365 days, 365 songs. That is the goal of Brooklyn's Paleo, an eclectic singer/songwriter who has been steadily posting his daily Song Diary music for the past 318-plus days. What makes this project even more stunning is that Paleo has been touring this whole time. Christmas Day? Chicago, Illinois and a song called "Across the Stars Singing." Arbor Day? Lutz, Florida and a song called "White Balance." Throughout the year, as he crisscrosses the country, Paleo's songs are sweet little audio postcards, a fleeting glimpse of an artist on the road. All of these songs can be found on his site, paleo.ws, so you can follow the progress of his travels.

You are in the home stretch now, are you looking forward to ending the Song Diary? What comes next?

I'm neither looking forward to the end nor dreading it. It has been one of the most difficult and most beautiful experiences of my life. I went looking for my soul and tonight I feel like I found not just one, but hundreds. As far as what comes next, it's anyone's guess. I am going to slum it in New York City for the summer, then maybe busk around Europe. I'm getting a little tired of playing in bars. Playing on the street feels more honest.

The concept of recording a new song every day must have evolved for you over these past 11 months. What have you learned about the process that you didn't consider when you first started?

For me, songs are dreams. They're a way of telling the future. I cut up a day's events into long slender strips and then make a basket of them, then I go from town to town picking apples. It's hard for me to distill the process in any other way. It really feels a lot like divination; like I don't have any control over them one way or another. I sit down and the songs speak to me.

Why did you choose Tax Day as your landmark date for this project? It's quite possibly the most feared, if not also the most inartistic, day of the year.  

Nothing is inartistic. The fear and dread and sweat and labor and dreams and greed of 300 million people is maybe the most artistic thing I can think of.

Paleo performs at Mississippi Studios on Saturday, March 3.