Not-So-Public Humiliation

Cop Union Files Grievance over "Humiliating" Discipline


"The vast majority of officers who have been through these boards have felt they were presumed guilty prior to their appearance."

Huh. That sounds familiar. I think I've felt that way before. Wonder who made me feel that way? oh yeah. It was a cop.
So like, let me get this straight:

PPA Führer Scott Westerman opposes [his] officers having to answer questions they've already answered?!

Officers felt as thought they were "presumed guilty until proven otherwise?!

Westerman himself apparently asked several of his officers to go on record [for this article] with [their own] accounts about their experiences with the review board, but were soo damned COWARDLY that they declined, insisting instead that *Mien Führer* Westerman speak on their behalf?!

You know, the reaction of these cry-baby cops is hilarious. They are publicly paid officials. I can't cry, "Oh! You can't arrest me in public! People will see me! I will be humiliated! I am innocent! I have not yet been proven guilty in court! WAAH!!! Don't arrest me where people might see." It is the same argument. While there are some terrific cops in this city, we've got some real idiots who deserve to be behind bars instead of wearing badges. If you don't want to be held accountable by the public, then guess what, buddy, go find a job elsewhere.
The only union in Oregon that has actual power is the police union, and the police union ALWAYS GETS WHAT IT WANTS!
Now that's one union that NEEDS to be broken up!!!