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Comment Archives: stories: Food and Drink

Re: “Bang Bang, Womp Womp

i think Andrea's Restaurant Helper should be a regular installment.

And i think Andrea's pen name should be Small Buzz.

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Posted by i'mrightyourwrong on 05/20/2015 at 6:05 AM

Re: “Ramen Right Meow

Gza1340 What do you think about Boxer Ramen's Tonkotsu?

Posted by aznbagel on 05/09/2015 at 3:06 PM

Re: “In Search of "Spectacular"

I just have to say that I really distrust anyone who uses pr speak like "core competencies" outside of a marketing meeting. That line at the end made me skeptical of the whole review.

Posted by smurfette on 05/08/2015 at 3:03 PM

Re: “Ramen Right Meow

I don't understand why so many Portland restaurants/carts serving Ramen are intent on introducing the most pedestrian varieties here. If you're not doing Tonkotsu Ramen, you're not really doing Ramen. This is what all the best Ramen joints in Japan make and which have such a fanatical and devoted following. Miso Ramen is good, but pales in comparison and isn't usually found outside Hokkaido. Shio and Shoyu are mainly reserved for the late night drunkards served in outdoor stalls on the street.

Also, can I get a full bowl please? Seems odd that in Japan, where they are used to things being smaller, ramen is served in a huge bowl without having to "add on" anything while here it usually leaves me wanting more and lighter in the wallet.

I know things can't be exactly the same and Portland does things it's own way. I appreciate some creativity and the fact that there are actually options to choose from here. Biwa's ramen is some of the best in town and I definitely will give Noraneko a try. I'm probably more of an outlier here. I'm sure I would be more than satisfied had I never been to Japan.

12 likes, 2 dislikes
Posted by Gza1340 on 05/07/2015 at 12:24 PM

Re: “In Search of "Spectacular"

And I like to redundantly use the word "price" as many times as possible in my post.

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Posted by Kimmy Irving on 05/04/2015 at 4:38 PM

Re: “In Search of "Spectacular"

I know people go out to eat and pay ridiculous prices for their meals, but for that price I could have made a whole meat loaf, mash and veggies and a nickle bag of smokie treats. I guess if you can't cook then you suffer the price.

2 likes, 1 dislike
Posted by Kimmy Irving on 05/04/2015 at 4:36 PM

Re: “In Search of "Spectacular"

Seriously?! $21.00 for a slice of meatloaf. Guess they are pretty proud about their product.

2 likes, 1 dislike
Posted by Kimmy Irving on 05/04/2015 at 4:32 PM

Re: “In Search of "Spectacular"

Best roasted beet salad in the town?

That's a heavy boast.

Posted by i'mrightyourwrong on 04/30/2015 at 7:27 AM

Re: “Ride Along

Uh Chris Dodge. Hillsburro. There are like 14 million people from mexico who live there and would have no need (and maybe no legal vehicle) to go este de rio to experience realness.

1 like, 0 dislikes
Posted by i'mrightyourwrong on 04/21/2015 at 3:35 PM

Re: “Ride Along

No shit.
Everyone knows that the deep east side is where to go for real Mexican food, real Mexican carnivals, and real quinseaneras wearing something that ain't white.
Which is to say: the food is better out in the sticks.

2 likes, 0 dislikes
Posted by Chris Dodge on 04/19/2015 at 8:41 PM

Re: “Le Old Skool

Whether it was parsley or something else, parsley and mint have been used as a garnish since way before the 80's. Escoffier himself probably used it more often than this chef. Seeing as this restaurant is more traditional French not looking to set any culinary trends anyway, then why make such a big deal out of it? I guess Andrea was attempting to add some humor to the review. Sounds like the food was pretty good overall and that's all that really matters.

5 likes, 0 dislikes
Posted by Gza1340 on 04/09/2015 at 10:47 AM

Re: “Le Old Skool

I didn't sit at your table, so I can't comment on what happened on your plates. With that said, The Mercury's penchant for foodie snark can get silly sometimes. I'm a huge fan of Nunn's cooking ever since his "503" days, and the man knows his stuff, attentive and very sharp in the kitchen. Perhaps there were a few cases of mistaken herbal identity here? After all, to many of us, ID'ing, say, chives, tarragon, chervil, and (wait for it!) PARSLEY might be a stretch...

Verdigris is fast becoming one of the best places to eat in this city. It's creative, hearty food, refreshingly free from the self-conscious posturing that so many of our restaurants (and perhaps food writers) in the Rose City think pass for excellence in their craft. Hefty price tag? If we just got done scraping the change jar for food cart sea-salt-carmel-bahn mi, maybe. Meals worth budgeting for? I sure think so.

9 likes, 3 dislikes
Posted by John Skeleton on 04/09/2015 at 8:55 AM

Re: “Le Old Skool

This hack needs to learn the difference between parsley, tarragon, chives, and chervil. Just because it is green and on your plate does not mean it's parsley.

Did you even taste it?

I love this place, and really hope that everyone reads this review knowing that the author obviously did not really taste each dish. If you don't know your herbs, you should not be a food writer!

10 likes, 3 dislikes
Posted by pedrotheviking on 04/09/2015 at 8:40 AM

Re: “Don't Be Such a Phrik

Sadly, the owner decided to retire from the biz and went full-bore on sauce-making instead.…

0 likes, 1 dislike
Posted by voodoolily on 03/28/2015 at 12:32 PM

Re: “Don't Be Such a Phrik the Thai Villa restaurant in Lake Oswego (mentioned above in the listing for Thai and True) open again? That place had some of the best Thai Food in all of the Portland area years ago and I have missed it dearly.

0 likes, 1 dislike
Posted by Matthew Ward on 03/26/2015 at 12:38 PM

Re: “Much Ado About Le Vieux

Looks like you weren't the only one to pan this idea:…

1 like, 0 dislikes
Posted by dt on 03/07/2015 at 8:08 AM

Re: “Chicken Confidential

All this time chicken perfection has been right in front of you.
but you just refuse to see it...

6 likes, 0 dislikes
Posted by i'mrightyourwrong on 03/04/2015 at 3:37 PM

Re: “All-Way(s) a Great Burger

We here ya, Spaceman! We're currently working on improving the veggie patty in the Wrong Way burger. We'll let everyone know via our FB page once we've nailed the new patty. And trust us, we'll get feedback from vegans and vegetarians alike before we're done!

Thanks for the compliment, Melogna! We love the Half-way as well. Our menu is regularly evolving so we're glad you noticed we've updated the salad options.

-Martin @ All-Way

6 likes, 0 dislikes
Posted by mhulth on 02/21/2015 at 12:52 PM

Re: “All-Way(s) a Great Burger

The Halfway burger though, where they mix half meat with half veggie burger mix, is surprisingly tasty. The one salad I had was underwhelming, but it's off the menu now. But man, i just keep going back for those tasty little burgers.

2 likes, 0 dislikes
Posted by Melogna on 02/19/2015 at 12:19 PM

Re: “All-Way(s) a Great Burger

Yeah, the vegan burger is a bit sad. The original Savoy veggie burger wasn't much better, as if none of the cooks had actually ever tried eating one.

I'll take your pity.

3 likes, 0 dislikes
Posted by Spaceman on 02/19/2015 at 9:54 AM

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