POSTED March 1, 4:45 pm

I just talked to Todd (ex Meow Meow dude) and he's doing a NEW ALL-AGES VENUE! Here's part of a form letter he's emailing out explaining his deal.

"On May 12th, there's a new cafe/all-ages venue opening in North Portland called K ST. CAFE AND THEATRE. The owner, Charles Lewis, who started ETHOS, a non-profit music education center, purchased a building on the corner of Killingsworth and Williams to have a place to showcase Portland art and music. He's asked me to be the one who holds THE CALENDAR. The stench of business failure is still something that makes me thankful I NOW HAVE A DAY JOB. But I never thought MEOW MEOW rose to what I had originally envisioned, due to my own unfocused vision and financial anti-know-how. I don't beat myself up entirely, because I DO believe MEOW MEOW had some great moments.

"I vow to make K ST. CAFE and THEATRE what MEOW MEOW couldn't be: a TRULY diverse cultural-experiment bent on inspiring and expanding the vision the "artistically-exclusive" AND educating the artistically-challenged. I want the people walking into the place to FALL IN LOVE WITH PORTLAND for the same reasons I have. The North Portland area is a perfect place to start, too, what with the clash of cultures effecting the surrounding neighborhoods. I believe it is a noble pursuit to learn appreciation for cultures/genres/ethnicities that are not our own, and this place will exist to encourage that pursuit in ALL OF US. PEOPLE ARE GONNA GET SCHOOLED!!"

Go to Blog Town, USA, and keep watching future issues of the Mercury for more info.