Missing Trail

SK Northwest—a Portland personal watercraft company—wants to build a retail and repair facility along the Willamette River, in industrial inner Southeast. The company does not, however, want to build a missing portion of the Springwater Corridor-Eastbank Esplanade trail on their property—the city denied their development proposal last year, because it didn't include the city-mandated trail link. Now SK Northwest is back with a new proposal for the land, filed with the city on March 1—and it still doesn't include the trail segment, which company owner Shawn Karambelas has said he doesn't want to build, due to safety and financial concerns.

The Hosford-Abernethy Neighborhood Association—which opposed the proposal the first time around, thanks to the missing trail—is slated to discuss the proposal at their March 20 meeting, and a city decision on the proposal is expected by the end of the month. AMY JENNIGES

Protest of the Week #1

As we went to press, a group of homeless-rights activists were finalizing plans for a protest against the mayor's controversial sit-lie ordinance, slated for Waterfront Park on Wednesday, March 14 at 2:30 pm.

Protest organizer Ohnny Milstein told the Mercury via email, "Homelessness is not a disease and is not an issue of financial interest. We must use our right to free speech, and convey to City of Portland officials that homelessness is a problem that will not be solved simply by sweeping the dirt under the carpet." The mayor's office did not return a call for comment. MATT DAVIS

Protest of the Week #2

More than 15,000 people are expected to march through downtown Portland on Sunday, March 18, to protest the fourth anniversary of the Iraq War. "The theme is stop the war, and bring the troops home now," says Kelly Campbell of the American Friends Service Committee, one of the six co-organizers. Police have met with the protest organizers, and upped their staffing levels in anticipation of a large crowd. "It seems clear that the public mood is, people want a march," Campbell says. "So we are expecting a good turnout." MD