A growing encampment of up to 70 homeless people camping under the west end of the Burnside Bridge will be swept out on Thursday morning, November 30, at 4:15 am, according to police.

The cops say the encampment has become "dangerous," with local businesses and MAX riders complaining: A stabbing under the bridge last Saturday, November 25, landed one homeless man in the hospital with facial wounds when he woke up a man he mistook for his friend. A corpse was also found under the bridge on Monday, November 27.

Central Precinct Lieutenant Todd Wyatt has been working with homeless agencies for the past two weeks to ensure people have somewhere to go, but says he will issue camping citations and arrest anyone who refuses to move on. MATT DAVIS


On Monday, November 20, the Oregon Department of Justice convened a grand jury to consider possible charges against Vladimir Golovan—the Ukrainian immigrant who allegedly gathered signatures fraudulently in the Russian community, to help city council candidate Emilie Boyles qualify for public campaign funds earlier this year.

But, despite the grand jury proceedings, there's nothing new to report: "I can't really discuss what occurred because the investigation is still ongoing," says attorney general spokesperson Stephanie Soden. "I don't believe any formal report has been issued." AMY JENNIGES


It looks like the city may have found a way around the Portland Rescue Mission's refusal to provide benefits for same-sex partners, which—thanks to Portland's Equal Benefits Ordinance—has been impeding the city's hope to use the mission as a day-access center for the homeless, as recommended by the mayor's Street Access for Everyone (SAFE) committee.

Sources say the Mission may now be willing to lease its space to another organization—one that allows benefits for same-sex partners—to run a day-access center. The Mission has not returned the Mercury's calls for comment. MD