THURSDAY 10/10SUPREME BEINGS OF LEISURE, BALDWIN BROTHERS, BEN NEILL(Berbati's, 231 SW Ankeny) Supreme Beings of Leisure's swanky dance floor arrangements--chock full of sweeping strings, horns, and glamorous crooning--definitely conjure up James Bond-esque imagery. It's not so much suave Sean Connery traipsing through the late-'60s in a finely tailored suit, though, as goofy Roger Moore in questionable bellbottoms a decade later. But that's hardly reason to be disappointed. Just as 1977's The Spy Who Loved Me is arguably one of the top two or three Bond films ever made, SBOL's chic disco-pop ranks as some of the best of the genre. MICHAEL ALAN GOLDBERG


RECORD SWAP MEET(Satyricon, 125 NW 6th) Music geeks come on down for Satyricon's second record swap meet. As is the custom of swap meets, records will be traded, bought and sold. Live music will also be on hand, though the players of said music have yet to be determined. JUSTIN WESCOAT "WEST COAST" SANDERS


FRIDAY 10/11SUPER FURRY ANIMALS, FOUR TET(Berbati's) If Fridge's cut-up electronics, slyly cacophonous field recordings, and chamber music from the heavens sweep you off your feet, direct your beeline to leader Kieran Hebden's rhythmic solo project, Four Tet. Of course, it's aesthetically similar--brooding, gorgeously messy instrumentals that appeal to emotion before structure--which means it's still as heartfelt and head-swimmy as Fridge can ever be. Wacky Welsh pop band Super Furry Animals will tip the scales more on the fun factor, but with no less of a unique approach--they splice electronics and other random shit into their overdriven guitars and fuzzy melodies. It's most exciting when they sing in their native language, as on the excellent Mwng. JULIANNE SHEPHERD

LOVE LIFE, KILL ME TOMORROW, QUIM(Blackbird) Not only is Baltimore's Love Life a riveting band musically--dark, extremely rhythmic, bass-driven songs with an androgynously sexy vocalist whose deep voice yelps with aching passion--but they do an excellent job creating an atmosphere, as well, with a stash of incense, candles, dark lighting. It's just like a goth club from the '80s (which, granted, isn't that much of a transformative feat, considering the Blackbird's red and black paint and morose barstaff), only without any overriding feeling of kitsch or trying too hard. The constantly touring Kill Me Tomorrow will please as well, with their disaffected, smoky synthpop creep-out. JS

FIREBALLS OF FREEDOM, FEDERATION X, THE DT'S, ELECTRIC EYE(Ash Street) If you have a rock 'n' roll bone in your body, you know about Estrus Records. And if you don't, you goddamn should. Everyone from the Makers to the Immortal Lee County Killers to Monkeywrench has done time on Dave Crider's most excellent Bellingham label. And now the man himself is coming to Portland with his new hard-soul band, the DT's, whose singer, Diana, has a voice that's both fierce and fawning. She's quite the vocal knockout, and Dave's guitar-playing skills are purely insane. Two other Estrus luminaries, Federation X and Fireballs of Freedom, both just go apeshit on stage. JENNIFER MAERZ

SPOOKY DANCE BAND, GHOST TO FALCO, 132 ROMAN SOLDIERS, 0 QUINTET, HENS(4725 NE 22nd) If you're tired of the same old guitar/drum/bass rigmarole, the bands on this bill incorporate a bunch of non-traditionally punk instruments (violins, drum machine, organs, clarinets, um... televisions) in a traditionally punk environment (a basement). Definitely worth seeing is the stellar Spooky Dance Band, newly relocated to Portland and including members of the equally stellar Reeks & the Wrecks. This devilish trio uses violin, organ, and drums to make super-frug, make-out-with-Eddie-Munster kinda music. JS

VIOLENT FEMMES(Roseland, NW 6th & Burnside) The Violent Femmes' music rests on the wacky vocal stylings of their lead singer, and, as is the case with bands like that, you love 'em or you hate em. Personally, all that feverish panting and screechy whining gives me an anxiety attack, but then again, maybe it's the crank. KATIE SHIMER

