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Comment Archives: Locations: Bars & Clubs

Re: “The Rose

not bello!!

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Posted by Mandie Dingus on 07/20/2012 at 4:32 PM

Re: “LV's Restaurant & Sports Bar (Twelve-22)

I totally dig this spot. Really friendly bartenders, and a laid back environment. Some microbrews and cheap beers. Check it out!

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Posted by B on 07/20/2012 at 11:05 AM

Re: “Blitz 21

Brings in the bros from the suburbs.

Fri & Sat night fights (and I don't mean on TV), drunk driving, obnoxious music, amateurs staggering in the middle of the street blocking traffic and causing a general public nuisance.

A disgusting and disrespectful addition to an otherwise nice neighborhood.

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Posted by Love the Alphabet on 07/18/2012 at 3:42 PM

Re: “Funhouse Lounge

Service was great. Waitress cute. Bloody Marys were tasty but expensive. Brunch Food cooked in a sandwich press. Dry, hard , tasteless. And very overpriced for such a small amount. And served on paper inside a plastic burger basket. For the same price you can go to several lounges in Portland and have 3 egg omelets with hashbrowns and toast. On glass plates.

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Posted by leah22 on 07/09/2012 at 2:45 AM

Re: “Portland City Grill

I'm not a review writer, but I believe in the power of sharing experiences, especially when it can help others from suffering an avoidable fate like mine. I made the mistake of reserving a table at Portland City Grill on the Fourth of July — I'm new in town, and therefore prone to rookie moves like this, but it was a first date and I wanted it to be special — and I had to pay for that mistake by spending three uncomfortable hours at the top of a pink damn skyscraper.

My date served in Afghanistan and understandably wanted to view the fireworks from a safe, quiet, relaxing distance, and PSG could certainly deliver, but I was told window seats were in high demand on the Fourth and so I should plan to arrive early. I was calling three days early, how much sooner should I begin planning? Her message was vague, but I interpreted it to mean either we weren't getting a table, or we could improve our chances of getting a table with a twenty, maybe. I tried to confirm by showing up day of, but the restaurant wasn't open yet.

We arrived an hour and forty-five minutes before our reservation, and I kindly asked again for a decent view. We were herded into the bar, where we were told we'd be given the next table when it became available, but were encouraged to eat there. I asked the maítre d' twice if a table would be available, and was both times encouraged to just stay put. Even though we were seated, we couldn't see the fireworks and we weren't being served — in two hours, we managed to get the bartender's attention twice. I just wanted to sit across from one another and have a decent conversation over a good meal.

That was too much to ask. I finally told the front desk that we'd take any table as long as they would serve us. We were placed in the middle of the room. I was agitated, but more so when the manager showed up at our table and said, "You asked to see me?"

"No, I didn't, actually" I said. "But since you're here, I should point out that your front of house could use some work."

He argued with me for a second while my date looked on, then said, "We can't just ask people to get up and leave the table," to which I said, "yes, you can." After an hour and forty-five minutes on the busiest day of the year, I told him, you absolutely can ask someone to get their ass out of that chair so the next guy can sit in it. He said sorry and walked away.

On one hand, I have to give my compliments to the chef who prepared my date's meal, because it was reportedly delicious. That may have been a lie, but I'd like to believe otherwise. My forty-two-dollar "medium" steak, however, was still jiggly and cool and very bloody in the middle. The outside was nicely seared, but to get through the holiday rush, the chef clearly just pushed the limits of his output capacity and sent me whatever he pleased.

Despite all that, we heard the "oohs" and "ahhs" from the fireworks, my date had a decent meal, and I had a great view. But trust me, this place sucks. If you're new in town and thinking about taking a date here, you have no idea how big a favor I'm doing you right now: eat at a regular nice restaurant, then go find a tall place to check out the city for free.

No word on whether my date is gonna give me a second shot. Thanks, guys.

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Posted by J K W on 07/06/2012 at 3:37 PM

Re: “The Waypost

The Waypost is a BAR. This information is way outdated, please update

Posted by Wayposter on 07/02/2012 at 8:40 AM

Re: “Pied Cow Coffeehouse,The

The woman server with the blonde wavy hair had such an attitude it ruined our experience. She was rude and unpleasant. She seemed more interested in arguing with us about menu items than actually serving us. We sat there without a beverage for 40 minutes! How hard is to pop the top of a beer? Do yourself a favor and go to Rimsky's Coffee House instead.

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Posted by Tilliebilly on 06/26/2012 at 11:21 PM

Re: “O'Connor's Vault

A really nice neighborhood restaurant. My coffee cup and water glass never get empty. The food is great and prices are very reasonable. I highly recommend O'Conners!

