Acme Food & Beverage-Lewi Longmire, 9 pm

Amnesia Brewing Co. -Jessie Rae, 8pm

Amnesia Brewing Co. -Diggabone

Arnada-Songwriter's Round w/Shina

* Backspace-Microphone Fiendz MC Cipher, free, All Ages

Berbati's Pan-DJ Greyboy, Psyche Oragami, $10- $12

Bernie's-Little Joe, 8:30 pm

Biddy McGraw's-Elizabob

Billy Reed's-Open Jam w/Kenny and the Sundowners

Blue Monk-Burnside Review Feat. Dorianne Laux, 7 pm

Brasserie Montmartre-Jake Kot Duo

Buffalo Gap-Sidestar

Dante's-Mike D's Unhappy Hour 6-9 pm; Storm and the Balls, 10 pm, $5

Dunes-Christian Carter, Gown, Stereo Obscura

Edgefield Red Shed-Skip Von Kuske's Diva Series w/Terra, 7 pm, free

Gemini-Morrisson Bridge Music Jam, 8:30 pm, free

Goodfoot-The Path, Bachelors of Science

Green Room-Stephen A shbrook

H20-Bobby Torres Ensemble

Imbibe-Box of Chocolates, 6 pm; Teisha Helgerson, Randy Porter, 8 pm

Kells-Tom May

Laurelthirst-Plumb Bob, 6 pm, free; Supperclub Nights w/The Stolen Sweets, 9:30 pm, $2- $5

* Mississippi Pizza-Women's Songwriter Showcase: Amy Wells, Claire Bard, Lynn Frances, Amee McCaa, 7pm, $5- $15

Music Millennium-Rachel Taylor Brown, 6 pm, free

Old Church-Young Jazz Artists Concert, 7:30pm, $10-$12

Rock Creek Tavern-Jim Boyer, 8pm, free

Sweet Oregon Grill-Rogue Bluegrass Band, 6 pm, free

Tillicum-Tongue & Groove, 8 pm

Tonic-Ghost Motor, Bitch Machine, Pretty Monster, $4

Twilight Cafe-Danny Hay Davis, David Graham Showcase and Jam Session, 9 pm

U&I Tavern-Open Mic

Wine Down-Dale Morris, 8 pm, free