The Cosmopolitan Hotel boasts of a waiter who makes it his business to bulldoze guests. So successful are his efforts, that no living man has summoned courage to ask for coffee twice, or question why he was not supplied with the regulation piece of pie. But the waiter found his match in the person of Col. Frank Parker. When the Col. dropped in for dinner the waiter started after his prey. "Soup?" he asked, and slammed a plate of hot beef broth on the table with a force that sent half the contents over the guests. "Beef, mutton, pork, fricasseed chicken, etcetera, and so forth?" he continued with a glare.

"Guess I'll take a few pounds of raw man!" said the Colonel rising and planting the waiter on the floor with a blow he'll remember to the longest day he lives. After the hash slinger was fished out from under the table, he was thoroughly cured, and is now one of the politest waiters in the city.