Posted by O'Conners Fan on 06/23/2012 at 3:11 PM

Re: “HOTLIPS Pizza-Hawthorne

Main thing about this place, besides the Domino's crust, is the staff is odious, insidiously rude and just not helpful. If you ask for something, they just shrug their shoulders, "We're out of that," no apology or explanation. They'll just stand there and stare you down, obviously hoping you'll go away. And there's one scruffy dude (you're not hip, Bub, you just don't wash) and I think he's the shift supervisor or something, actually watched me park my car and waited for me to come in to order, to tell me I was parked in one of the delivery truck spots. He wouldn't take my order until I moved my car!

I've lived just a few blocks from Hot Lips for a number of years, and have been in there more times than I would like to admit, mostly because of the convenience and because there's always room in there if you want to join a few friends, but no more. This is Hawthorne, not The Pearl, we expect a better vibe, and if you want $30 for a pizza, how about delivering it hot? Next time we're in a rush, we'll hit Vicente's, where they're at least nicer.

Only reason for the star is, to be fair, they have good toppings and creative combinations. The sauce and the crust are the problem. And more importantly, the complete lack of social skills.

Posted by Mimo on 05/06/2012 at 7:43 AM

Re: “Doug Fir see cold.
I am so excited for these guys. I really hope that they make some money. I am pretty sure that past record label woes stemming from multiple labels and their new contract with 11- seven music has got to be kinda screwed up. I have checked up on some of their recent youtube items, and there is so much bass that its ridiculous. I love cold. i have identity crisis like the next cat and when korn and limpbiskit got together with staind not long ago, I felt like THEY were left out. I hate that. Anyways, I wanna go. I skipped a few of their shows, but not like in the Blue October kind of way, more like, I am too big of a fan to want to be seen as a common nerd in the crowd amongst hardcore fans.sorry for that. Its hard to say that sticking around for this concert will be a blessing, and after skipping artwork over two years now, I effing love the way COld is displayed on the different kind of pain case, I feel bad and obligated to get one...a tattoo, you know. Anyways, just trying to avoid some music for the time being and do something fun.

Posted by danton on 04/11/2012 at 5:14 PM

Re: “Jack London Bar

I was looking to talk with someone at the Rialto about using the 'Jack London Bar' for an upcoming literary event. I discovered that it was only open during the event, not all day long. After talking to the General Manager Terry, I was given a date to showcase my 'Authors in Pubs' group. Every time I have been back, the staff has gone out of their way to be helpful. I recommend you stop by and get a calendar of all the events that go on there. I have been to three so far and they were well worth the trip downtown. It's one block from the transit mall, has both street parking and a Smart Park @ 4th & Alder. This is one place that has a lot going for it. Thanks to the staff for their hospitality. Don

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Posted by Don Van Kirk on 04/01/2012 at 10:05 PM

Re: “The Waypost

Happy Hour is from 4-7 not 4-6

Posted by Williams on 03/25/2012 at 3:39 PM

Re: “Bar Carlo

SERVICE SUCKS! The food is tasty, but overpriced for Foster and not worth enduring the stone faced and rude servers. Good luck getting a smile out of these gals... Go around the corner to Arleta Library instead. You might have to wait a bit longer, but the food is amazing and always served with a smile!

Posted by Aradia The Rose on 03/25/2012 at 12:30 PM

Re: “EaT: An Oyster Bar

I love Eat... they have $1 oysters on Mondays. And the OysterFest they put on every year is a can't-miss for mollusk enthusiasts!

Posted by famousperson on 03/11/2012 at 1:35 PM

Re: “Mt. Tabor Theater

The band CRIMINAL MASTERMIND looks forward to playing at The Mt. Tabor Theater March 24th. All the bands on this night are solid. Come see why people love to see CRIMINAL MASTERMIND live.
March 24th show starts at 8pm. Presale tickets are $8 from the bands or $10 at the door.

Posted by Geno on 03/07/2012 at 9:32 AM

Re: “Holocene

jennifer aniston i thought i would do to my wife a little ahead of time so i will not waist you time or mine,inifinity9:20 the sixth

Posted by on 03/06/2012 at 6:40 AM

Re: “Yur's Lounge

Yur's has a 'Happy Hour' that runs from 11am till 7pm. Happy Hour??, Nuts!!, that's a Happy Day. Day bartender Jen is who I usually see and she is the best. If you want your drink order remembered after only one visit, this is your kind of place. I've eaten there twice and it was "Yummy".
If you like good drinks, a friendly staff, pool, music, TV/Sports or just want to relax in a cozy booth, I suggest you drop in. thanks, Don

