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Re: “Artichoke Music

If you want a taste of what community music is all about, THIS is the place! Warm, friendly. People come hear to sing their songs, and people come hear to listen. Check out Thursday nights especially (Friday and Saturday performances too). On Thursdays, bring you instrument. Or just your ears and heart.

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Posted by GGGreenwald on 06/28/2014 at 5:35 PM

Re: “Activspace

They charged $360 to repaint a small room that only had easily removable paint spatters on one wall and the ceiling. They also have a 50% forfeiture of your deposit if you stay less than 6 months.

I wanted a space to paint, but my art wasn't selling enough to warrant keeping the room and I am dealing with financial issues, so I had to move out. I end up having to pay an additional $160 on top of losing my entire deposit.

Read the reviews from their bay area operations. Apparently this is par for the course. I should have listened to those reviews, but I was hoping the Portland space would be different. :(

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Posted by devi ever on 10/03/2013 at 9:52 AM

Re: “Bridlemile Elementary School

dis da best school.


i like it to roll down the mountain and play jacks in the turf.

hey keep that reggae down naybors! aha ha ha ha!

Posted by i'mrightyourwrong on 07/25/2013 at 11:46 AM
Posted by Jack Gabel on 06/02/2013 at 6:53 PM

Re: “Newspace Center for Photography

It's SE 10th, not NE 10th.

Posted by Chris Bennett on 03/01/2013 at 10:51 PM

Re: “All Service/K M A Musical Electronics Repair

This place is awesome! I brought in my favorite receiver, a 40 year old Sansui 881, with two specific issues. A loud hum when turned on and the left channel was burned out. I called around before dropping in here and found super long waits at other repair places. Fred's Sound of Music was backed up 6 to 8 weeks and required a higher deposit ($90, WTF!). I was looking to use this receiver in less than 2 weeks and that's exactly what I got from these guys. Fast turn around, good solid work, and I got my tunes back just in time.

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Posted by happycamper on 08/10/2012 at 1:58 PM

Re: “Courtyard at Mt. Tabor

Very nice outdoor venue.

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Posted by Kai on 08/05/2012 at 7:58 AM

Re: “Kruger's Farm Market

Delicious produce.... Fruit AND veggies. Fabulous berries! Great prices. Knowledgable and friendly staff. Love this place!

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Posted by Sara Baker on 07/02/2012 at 10:51 AM

Re: “Woodstock Mower and Chainsaw

Been going to them for years. purchased a mower and got taken for a ride. shame on you Woodstock mower. learned a lesson today. if your reading this maybe you wont learn the 270 dollar lesson your self.

Posted by Dax on 05/04/2012 at 6:22 PM

Re: “PSU Lincoln Performance Hall

Done miss your chance to see PSU's production of Urinetown (I've seen it twice, will be coming back for more this coming weekend). The title can be off putting for those not familiar with this musical but the show is hilarious and freshman, Genna McAllister (Hope Cladwell) is near perfect. Officer Lockstock (Talon Bigelow) steals the show with the "cop dance" number (my favorite) and his 'buttery' baritone voice will make you melt and narration will leave you in tears (from laughter). Other stellar performances worth noting is the duet with Little Sally (Caitlyn Spencer) & Bobby Strong (Peter Travis) and sultry voice of Penelope Pennywise (Mindy Patrick). The show moves with outstanding choreography and perfect comedic timing. This show is HOT!!

Posted by dimples on 03/05/2012 at 8:22 PM

Re: “The Old Church

Actually, the event is March 13th, from 6 - 8 pm at The Old Church. Please come!

Posted by Heather on 03/01/2012 at 8:10 PM

Re: “Community Alliance of Tenants

I live in an sro,section "42", down town Portland,Oregon, and we have had all types of illegal situations going on here from drugs dealings,person geting beat up,insects,bad communications between site and cooperative manager,cracked windows,mamager not taking their position in making tenant keep up their apts. In order and many not taking baths or washing their cloting for three months or longer,what is the health standard here and our lease states that it is our duty as tenants to keep them clean,debris and cleaningness. We in the past would have units inspection every 90 days,but with the new mamager company,there are some of the renters getting body rashes and other skin problems here and breathing problems as well,dirty carpet and some of the renters that i mention spit on the floors,walking around with shit on themselves for days,in the tv room it smells like pee where we us the computers and on the sits and chairs.They are doing a very bad job, the building has lots of maintance,structure and ohters problems and they hide these problem from the city of portland,James A. May