THE DIMES, DELTA DART, BRONWYN, VICIOUS WHITE LIES(Stumptown on Division, 7:30 pm) Last time the Delta Dart trio came 'round from their hometowns of Olympia and LA, apparently there was some confusion about their proximity to Sleater-Kinney. Like, some people thought they were S-K and, comically, mobbed the venue. They're not, but they do a damn good job of riffing on the vocal-interplay hook action. The Dimes (10¢) play sweet and simple, piano-oriented pop music; Bronwyn takes it down a notch with the hurricane growl of distortion. JS

SATURDAY 10/12FANTASTIC IDEA PROJECT, VAGABOND OPERA(Mississippi, 3552 N Mississipi) Matt Wagner and Liz Moyer live in Portland, but judging from the music they make in Fantastic Idea Project, you'd guess they're from a place that's laid-back and sophisticated where all the ladies wear headscarves--like Spain. Their pop music is warm and with the teeniest amount of fuzz, and Moyer's voice is throaty, like that lady from the Cannanes. We all know that international pop music sounds best, so it's nice to hear this take on swaggery, melting tunes coming from our own twee-riffic town. JS

STARFLYER 59, DENNISON MARS, SUFFERING & THE HIDEOUS THIEVES(Meow Meow, 520 SE Pine) I would categorize Starflyer 59 as alterna-gloom. Slow distorted guitar, super-slow monotone singing, and unlike, say, Elliott Smith, their somber tone doesn't evoke any real sadness... especially when they have a song titled "Goodbyes are Sad," about how goodbyes are sad. And I think they're Christian, too, being as that they're on the same label as MXPX and have a song titled "Elijah the Prophet." KS

ANTS INVASION, MECHANICAL MAN, DJ VAMPIRA MEGAN(Satyricon) Unfortunately, the real Adam Ant is not quite available for public appearances. This summer, he went bonkers and beat the stuffing out of some bartender in London. While slamming the man's head on the bar, he repeatedly asked/demanded, "Don't you know who I am?" Seems Adam Ant has had a rough go, being discarded from his gravy days as a rock star (and a pretty decent TV actor). The thing is, Adam Ant is not crazy! He deserves recognition, certainly more than '80s hanger-ons like The Fixx, U2 and that weenie Sting. Adam Ant had 1960s London Swingers style backed up by catchy riffs that were like a raging fire under the ass. Finally, a tribute band for a man who deserves better than he's got! A Portland debut. PHIL DOT BUSSE

THE BUGS, THE FIRST TIME, THE FLIP-TOPS, SARDONIK GRIN, SUBMARINE FLEET, THE HYPNOGOGIC ORCHESTRA, PASSIFLORA, TOKAGE, SARU, MORE(PS What?,1968 SW 5th) As a benefit for Radon Studios, this crazy-ass show features something for everybody--so all you rockers, experimentalists, electro-acoustic sound-humpers, and plain old "get drunk and drop a fiver on a benefit"ers, help out some folks. JSDOUBLE-BARRELLED SOUL(Chez What? Whatever Lounge 2203 NE Alberta)

Chazz Madrigal, one of the Double-Barrelled Soul DJs, just did the sweetest, most nicest thing. HE SOLD ME ALL HIS SMITHS VINYL! Oh, but he did that so he could buy his lady's hand in marriage (a ring, not a bribe). That's nice, too, but I mean, he sold me his SMITHS VINYL! After that, even I'd practically take a frigging vow for him. Tonight, at the weekly mod/pop/psych/garage/etc. event Chazz and Jason Tinkey host, celebrate his pending union and check out his girl's sparkling ring. JS

