This feisty, dykey bitch from New Jersey dropped out of graduate school to panhandle and peddle her ass to the men she hated on the streets of Manhattan. But that's nothing. She also infiltrated the glittery freaks who hung out at Andy Warhol's Factory, appearing in films like I, A Man and Bikeboy. A radical visionary, she formed the Society For Cutting Up Men (abbrev: SCUM, membership: 1). She also penned and self-published the SCUM Manifesto in 1967, which shocked and terrified all men except "faggots," but continues to thrill women "who are given to disgusting, nasty, upsetting 'scenes;' hateful, violent bitches given to slamming those who unduly irritate them in the teeth; who'd sink a shiv into a man's chest or ram an icepick up his asshole as soon as look at him."

When the witty dear began to feel rebuffed by the Pale Prince of Pop Art, whom she'd hoped would produce her play, Up Your Ass, she waltzed into the Factory and shot him three times in the chest. He was pronounced dead, but eventually revived after extensive heart massage. Later that night, she turned herself in, and spent most of her remaining days either in prison or mental health facilities.

After the shooting, Warhol become even more of a wimp, beefed up security at the Factory, and changed his entire artistic tactic. Until his death, he limited himself to celebrity portraits and entrepreneurial ventures like magazines and nightclubs. In retrospect, it's hard to imagine the two ever associated, given her raw passions, which flew in the face of his famous love for artificiality. Looking back on how she'd gone bad, Solanas mused, "I consider it immoral that I missed. I should have done target practice." MARJORIE SKINNER