Posted by james a. may on 01/27/2012 at 11:17 AM

Re: “The Playground Gym


Posted by Crftyly on 01/09/2012 at 10:37 PM

Re: “Bossanova Ballroom

The Krampus Nacht Ball 2011 was one of the LAMEST events I've ever paid to attend. At least crazy old shows at the XRay Cafe back in the day were only $3! In fact, I'd like my $20 back. Screamvina, Portland's pathetic, trailer-park Elvira rip-off was the worse MC I think I've ever seen in Portland; she's not dark, she's not spooky, she's pathetic, trashy, and way past her prime for those clothes she wears! I'm not sure what the Kramups 'dance' performance was all about, but talk about bastardizing another culture's traditions... all that costume making to just get up on stage and flop around like rag dolls? Basically, I paid $20 for piss poor entertainment and to watch people get really drunk... I hope the Bossanova is smart enough to not host this train wreck again. However, should Krampus Nacht return in 2012... make it only $5 to get in, because maybe it is worth $5 to laugh at this ridiculous fiasco!

Posted by pollydolly on 01/09/2012 at 5:29 PM

Re: “A-WOL Warehouse Space

How do I get ahold of the people leasing or renting this space?! im extremely interested!

Posted by codineal05 on 12/28/2011 at 5:04 PM

Re: “Clark College - Penguin Union Building

Do you rent the Clark College Penguin Building out for private affairs? Or fund raising events? If so what are the rates?
Lisa Ammerman (

Posted by Lisa Ammerman on 08/27/2011 at 8:52 PM

Re: “Acadian Ballroom

Wow, did 'itsme2009' get married at the same Acadian I got married at? As with the rest of the posters, we had a great wedding: nice space, outstanding food, and staff handled everything well. We shopped for venues quite extensively, and thought we got a good value. I'm sure if we'd gone to a $25,000 venue instead of a $5,000 one we could have gotten a bit more sucking up and a few extra bits of polish, but what we got was professional, attractive, and precisely what we'd asked for.

Posted by dontspamme on 04/10/2011 at 1:27 PM

Re: “Milepost 5

Great event so far. Two more days to go.
read a preliminary review at:…

Posted by Portland Arts and Crafts on 04/09/2011 at 4:25 PM

Re: “The Artistery

+ Rad shows, friendly people, best mix between house show and larger venue, long running Portland underground staple, record store upstairs...
- No alcohol, depending on the show the crowd age varies a lot (sometimes it's infants & sometimes it's dentures), No alcohol, long bathroom lines...

Posted by YF on 12/27/2010 at 2:30 AM

Re: “Mississippi Studios

Re: to pdxsurfer. Your right the staff is excellent. But the sad truth is that place hasn't treated it's employees like it should. It's not like I want to not like that place. I loved working there, the only problem is how the owners dicked the employees around. If you wanna pretend the employees at Jims dad's restaurant Mississippi station weren't given a 2hr notice then you can go ahead and live in fantasy land.
Truth is that place would be rad, and still is from a leamen's perspective (yours).
Jim decides to expand Mississippi studios in Mississippi station, cool. Here's where things get retarded, try to stay with me here. The "failing" business you spoke of at Mississippi station was anything BUT failing. That was a thriving popular restaurant. Let's forget about the fact that the business was a success and not in dire need to close it's doors. It's not like Jim and his dad decided the switch over till the last second when they told the employees at station they were fucked. No they had plenty of time to inform the employees. Ok, maybe that should have fell on Jim's dad, but then he is in California while Jim is next door everyday.
To all Mississippi studios employees your rad, much respect to you. But you should get a job that won't leave you hanging like they have with Adam, Kevin or any of the station employees.
My point is, don't believe the hype. That place is built on the lies perpetrated to their employees and spread to their community. I have no doubt it will sink if ran with the same callous trend.
If you don't care about good business ethics or that it's totally cool for employers to bs their employees blowing smoke up their asses then by all means go ahead. I'm sticking to my principles and not paying tribute to greedy selfish businesses that don't care about the lives they destroy.
I tried to love that place, but ever since I found all the newer info about poor Adam getting fucked off yet again after being promised more bullshit lies or even poor dumb young Kevin. He was a sweet kid even though he was extremely inexperienced and could be a lil bit of a prick sometimes, he still didn't deserve to be fucked off like he was, especially after all the time he put in that place. I couldn't have done that to even my worst enemy.
When I say shame on you Mississippi studios I suppose I truly mean shame on you Jim. Jim maybe a "cool guy", good musician, or even a good friend. But I have no doubt the lame chicken shit business practices are all on him. I couldn't imagine Alicia or any of the staff coming up with being shitty to it's own people, just Jim. I'm appalled at everything up to this point and in my opinion people who treat others as expendable commodities don't deserve to run a business, especially one where all the customers are lapping up your bs and stroking your ego telling you how great your place is. In spite of your disgraceful interactions with your community. We're all accountable, even the fuckers signing the checks. That's what needs to be fixed.

Posted by Shrek on 12/02/2010 at 9:31 AM

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