Jack Pollock

In 2003, the Supreme Court ruled that free speech allowances protect the right of abortion groups to close down clinics with noisy demonstrations. But apparently, abortion foes don't believe that free speech is an allowance for abortion supporters.

Last week, a Lewis & Clark student, Anna Hendrix, sent one anti-abortion group, Life Decisions International, an email in support of Planned Parenthood. She was writing in response to a letter the Mercury received from LDI threatening to boycott organizations supporting the pro-choice group.

A day after sending LDI the email, Hendrix's Hotmail account was shut down.

"I suspect that LDI reported me as a spammer," she explained. (A week later, Hotmail took a closer look at the complaint and re-opened her account.)

Hendrix is not alone in her cyber-war with LDI. Another Portland resident, Jerry Orlando, also sent a protest email to LDI. They didn't respond to him directly. However, Orlando reports, "they wrote my ISP accusing me of harassment." Unlike Hotmail, Orlando's email provider, Spiritone, kept his account open. ANDREA CHALUPA


A news story last week ["Bye-Bye, Big Box!" April 14] reported that PDC had tentatively agreed to award the Burnside Bridgehead project to Beam Construction. According to a PDC spokesperson, that report was "pre-emptive." In fact, the Evaluation Committee had only recommended Beam. Later this week, the head honchos at PDC will consider this recommendation and make the final determination. The Mercury apologizes for growing impatient with the bureaucratic processes and prematurely awarding Beam--the most deserving developer--the contract.

On Wednesday, April 27, the selection process for the developer should draw to a conclusion when the PDC Board of Commissioners grills the developers with final questions. 222 NW 5th, starts at 3 pm


Do you know who to vote for when School Board elections roll around in a few weeks? Catch tonight's debate between current candidates. (Sponsored by the Oregon Bus Project.) City Hall, 1221 SW 4th, 7:30 pm