Over the past several months, the firebrand environmentalist group Earth Liberation Front (ELF) has snagged major-league national attention, from TIME to The New York Times. In June, ELF claimed responsibility for simultaneously firebombing a research lab at the University of Washington and logging trucks parked on the flank of Mt. Hood. These actions followed an early Easter-morning sabotage of trucks at the Portland-based Ross Island Sand & Gravel Corporation. In that incident, a news release from ELF snidely claimed they had left firebombs in the company's corporate Easter basket.

However controversial, ELF's incendiary tactics seem to be accomplishing their ultimate goal: Two weeks ago, RSG Forest Product announced that they would stop using lumber from Eagle Creek, the hotly contested stand of trees in the National Forest 60 miles east of Portland. Fearing for his workers, Jeff Lampa halted processing logs from the Eagle Creek site.

But last week, ELF's spokesman Craig Rosebraugh learned that notoriety is a double-edged sword. Over the past two years, Rosebraugh has suffered four raids by the FBI, who have seized his computers and tried to shake out information about his ecoterrorist contacts.

While such cat-and-mouse games with law enforcement are to be expected, last week Rosebraugh was broadsided when Portland Community College canceled a speech he was scheduled to present. The perennial spokesperson has visited colleges across the country--from hometown schools like Lewis & Clark and Reed to far-flung liberal schools like the University of Wisconsin and Indiana University.

But, citing "safety concerns" (though it is not entirely clear whose safety they are concerned with), PCC informed Rosebraugh he would not be allowed to speak and show the video, "Igniting the Revolution: An Introduction to the Earth Liberation Front," without first securing a $1,000,000 insurance policy. That stipulation increased Rosebraugh's cost nearly seven-fold from $150 to $1000--more than he was expected to clear from his speech.

Never one to be deterred, Rosebraugh has threatened a civil lawsuit for violating his right to free speech and, moreover, an existing contract. Rosebraugh also plans a guerilla action where he will station video monitors near the PCC auditorium and proceed with his speech. (see My! What A Busy Week pg 11 for more information.)