Arrow apprehended! In July 2000, Michael Scarpitti, better known as Tre Arrow, scaled the side of the Forest Service headquarters in downtown. For 11 days, he perched on the nine-inch, second-story ledge of the building and held court with local media.

But in the four years since his attention-grabbing stunt, Arrow has probably done more damage to local environmental causes than 1,000 chainsaws. Following Arrow's overnight celebrity status, the Green Party endorsed and sponsored his bid for a US Congress seat. That move continues to cost the Green Party credibility. Arrow failed to take the bid seriously, routinely skipping debates, interviews, and photo shoots.

Then there was the problem with his sticky fingers--a vice that recently tripped him up. As first reported in the Mercury, Arrow was caught shoplifting tea tree oil, granola hemp, and chocolate goat milk from Nature's.

For a while Arrow faded from public attention. But in October 2001, Arrow was back in headlines again after being dramatically chased from a tree-sit in Tillamook State Forest. According to Arrow, forest service officials cut a branch out from underneath him and shined lights on him to deprive him of sleep. He fell 60 feet from his perch, fracturing his pelvis and suffering a head injury.

Allegedly, during this same time, Arrow was engaging in an even shadier operation. According to court documents indicting Scarpitti on four courts of arson, the activist led two separate political attacks. On Easter morning 2001, two trucks at Ross Island Sand & Gravel were set ablaze. A few months later, bombs blew apart three logging trucks near the Eagle Creek logging site. For the past two years, city council has used those incidents as justification to reauthorize the Joint Terrorism Task Force.

Indicted by a grand jury in 2002, Arrow vanished, and had eluded the FBI until this week. Meanwhile, three PSU students were arrested and are currently serving time for the acts of eco-terrorism. They have indicated that Arrow was the ringleader behind the arsons.

Last weekend, Arrow was apprehended in British Columbia after he tried to steal bolt-cutters from an automotive shop. He had given a fake name, but his fingerprints matched an FBI most-wanted list, and he was taken into custody. If extradited and convicted, the 30-year-old Scarpitti faces 80 years in prison. PHIL BUSSE