Skinheads in PDX?

This weekend, white supremacist skinheads are reportedly planning a festival to "celebrate our racial pride and help promote our racial heritage and purity" in or around Portland, though no one seems quite sure where the event might take place (an email to a man who attempted to promote the event on multiple email lists was not returned).

Regardless of where it's taking place—or whether it will even draw a crowd (past skinhead events around Portland have been poorly attended)—Portland's "Ad-Hoc Committee Against Racism and Fascism" is planning an October 6 rally at Lents Park at 1 pm. "The rally intends to expose white supremacist groups in the Northwest, as well as to bring diverse communities together in a stand against fascist organizing and violence," say rally organizers. AMY J. RUIZ

Obstructing Obstruction

Portland Patrol, Inc. says "uninvolved citizens" have been "involving themselves" in interactions between its rent-a-cops and downtown citizens, "advising that we were just 'fucking rent-a-cops,' 'did they say they were the police,' and 'you don't have to move just because they say to,' and like messages." The remarks came under a list of 32 sit-lie contacts between PPI officers and the public between September 11 and 22, given out to the mayor's Street Access for Everyone oversight committee on September 27. PPI has begun tracking its sit-lie contacts following controversy over its approach to enforcing the sit-lie law ["Premature Evacuation," News, Sept 6]. MATT DAVIS

House Bound

After what seems like years of speculation, Bus Project founder Jefferson Smith has announced (accidentally) that he's running for District 47 of the Oregon House of Representatives. That's the district currently repped by House Speaker Jeff Merkley, who's running for US Senate.

Smith had planned on officially announcing his campaign on October 15, but as soon as his campaign website went live, it landed on

If he wins the East Portland seat, Smith, 34, will be one of a growing number of young legislators from the metro area—including Ben Cannon, Tobias Read, and candidates like Cyreena Boston (District 45) and Nick Kahl (District 49).

"It'll still be a mix of ages," Smith says. "Even if all the young candidates win, the average age of a metro legislator will still be higher than the average age of a metro citizen." Hear that, kids? Stop voting for geezers. SCOTT MOORE