IMPERIAL TEEN, INNER(Blackbird) Sweet Imperial Teen. Hitting the scene in '96, they were one of an army of verse-chorus-versers banging out cleverly recycled riffs and fighting to fill the Nirvana void. But anyone who paid attention to Seasick, the band's brilliantly addictive debut, understood that this band had more smarts and artistry in one stolen hook than most bands have in their whole stolen careers. To those of us thirsting for innovation or even just inspiration among the crush of post-grungers, Imperial Teen was close to a revelation; sure, we'd heard it all before, but not like this. Record #2 (1999's fuzzy What Is Not to Love) brought Imperial Teen more acclaim without fame, and there's no reason to think Record #3 (2002's bracing On) will fare any differently. But who cares? By now, as others have noted, they're in it strictly for the art and the kicks, and, as always, they execute it like they're the Greatest Band in the World. After seven years of flawless faking, they're as worthy a contender as anyone. DAVE SCHMADER

GREYBOY, headscope(Berbati's) DJ Greyboy is back with a new album, Mastered the Art, that allows him to represent his hiphop influences while returning to his earlier Ubiquity jazz-influenced releases. Mastered the Art is full of beats, scratches, and an astonishing array of instruments, thanks to the help of Greyboy Allstar multi-instrumentalist Elgin Park. The album unfortunately falls victim to a common problem in hiphop records, though--overproduction smoothes out its raw edges. "Uknowmylife" has a beautiful arrangement, with arpeggiating strings and horn swells, but the lack of articulation and originality in Main Flow's vocals forces the instrumentation to leave him behind. NICOLAE WHITE

SUNDAY 10/13FAKE-O-WEEN: PANTHER, THE BADGER KING, ANNA OXYGEN, SWASTIKA GIRLS(Reed College Ping-Pong Room, 3203 SE Woodstock) Panther's been showing up in weird places lately (Pioneer Square, Dante's, the Ping-Pong room); hopefully it will prepare him for the surefire fame he'll gain from opening up the Electroclash tour in a couple weeks. 'CAUSE HE IS BRILLIANT. It's Charlie of The Planet The humping half experimental R&B, half electro-UFO sound effects, mostly performance art, and ALL MAN. It's not ironic, but it is hilarious, and works because you know that's some true emotion he's dealing with up there. You just have to see it. Also, the electronic pop and soaring vocals of the Badger King, Olympia's Anna Oxygen (of Space Ballerinas) who's got a voice like a new wave angel, and Seattle's Swastika Girls, which includes the glamorous, astute, and debonair Zac Pennington of "Slender Means Society" fame. JS

THE BEATNUTS, NON PHIXION, LIBRETTO, ANAXOGORUS(B Complex, 320 SE 2nd) Coming from the streets of Queens, NY, the Beatnuts are a Latino duo who have been around for a while (in hiphop time). In the mid-'90s, they were endorsed by the rap media as the next big thing, but gradually they were eclipsed by the Wu-Tang Clan, Mobb Deep, and other Latino acts, like Big Pun and Fat Joe. Of all the songs they've produced, only one has had a significant impact on me: "Do You Believe," which samples a kind of '60s rock organ (it sounds like the Doors, but I'm not sure) over a severe drum loop. The chorus is the startling part of the song, though: "You believe in God? you do/tell him to save you/'cause me and these niggaz here we ain't tryin' to save you/regardless of the fact that it's close to home/I gotta finish your life, so I can start my own." I just love bleak hiphop. CHARLES MUDEDE

RILO KILEY, ARLO(Rusty Nail @ Lewis & Clark, 6615 SW Palatine Hill Rd) In what may be 2002's grandest moment of unhipness, L.A. quartet Rilo Kiley seems to draw from the early 1990s Britpop of James for its sophomore full-length, The Execution of All Things. Thus, while Rilo Kiley may cause some listeners to find the nearest television and hit it with a sledgehammer, the band has provided me with countless hours of furtive, guilty pleasure. Like James, they have the perfect balance of guitars that crescendo into glorious chords, off-kilter keyboards, and bounding rhythms, and they know just when to throw in a downtempo crooner. To boot, watching singer Jenny Lewis perform should be fascinating; it's a mystery as to how such a huge sound can come out of such a small person. TIZZY ASHER

