Mark Kaufman/Artomat
RE-REGISTER TO VOTE Susan (not her real name) had never voted before. But this time around, with George Bush being such a dickhead, she wanted to help oust him from the White House. It was thus seemingly fortuitous when two months ago she stepped into Berbati's to check out a local hiphop show, and a volunteer from some get-out-the-vote organization stepped up to ask if she wanted to register.

"He made it seem so easy," she said. But apparently it wasn't so straightforward. A few weeks later, curious that she never received a voter registration card or any confirmation, Susan called the election division, only to find out that they had no records of her.

Have you registered to vote at one of the get-out-the-vote concerts? On the street? If you haven't received confirmation about voter registration, call the county election division at 988-3720. Although there is no way to quantify how many voter registrations slip between the cracks, they are not infallible.

Or, what? You haven't even registered to vote, PERIOD!? There's only about a month left if you care to express your opinion in the upcoming election. Download a form: or stop by the election division at 501 SE Hawthorne. PB

NADER FREE IN '04 Three strikes and Nader is out! First, the perennial presidential candidate tried to host a rally to gather enough supporters to qualify for November's ballot. When that failed, he tried again. But again, fell short. Then, in a last ditch effort, the Nader campaign tried to gather enough signatures to qualify.

Last Thursday, the Secretary of State announced that, in spite of turning in enough signatures, the Nader campaign did not turn in enough valid signatures. He was 218 signatures short. PB.

The Mercury is sponsoring the second townhall in its series of You Promised! forums. Mayoral and city council candidates will be there providing five specific plans or projects for their first year in office. This forum specifically regards parks uses and the environment. Will Potter promise more bike lanes? Will Francesconi finally promise skateparks? Mt Tabor amphitheater, Thursday Sept. 9, 6:30 pm, free