got SPray Paint?

Implementing the very billboards companies use to advertise their products and philosophies, last week, local activists slightly altered milk-drinking and beer-drinking campaigns to announce their counter-opinions.

A couple of weeks after a billboard showing Steve Tyler from Aerosmith with a milk mustache was posted along North Vancouver, on Wednesday evening, the pro-dairy product promo was strayed with blood red paint. Hastily scribbled text reads, "Farm+Animals" in one corner and "Equals Rape" in another. In addition, the well-known slogan, "Got Milk?" is altered to read, "Got Soy?"

A few days later, two Coors billboards in SE Portland were altered to make the message more palatable for some. The beer company's summer ad campaign shows two identical blondes with matching halter tops and toned midriffs. The ad reads, "Here's to Twins;" apparently, a corporate raising of the cup to tan skin and boobs. On Sunday night, using an identical font, the slogan was plastered over to read, "Here's Sexism." PHIL BUSSE

Action is their rewarD

Chanting "public lands, not private profit," last Thursday activists protested the sale of another 45 acres at Mt. Hood. Protesters were unsuccessful in stopping the so-called Borg sale to Thomas Creek Lumber and Log Company--the only company to make a bid on the land--but were not discouraged.

"It's just more complicated now that someone has bought the land," said Satya Vayu, speaking on behalf of Cascadia Forest Alliance. Activists have a long history of protesting Thomas Creek Lumber sales, who they say have violated regulations against clear-cutting in the past. Though they're not certain what their next action will be, they are currently planning more actions and are encouraged that five years of protests against the Eagle Creek sale were finally successful when that contract was canceled earlier this year. "There's a lot of timber that has already been bought and are in violation of clear cutting laws on Mount Hood," concluded Vayu. "It's just a matter of showing they are violating the law." KATIA DUNN