Posted by Don Van Kirk on 03/03/2012 at 1:12 PM

Re: “Clyde's Prime Rib

Ok this place is a candidate for kitchen nightmare but I’ll call it customer nightmare ok I’m gonna cut to the chase this started from the ordering food we asked if the fried chicken dinner could be modified Answer NO then waiter was asked to ask the cook he reluctantly said ok and was also asked to switch fries instead of the hard luke warm mashed potatoes that ended up on the plate oh yeah he just brought the order and said that they prepackage there dinners and there could be no changes in chicken pieces and he forgot the fries which he promptly fixed. the appetizer was calamari which prolly was cooked properly but served cold to luke warm what a shame NOW For My Personal nightmare In Rancid microwaved over cooked old food my first order was the wonderful sounding Prime Rib Beef Stroganoff but somewhere the wonderful got lost or ran away in preparation lolol here what I got it look good but far from it had linguini noodles bathed in a watery beef bouillon tasting sauce with a sour cream splashed on top and the prime rib cubes tasted old, frozen and re-microwaved and served to me all I can say is YUCK and this was the waiter choice as well shoulda known….So I sent it back the next wonderfully rancid thing I ordered was something off they special ribs menu .it was called riblets after another 20 minute wait out pop a decent look serving of ribs I said LOOKED ….they were cold-warm but ok I went for it anyway they were tender meat pulled right off but then I was smacked with a pungent smell like a not clean fish market LOLOL Really I though ….. I tried it and Arrrrg Yuck again I quickly smelled the meat and yes it was the meat and it had had a rotting fishy smoky smell lolol shock I thought it was me and had 3 there people smellin the rib all agreed Eewo I then asked the waiter to have a wiff he said smells fine REALLY then he added that he had just eaten some ick ….. so very disappointed someone at the table felt sorry for this place and said just keep it if ya can fix it at home give it to your dogs hmmm rotten ribs my dogs would bit you trying to give then rotten food lolololo so we kept the 15 dollar old rancid ribs ok now by this time anyone else said forget it but not me desperate to find something edible and the the fact that I usta like this place I though this was just a fluke I ordered again Halibut and fries after another long wait OMG don’t you know it [ -- ] also this is un heard of it had a gr8 beer batter but it was re heated it tasted and felt like it was wrapped fish in a pancake and WoW almost done fries as well but hey the fries were hot.. ok now at this point I’m were all not happy so hey I order a drink can mess that up right.. so I order shot of Cuervo Gold and a beer and don’t you know this fool brought me a silver tequila bar pour and when I pointed it out he told me it was Cuervo gold I put a white napkin behind the glass and said it was not and he told me it was and walk away without offer me other options
A R E U Kidding me so I calmly went to the very nice bartenders Codi and Cherylnn with my complaint I think Codi explained that they didn’t carry Curevo products and she let me sample the bar brand and I explained that it tasted like a off brand Paton she agreed and quickly suggested another brand and made me a new one all this while our clueless slow and slightly rude waiter was not around I finally had enough and pull him to the side and explained the situations (TEACHING MOMENT )while was admitting fault and offered to rectify the by buying me a drink of my choice which he never didn’t take off the dang bill Now all this and there was one more thing well two first my sister ordered a reg drink vodka and orange $5.75 no prob right we she ordered the same drink $6.75 so of course I ask the waiter and he replied that he does it (Clyde the owner) one of his rules that after 9:30 his drinks go up and that’s it lolololo Are you kidding What the heck Whew
So after this dinner from hadies I had enough I when to the owner (Clyde) Now this was a trip after very professionally explained to him of our experience and I also added that he should post his happy hour times if that’s what it was he told me that he has been doing this for many years and everyone already knows about this price change and I quickly told him what about the folks that this was there first time just not regulars he in a very condescending way said he would take it under consideration No apologies for the rotten food bad service and overall terrible experience my party was having you would think that all those years woulda taught him how it be a good Owner have good quality food and respect paying customers and pay we did NEVER AGAIN Oh Did I say that the music was good lolol overall I Give this place The FINGER like they did us and this a visit from the Health Inspector probably be in order it usta to be wayyyyy better

Wow cant believe I'm still not happy lol did i say the music was good I Visited September 2011

0 likes, 2 dislikes
Posted by Djcby on 03/01/2012 at 6:55 AM

Re: “Funhouse Lounge

Not a bad seat in the house. So DIY, you mix your own drink

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Posted by ElFrenetico on 02/29/2012 at 5:40 AM

Re: “Aalto Lounge

So long, Aalto. We'll miss almost everything about the laid-back, über-swank swagger of this venue

Posted by ElFrenetico on 02/29/2012 at 5:32 AM

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