City Commissioner Sam Adams attracted another challenger in the race for mayor: Downtown small business guy Gerhard Watzig, who owns Flowers by Dorcas on SW Broadway, launched a "Back to Basics" campaign on Monday, November 26. Watzig, has plenty of positions that put him at odds with Adams. For starters, Watzig says he's an "advocate of bicycle commuting," but outlines bike-unfriendly ideas like requiring licenses for riders over 18. He also opposes Adams' Safe, Sound, and Green Streets funding proposal, saying it's a "gold-plated list of projects" that includes "provisions involved with penalizing automobile usage." If these two end up debating, bring plenty of popcorn. AMY J. RUIZ


A grand jury has been held over in the indictment hearing of Eric Nash—the inmate at Multnomah County Detention Center who allegedly stabbed fellow inmate Michael Evans in the eye—while Deputy District Attorney Josh Lamborn reads through the sheriff's office's newly completed 150-page investigation into allegations by Evans that his assault was ordered by Sheriff's Deputy Brian Flanagan. The contents of the report remain under wraps—sheriff's spokesman Travis Gullberg says Lamborn has to decide whether to press further charges after reading it. Lamborn estimates he'll finish reviewing the report by late December. MATT DAVIS