The district attorney's office has decided not to prosecute a sheriff's deputy for his alleged role in having coerced one jail inmate to stab another in the eye with a pencil. Deputy District Attorney Josh Lamborn made the decision not to prosecute late last week, after reviewing an internal sheriff's office investigation into allegations by the victim, Michael Evans, that a fellow inmate, Eric Nash, assaulted him on the night of October 12. Evans claimed that Deputy Brian Flanagan took Nash out and yelled at him in front of other inmates in the cell block: "I thought I told you to take care of that child molester," insinuating something about Evans. "If you don't, I'll have to do it myself." Deputy DA Lamborn wrote that the only information to substantiate the allegations comes from Evans—Evans reported that when Nash was placed in a cell with him, he told Evans that Deputy Flanagan told other inmates that Evans was a child molester. Flanagan also denied the charge. Nash, meanwhile, will go before a grand jury on March 24 for his role in the incident. MATT DAVIS


Join us on March 25 at our new location—the Edge of Belmont (3350 SE Morrison, 7 pm, free, all ages)—for the latest installment of our monthly series with the Bus Project. This month, we're tackling the Columbia River Crossing (CRC)—the massive public works project that could completely reform how people travel between Oregon and Washington, and commute between Portland and Vancouver. Will we have a new 12-lane bridge, or does a more moderate project make more sense? Metro Councilor Rex Burkholder is moderating a panel of CRC proponents, big bridge skeptics, and wonktastic project experts. If you know how you feel about the project, come cheer on your side. If you don't, come find out more! AMY J. RUIZ