WHO: Portland-transplanted, good-times pop group. Join them Friday Oct 13 at Medicine Hat.

Tell me about the new EP (Down in Fall, out now on spinART Records):

Joanna: It's mostly black and orange.

Martyn: It's really a warm up for the album. As a band, we haven't put out any new material for the last two years; These are five new, original songs.

Joanna: Plus it's an enhanced CD, with video of songs from the upcoming album.

Are you going for a new sound, or are you staying with the two-minute britpop anthems?

Martyn: It's definitely in a new style. Portland has influenced us, broadened our horizons. There's more underbelly there, you know, moodier. It's all the rain.

Rebecca: Plus, I got a piano.

You guys are Portland's sole Elephant 6 band, are you not?

Martyn: Actually, we're not putting the Elephant 6 stamp on our records anymore.

Rebecca: We're so far away now, geographically, and musically.

Martyn: Yeah, we moved out to grow and get away. And we were concerned with being compapred to all the other bands. It seemed every review would just compare us with the latest Apples in Stereo record.

What is your favorite OTTER POPS® flavor?


It's a frozen treat. Comes in all the primary colors.

Joanna: Do they have Orange?


Joanna: I'll take Orange.

Martyn: Raspberry?

There's a blue raspberry.

Martyn: I'll take that.

Rebecca: I'll take purple, in honor of Prince.

[The conversation continues, and the Minders realize that they do know what OTTER POPS® are.]

Martyn: Oh, I want to change mine to Purple.

Excellent choice. Blue sits in the freezer.