In North and Northeast Portland this weekend, an anonymous person—or persons—plastered anti-cop posters to bus shelters, street signs, and utility poles, in apparent protest of the recent Multnomah County Grand Jury decision clearing the three officers involved in the in-custody death of James Chasse Jr.

The posters featured photos of the cops, with scathing slogans like, "We Are Killers" and "Stop Me Before I Kill Again," and an account of Chasse's death—"[The officers] beat James Chasse to death. They broke 16 ribs during the beating which also included kicking him in the head and left Chasse unconscious." AMY JENNIGES


Fifty anti-police- brutality protestors picketed Police Chief Rosie Sizer's West Hills home on Sunday afternoon, October 22, after convening at the North Park Blocks for a demonstration that coincided with the National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality.

It's not clear whether Sizer was home, but Central Precinct Commander Mike Reese and Lieutenant Todd Wyatt spoke to the protestors outside, and told them they had the right to protest as long as they didn't trespass on Sizer's property or block traffic in the road. The protestors (who have been unavailable for comment) were dressed mainly in black, and yelled and chanted for around 20 minutes before heading home.

"Obviously the other 1.5 million people living in Portland's metropolitan area understand the nature of police work," Wyatt told the Mercury on Monday. "I'm sorry, but bad things happen. Nobody wanted that latest death to happen." MATT DAVIS


So your ballot arrived in the mail—now what? Do you vote for or against substituting the "federal tax subsitution" measure? How about those two campaign finance reforms? And let's not forget the Multnomah County commissioner race between Jeff Cogan and and Lew Frederick—who'd do the best job? So many choices!

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