Stevie Nicks' participation in Fleetwood Mac is a mystery tantamount to the Bermuda Triangle. I HATE Fleetwood Mac. Their songs are boring, pedestrian and sappy as all get out. Christine McVie's nasal-ass voice makes me want to smear shit on the wall. I narrowly avoid major automobile accidents scrambling to fast-forward all the rancid crud to the Stevie Nicks songs.

Stevie Nicks is absolutely perfect in every way. Her songs with that band are totally over-the-moon beautiful. AND she was one of the most gorgeous women on the planet in those days, wearing rad boots and putting chiffon to rare good use. It's the sound of that TOTAL CLOD, Mick Fleetwood, mentally injuring Stevie, and for some sick reason, it produced the most amazing tunes. That's it. With those songs (her solo work is comparably lackluster), Fleetwood Mac is the best fucking band I have ever heard. Someone please explain it to me. (Fleetwood Mac BLOWS!!!)