Like most well-intentioned people, you're probably reading the coverage of the Measure 36 debate, wringing your hands and crying, "But what can I do??!!" Well all you have to do is plunk down a fiver here and there and have some fun with your snarky, yet nobly politicized buds at the Mercury. Here's what we've put together for the "Just Say 'No' to 36 Weekend of Fun," and remember, ALL PROCEEDS will go to the "No on 36" campaign!

• The Times of Harvey Milk Film Screening: The Dead Kennedys are rad and everything, but sometimes it takes more than a punk lyric to tell a tale. Learn or relearn the true San Francisco story of Harvey Milk, a gay member of the city's Board of Supervisors, who was assassinated along with then-mayor George Moscone by fellow politician Dan "I Fought the Law and I Won" White.

Thursday, 8 pm, Fresh Pot, 4001 N Mississippi, $5

• Sing-Along Fame Film Screening: YEAH! FAME! I'm gonna liiiive foreeeevverrr! I'm gonna learn how to fly--HIGH!! Hells yes, it's Fame, and it's so on. That's right, it's our SING-ALONG version of the most hilarious cheesy art school film of all time! Sing along with Coco, Bruno, Ralph, Leroy, Doris, and a very young Dr. Romano from E.R. Last one to the Danskin legwarmers sale is a rotten egg!

Friday, 11 pm, Clinton St Theater, 2522 SE Clinton, $5

• Bike Rally: It's freaks on parade, but not without purpose! Deck yourself out in any zany costume, but throw in a "No On 36" headdress or something. We'll also hand out some shwaggage, then we'll make our cyclical journey/ parade across town to...

Saturday, 1 pm, Col. Summers Park, 1925 SE Taylor

• The Beer Party!: Laugh with your costumed comrades over the bemused but supportive pedestrians we almost flattened with our funky parade! Share conversation and create alliances with politically likeminded people! Get wasted for charity!

Saturday, 3 pm, New Old Lompoc, 1616 NW 23rd, Proceeds from first 120 pints go to No on 36

• No on 36 Pancake Breakfast: Soak up the rest of last night's alcohol with this pancake extravaganza. Speeches, yes! But mostly it's yum-yum, pancakes for your tum. Plus it's ALL YOU CAN EAT, so take it easy there, tiger.

Sunday, 10 am-2 pm, Aalto Lounge, 3356 SE Belmont, $5 all you can eat