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Comment Archives: stories: Feature: Back To School

Re: “Back to School Career Profile: Hipster Coke Dealer

The reality of our economy, job situation, and drug war politics. Get used to it America - this guy is the new middle class!

Posted by 3rd Prize You're Fired on 09/29/2011 at 1:08 PM

Re: “Back to School Career Profile: Hipster Coke Dealer

That's it! I'm selling cocaine!

Posted by Spindles on 09/28/2011 at 7:52 PM

Re: “Back to School Career Profile: Kombucha Maker

[This comment was deleted due to a violation of Mercury commenting rules.—eds.]

Posted by Never Alone on 09/28/2011 at 7:52 PM


I would not recommend the vicious-looking gang of youts that hangs out in south park blocks and deals weed, crack, and meth. their specific clientele is teenagers from Gresham. Ever wonder why all the Gresham teens hang out in Po DT on weekends? yup, for the pleasure of it. Anyway, these guys are usually between Salmon and Madison and will probly rob u and scram to the dark corners of PSU, leaving u to cry for mommy like the dumbass u are. There's even a few negroes among them. I bet these are the douchebags that Webehigh mentioned. I realize that site is long-outdated but history repeats itself every semester.

3 likes, 5 dislikes
Posted by user1265 on 07/03/2011 at 7:45 PM

Re: “How to Do Drugs (A Back-to-School Primer)

this article is bullshit. obviously this person is a big BORE who writes articles inside their dorm room while everybody else has fun. GET A REAL FUCKIN JOB!!

Posted by carlesisfun on 10/28/2010 at 7:26 PM

Re: “Oh, the Regrets

Ditto, Graham. And I'll have no trepidation marking his name on my 2012 Portland mayoral ballot.

Posted by Oregometry on 09/22/2010 at 12:29 PM

Re: “I Had No Friends

I, too, went to college in California and made not one single friend. Luckily, I got the hell out of there after a year and transferred to Seattle U. Now I have lots of friends. And I love it here.

Posted by care bear on 09/22/2010 at 2:17 AM

Re: “I Had No Friends

I, too, went to school in California and did not make a single friend. Luckily, I decided to get the hell out of there and go to school in Seattle. I have lots of friends here.

1 like, 0 dislikes
Posted by care bear on 09/22/2010 at 2:16 AM

Re: “Why "Stripping" Trumps "Education"

What about the vast majority of women who are dealt hands in the genetic lottery that don't endow them with the physical attractiveness necessary to make a living doing sex work? Can they skip college too, and become professional servants for us pretty people? I'd rather pay $20 to have my carpet vacuumed than get a lap dance.

0 likes, 1 dislike
Posted by Iceberg on 09/21/2010 at 10:09 AM

Re: “I Had No Friends

That first paragraph kills me. I lived in LA for 3 years and they don't change much after they graduate... Just mix in a healthy dose of those who skipped college for acting classes that only teach them to look convincing when they tell each other they're going to "make it" and there's LA for you.

Posted by Annie on 09/20/2010 at 1:58 AM

Re: “The 10 Things I Regret About College

I regret reading about your regrets...........sorry.

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Posted by Mandingo on 09/18/2010 at 9:09 AM

Re: “Oh, the Regrets

YAY! STEVE NOVICK! I have no regrets having voted for Novick in the 2008 Senate primary.

Posted by Graham on 09/18/2010 at 9:03 AM

Re: “I Regret Not Regretting Not Going to College

College seems to be a status symbol to so many.It is also a huge waste of money to so many others.No college does not mean your more better or more qualified than someone straight out of highschool and into the workforce.Even long before our economic disaster college was no guarantee for even the best of students.But hell if you got a trust fund or are fortunate to have someone else pay for it , then I guess you will probably not even care about any of this.I ain't no fortunate son.

Posted by Mandingo on 09/18/2010 at 9:03 AM

Re: “I Had No Friends

I actually chose my college roommate. The same one, twice. No dorms. We had taken Home Ec in high school together. I figured we were compatible because of this class. We at least had the same conception of how to negotiate living on ones own; rent, bills, balancing a check book, sewing a pillow, etc. I knew something was up the first time we went grocery shopping he loaded up on microwave tv dinners. What about the stuff we cooked in Home Ec? We got skills, man!
The clincher was the second year when the novelty of him watching sports all day, sitting on the couch, filling up an empty gallon cider jug with his chew spit wore out. "How come we never hang out anymore?" he asked, as I was on my way out with my friends I was drinking coffee, smoking pot and watching movies with.
I guess mass quantities of tobacco isn't for for me either, Lindy.

Posted by tallpawl on 09/17/2010 at 9:07 PM

Re: “I Regret Not Regretting Not Going to College

@Warped Genius That's the problem with (especially liberal arts) college graduates. They say things like "you even get to" when referring to people that opted-out of college. As though having a piece of paper means they're automatically more qualified for a job than us. While you can learn a hell of a lot in college, you can also learn a hell of a lot more by an extra 4 years in the workforce.

So don't be condescending just because someone mentions they didn't get a degree. It's just school- one way to spend 4 years of your life. Not an automatic job qualification.

Posted by anomalily on 09/17/2010 at 2:58 PM

Re: “I Regret Not Regretting Not Going to College

Geez, and you even get to write for the Mercury. Maybe I ought to send in an application...

Posted by Warped Genius on 09/17/2010 at 1:38 PM

Re: “How to Do Drugs (A Back-to-School Primer)

Don't fucking grow dreadlocks.--especially if you're white. And since you're reading the PM, you probably are.

Posted by Evil Wm. Steven Humphrey on 09/15/2010 at 9:28 PM

Re: “How to Do Drugs (A Back-to-School Primer)

I was about to call bullshit on your "Don't get high until after class" rule (I can't remember not being stoned at any time while earning my degree) until I noticed disclaimer number 3. Indisputable fact indeed.

Posted by sasquatchman on 09/15/2010 at 5:57 PM


hey Mo cant see past reading an artical that is just a humor posting. your a bit full of hate...and anger. If you dont like living with a bunch of lefties that make up the majority of Portlanders.....perhaps you should move to Texas. lol If you think that Portland will ever reflect.... the more and more less relevent conservitive would be the backwards one.

5 likes, 1 dislike
Posted by ericwg888 on 06/04/2010 at 2:51 PM

Re: “Your Portland Musical Nourishment Pyramid

Yeah, yeah, other music exists... but my iTunes is at least 1/4 Dandy Warhols. The more I listen, the more I like it.

Posted by Jill on 12/08/2009 at 11:56 AM

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