Hailing from the planet Cynot 3, and currently residing in the suburbs of Orange County, CA, the goofy space-punk trio Supernova has been pretty dormant as of late. Earth living will do that to you, but as the band was recently working on new material, they were sidetracked by the cruel world of reality television, namely CBS' Rockstar Supernova. The show's band (which features the endowed Tommy Lee and a couple rock dinosaurs who have long since fallen into the tar pits of irrelevance) was also named Supernova, which led to a David vs. Goliath court battle, in which the good guys won.

Supernova plays this Thursday at Dante's. Rockstar Supernova plays Friday at the Memorial Coliseum. Somebody called "Strokejob" is playing Dante's on Friday. Who could this be?  

MERCURY: You had a lot of success with the use of "Chewbacca" in the film Clerks, any thoughts of recording a song about Jar Jar Binks for a future Kevin Smith movie?

DAVID COLLINS: Yeah, Chewy has been good to Supernova. But then again, isn't Chewy good for us all? We would love the opportunity to do a new song about Jar Jar for a Kevin Smith movie, but we haven't consciously been attempting to write such a song. Our songwriting is more just trying a groove and mumbling any words that come to mind (i.e., the collaborative approach).

Not only did you defeat the Rockstar Supernova/CBS juggernaut, you actually represented your band in court. How did the lawsuit come about?

I can't take the credit for representing Supernova before the court—we had three attorneys from a law firm called Fish & Richardson step in and lead the charge. They found it helpful to enlist me as the fourth attorney on the team because I was in the band, knew many of the facts, and could help identify and translate the facts into the legal arguments supporting our case. We all worked tirelessly for many sleepless nights on Supernova's behalf to save its tinfoil existence from being flattened by Hollywood. No matter how many times we pleaded with the show to stop using our band name, they refused. Frankly, we were left with no options but to seek justice before Earth's judges. Suing a major network and Hollywood producer with unlimited resources cannot be taken lightly. It was like sailing up to the Death Star in a paper airplane. Even though years of touring, three full albums, and dozens of singles had been released by us as Supernova, when you face a formidable foe, one questions whether Might Could be Right. In the end, the Earth Judge agreed with us and enjoined them from using our name. Our MySpace page was actually taken offline during the dispute for unknown reasons. So, in the middle of trying to fight the corporate empire, we were in a separate dialogue with the powers that be at MySpace, begging and pleading with them to put our site back up. It is kind of weird because the corporate machine really did nothing but strengthen our resolve and make us reflect and really appreciate how fortunate we are to be Supernova.

Supernova performs at Dantes on Thursday, February 15.