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  • www.creaturesinmyhead.com
  • Issue Archive for
  • Nov 17-23, 2005
  • Vol. 6, No. 25


  • Courting the Right

    Supreme Court Debates Oregon's Way of Life—and Death


  • I ♥ Television

    Go, Go Guttenberg!

Visual Art

  • What It All Meant

    The thematic lynchpin of Ty Ennis' second solo show at the New American Art Union


  • Samurais and Whores

    Succinct Reviews for the Discerning Cinephile


  • Alice in Bed

    Integrity Productions bites off a mouthful with their new production of Susan Sontag's Alice in Bed. Sontag's stilted, literary script revolves around women's illness, intelligence, and imagination, and it's questionable whether even the finest production company


  • Life Interrupted

    Last year actor and monologist Spalding Gray committed suicide, jumping

Food and Drink



  • Eating... to the Extreme!

    A Compendium of Reckless Delights for Portland’s Most Daring Diners
  • Super Size Us!

    The Mercury’s First Inter-Office Mickey D’s Eating Contest
  • Extreme Effort

    The Asian Market Challenge
  • Taste of Flesh

    Chatting with Mark Nuckols, the creator of Hufu: the Healthy Human Flesh Alternative
  • Quit Bellyaching!

    Remedies for the Extreme Eater Who’s Gone Too Far

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