There can be no question of the curative power of electricity, judging by the extraordinary cases of cure as performed by the Drs. Darrin in this city. They have demonstrated the wonderful curative power of the electric current in a large class of diseases, in which the ordinary drug treatment is either harmful or useless, and they have through publication of their cures, enforced a well-founded belief in the curative powers of electricity upon the public.

Editor: For more than twenty years, I have been afflicted with liver complaint and an aggravated case of piles. After exhausting all other means I could hear of, I consulted Dr. Darrin, and to my great satisfaction, I am restored to health.

Stephen Wylie

Dr. Darrin's Place of Business.

Drs. Darrin can be consulted free at 235 Fifth Street, Portland, OR. All curable chronic diseases, loss of manhood, blood taints, syphilis, gleet, gonorrhea, stricture, spermatorhoea, seminal weakness, or loss of desire of sexual power, in man or woman, catarrh and deafness, are confidentially and successfully treated. Cures of private diseases guaranteed, and never published in the papers.