SING-SING, VENUS HUM(Berbati's) I am officially on a quest to find the original recording of the Geoff Love Orchestra's "A Man, a Horse, and a Gun," and I blame it all on Sing-Sing. Through some feat of black magic, the British duo--consisting of former Lush guitarist Emma Anderson and Locust/Kid Loco vocalist Lisa O'Neill--has managed to get a two-second sample from this 1960s kitsch classic permanently lodged in my head. And there's plenty more where that came from: Their debut, The Joy of Sing-Sing, is full of catchy little bits that hover over sweet girl vocals and serpentine guitars. I should be angry at Sing-Sing for causing me to scour eBay like a maniac, but the samples are so expertly applied, all I can really do is thank Emma and Lisa for making them known--and for finally deciding to load the samples up on a keyboard and tour the U.S. TA

I KNOW KUNG FU, GOOD TIME WOMEN(Ash Street) Back in the '60s was when this great nation knew how to rock, or at least that's what the Good Time Women would have us believe. Their sound is not original; it is a direct rip-off of the piano-riffed, poppy guitar stuff the Rolling Stones used to propagate. But it is fun, and for those troubled souls looking for reprieve from quiet angst music, could be extremely fresh. JW"WC"S


TUESDAY 10/15JOSH MARTINEZ, SLEEP, SYNDEL(Fez, 316 SW 11th) There are many great things about hiphop crew Oldominion, and Sleep and Syndel are two of those. Sleep (who's featured in a "hiphop emcees and their kids" photo show that you can read about on pg 31) just dropped a solo album called Riot by Candlelight. As is consistent with all Oldominion releases, Sleep's record taps the darkest places within to convey a sort of meta-hiphop, fashioned as an esoteric journey within the context of the battle (in hiphop, spirituality, life). Sleep spits at lightspeed, and his cadences take on those of a beatboxer; with his impeccable, unique style with trademark beats--tight yet mysterious and quirky--Oldominion's likely got another superstar on their hands. Speaking of superstar... have you seen Syndel rhyme in her gritty, toughass manner? She's fucking awesome. JS

LOU BARLOW, ALASKA, EARLIMART(Blackbird) See Music pg 21

THE YOHIMBE BROTHERS(Aladdin) Vernon Reid, the leader of the pretty cool rock band, Living Colour, has teamed up with the very cool DJ Logic. Who can say what kind of lovechild this marriage of groovin' guitar and turntable stylings will create in a live setting? Whatever it is, it's sure to be both radically rockin' and freakishly phat. JW"WC"S

THE INTIMA, SLEETMUTE, JANET PANTS DANS THEEATRE, MARK BURDEN, DJ ROB UPRIGHT(Disjecta, 116 NE Russell) One of my perpetually favorite bands, The Intima (exhilarating punk w/guitar, bass, drums, violin, vocals, and a message) with Mark Burden of the Get Hustle, doing purportedly amazing avant-piano stuff. Also see pg 19, and pg 33. JS

WEDNESDAY 10/16FRENCH KICKS, NO. 2, THE SEKA(Berbati's) French Kicks, the wonderful, ever-touring rock band from NYC, are back again to throw some punch and a little Brit flavor in your night. From Portland: the radio-friendly yet innocuous No. 2, and new band The Seka. JS


STINKING LIZAVETA, LAST OF THE JUANITAS, WHO'S THE PRESIDENT(Ash Street) The instrumental trio Stinking Lizaveta can shred the shit out of a complex guitar line, and they got the beards to back it up. Actually, they're the only band I can think of that is even remotely similar to Portland's ruling rockers Last of the Juanitas, in that they approach their heavy music from A. a unique standpoint that pays homage to Sabbath, yet does not plagiarize Sabbath and B. has obviously chilled to some progressive rock in their day. There's mass impressive riffage going on here. Also, I try to go by this rule of thumb whenever possible: "Thou shalt not miss the Juanitas." JS

New Releases Oct 15: Aluminum Group*, Arkestra One*, The Bees*, Cave-In*, Coolio*, LL Cool J*, Pele*, Röyskopp*, Slow Gherkin*, Amon Tobin*

* = whatever you want it to mean, baby