Madeline Carroll


The Jantzen Beach mall is going to have to wait a little longer to proceed with its expansion plans. Last Thursday, March 29, Portland City Council voted to extend a development moratorium on Hayden Island for another three months—the moratorium has been in place since last year, and prevents any large developments from happening until the island's historic transportation problems can be fixed.

The three months will give Jantzen Beach Super Center (the largest property owner on Hayden Island), the neighborhood association, and other businesses time to come up with a development and transportation plan that will allow the mall to expand without worsening the island's already bad traffic problem. The neighbors will be pushing for increased "connectivity"—that is, the ability to travel through the area without having to pass through all of the mall's parking lots. SCOTT MOORE


North Portland neighbors may be approaching a compromise with the mayor and police chief over the uncertain future of their police precinct. The precinct may now impose a pilot project for eight months to a year (the details of which are currently being kept secret), subject to agreement by Police Chief Rosie Sizer.

"I think the neighbors are very excited about finding what they believe to be common ground with the city on this," says Cornelius Swart, publisher of the St. Johns Sentinel, who along with business and community leaders attended a meeting with Sizer and Mayor Tom Potter last Thursday, March 29. Details of the pilot are being kept under wraps until Sizer can discuss them with her staff, but an announcement is expected soon. MATT DAVIS


This Friday, April 6, the Oregon House Committee on Elections, Ethics, and Rules will vote on a major package of reforms to the initiative petition system.

For years, the initiative system has been something of a no-man's land for ballot entrepreneurs—the process had few regulations, and even less enforcement. House Bill 2082 would require that all signature gatherers be registered with the state and undergo training in the law, and would hold chief petitioners responsible for making sure gatherers aren't paid per signature.

If HB 2082 passes the committee (it's widely expected to) it'll go out for a full House vote within a week. SM